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Neck Injury Caused by Dishonest ChiropractorChiropractor’s in Worcester, Massachusetts are Causing Injury to Patients, Purposely Misaligning Neck Bones, Spine... in Order to Sell Hundreds of Follow-up Treatments. They are Causing Paralysis, Stroke, Vision, Hearing Balance Impairment, Vertigo, Ringing Ears, other health problems and Death.

This is the true story of my experience with chiropractors;
Since moving to Massachusetts I have been injured by chiropractors 5 times.
I suspect some chiropractors purposely place people’s neck, back vertebrae, bones out of alignment to make the patient dependent on endless chiropractic treatments, continually paying money to the chiropractor.   This can result in stroke, vision, hearing loss, balance problems and other health impairment.
The chiropractors that injured me work in the Elm park, Elm Street and Highland street areas.
Highland street are new chiropractors in 2010. (Not to be confused with a honest chiropractor that worked there in the past.
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         Chiropractic Cures/Injury - Chiropractic Verses Physical Therapy

Some content on page is repeated from page #29 on the main website;
It will all be combined and with new videos in the future and my first injury by a chiropractor in 1997. Used as a practice dummy by doctor fresh out of college. This page is specifically for information on dangers of Chiropractic and other methods. Even massage can be harmful, place the spine, back out of alignment if not done correct by a professional.
See the videos below. They describe how chiropractors have caused injury to the spine, neck;


I found this website when searching for more people in Worcester, MA that have been harmed by chiropractors. They list a variety of alternative medicine and practices, subjects and a map that shows the address and street view;                                                                                              
Home page;    List of topics;                (Video; My 3rd chiropractic warning video after few years >)
Chiropractors that injured, killed people and the patients names;
e that Google map!;  

Looks like they focus on harm natural cures can cause so I don't want to believe all they state, but they seem to be giving a lot of accurate information on Chiropractic and other things.  I wish they would do a survey, document people that have been harmed by standard medical treatment, drugs including eyeglasses, eye surgery, all the big Pharma drugs, processed food, phony organic food and health store products.

 Right click, save the picture on the right to see how the neck, spine affects the brain, eyes and eyesight >
Neck, Spine affects the nerves, blood vessels that travel to the brain, eyes, eye musclesThe diagrams on the following pages show the outer eye muscles, recti and oblique.
Tension in these muscles places pressure on the eye causing abnormal eye shape which disrupts the focus of light rays in the eye resulting in unclear eyesight.
Relaxing the eye muscles with Natural Eyesight Improvement, (correct vision habits...) returns the eye and focus of light rays to normal resulting in clear eyesight.
    The eye muscles attach to the skull bones through the back of the eye socket. Nerves that connect/travel from the brain stem and through the neck vertebrae travel to, connect to the brain, head, ears, eye muscles, eyes, retina, optic nerve...
    Injury to the head/eye, neck (being hit in the head/eye, difficult birth...) can cause misalignment of the bones of the skull and neck vertebrae.
When the skull bones are misaligned, the eye muscles attached to the bones can become tense, malfunction, cause pressure, pulling on/in the eye resulting in; unclear vision, astigmatism, wandering, crossed eyes, cataracts, macula degeneration, detached retina, dim, low vision in one or both eyes and other eye problems.
Misaligned skull bones can impair function of the brain, visual cortex, left and right brain hemispheres resulting in unclear vision, crossed, wandering eyes, other eye problems, low vision or blindness in one or both eyes.
    Misaligned neck vertebrae also impairs nerve/blood flow to the head, eyes, eye muscles, retina, lens, can impair eye muscle function, cause eye muscle tension, pressure, pulling on/in the eye, unclear vision and other eye problems.
    A chiropractor specializing in Cranio-Sacral Therapy can align the neck vertebrae and the bones of the skull to return normal nerve signals and blood flow to the brain, eyes, relax the eye muscles and return them to normal function, relieve abnormal pressure, pulling, stretching on/in the eye, eye muscles, retina, lens, return clear eyesight and reverse, remove cataracts and other eye problems.   The Bates Method can  bring clear vision without chiropractic when the neck and/or skull bones are not misaligned.  The Bates Method can improve the vision to perfect clarity even when slight bone, vertebrae misalignments exist. The body has its own way of adjusting to and correcting certain conditions.    Eyeglasses should be avoided.
If you must seek chiropractic treatment: Choose a chiropractor carefully.
A honest, experienced chiropractor can improve a person’s health and clarity of eyesight, but a inexperienced and/or dishonest chiropractor can cause injury to the body and eyes; stroke, blindness, unclear vision, impaired hearing, balance and other health problems.
(All medical professions have their good and bad doctors and even a good doctor’s treatment can result in injury if a accident during treatment occurs or a underlining condition exists that chiropractic treatment may make worse.)

Example; A honest, experienced chiropractor cures blindness;
A lady on a television news program described how a chiropractor cured her blindness; the lady had a black, blind spot in the center of her visual field. It kept growing larger, blocking out more of her vision.  Eye doctors could not find the cause of the blind spot and told her she would become completely blind.
The lady heard of a treatment through the Edgar Cayce Library of Natural Cures in Virginia, USA.    See Cayce’s picture at top of page.

She was referred to a chiropractor.
The chiropractor told her that vertebrae in her neck had become misaligned due to a neck injury.
The vertebrae were out of alignment and placing pressure on the nerves and blood vessels in the neck that travel to the brain and eyes.
The chiropractor aligned the vertebrae; C1, C2, C3, C4 and all vertebrae in the neck.
C1, C2, C3 on the top of the neck are directly linked to the health/function of the eyes.
Immediately after the chiropractor aligned the neck vertebrae, the black, blind spot in the lady's visual field became smaller and disappeared.  Her vision returned to normal.

Example of honest and dishonest chiropractors;

The author of this website/book experienced an accident (a man punched me in the face) which, unknown to me at the time, caused a neck vertebrae (C4) to be slightly out of alignment. After being hit in the head I fell to the ground and was blind and partially deaf for about 10 seconds. Then I stood up and felt normal. (This was the 10th time in my life since childhood a man has hit me in the head; Relative cracked my cousin’s and my heads together for laughing when we were very young, two boys hit me in the head/eye with ice/snowballs, then hit in the face, head by a man twice in Georgia one night on leave from the U.S. Army, hit so hard my feet left the ground and body flew back and head cracked into tree. Tried to run, caught me and hit me again and I fell. He went back to get a gun. Two guys on the run robbing stores across the country. Buried myself in the Georgia woods under leaves and used old trick of concentrating, imagining I am in a different place, feeling only this thought and as real.  Enemy supposed to pick up on it. Two guys had come back with rifle to kill me but gave up searching for me and took off.  Hit a few other times by men in San Mateo and South San Francisco, California.  Never had mental/emotional trauma from these experiences due to Army’s good training, I know how the world is and don’t let it bother me. Stay positive and drive on Drill Sgt.)
  After last injury, in South San Francisco, California, two months later I developed a balance problem.   For two years I went to medical doctors for dizziness. I experienced stress, fear, anxiety attacks worrying about the cause of this condition.
The doctors prescribed tranquilizers and a drug to dry up fluid in my ears/Eustachian tubes.
Ears were cleaned of much wax. A brain scan was done and found nothing wrong.
The drugs did not work, produced side effects so I threw them away.
The doctors did not know the cause of the dizziness/fluid build up. 
One doctor said a tight muscle in the side of the neck might be pressing on the ears Eustachian tube but he did not know what caused the muscle to be tight.
    At this time I was earning $5.00 hr. working 7 days/nights a week and would go dumpster diving behind the main supermarkets, department stores for food, cloths in order to save money.  They throw away a lot of good food, cloths and many homeless people survive this way. Senior citizens do it to avoid spending money on food so they can afford their medicine. I learnt this from the homeless and met a few Old Italian Millionaires dumpster diving getting free food for their chickens on the farms near San Francisco.  The use of new dumpster compactors that crush and lock the food away for disposal is heartbreaking to these folks!
      Every day I would pass the chiropractors office on my way hauling food.
I decided to ask a chiropractors advice on the dizziness. 
I went to Doctor Soo Hoo’s office in South San Francisco and Dr. Tai worked on me.  Dr. Tai was very young and rode his skate board to work.
He said my neck vertebrae C4 was out of alignment causing the muscle tension and ear tube dysfunction.  Vertebrae up higher along the neck may have also been out of alignment.
He aligned my neck vertebrae and back.
I experienced normal/perfect balance for the first time in two years. My day and night vision was also exceptionally clear.  A few follow-up treatments were done to maintain the alignment.
The chiropractor had me return once a month only if needed.
He gave me stretching and other exercises to keep the muscles relaxed, and vertebrae aligned.
The treatment was done without X-rays.   Physical therapy was not mentioned.
   In the year 2000 I moved to Massachusetts.  I did a lot of heavy lifting which pulled my vertebrae and back out of alignment again. I started going to a new chiropractor and received beneficial treatment.  Her treatment was perfect, the same routine as the California chiropractors except that X-rays were given.  I felt uncomfortable when she would try to sell me Glucosamine joint pills while she had my neck in her hands right before turning my neck.  Out of fear I would agree to buy the pills. I wanted to buy a neck pump machine from her she was advertising. She made me pay for many lessons on how to use it along with a neck alignment each time before a lesson. Then twice when she said to come by and pick it up, she would be out of the office, on vacation, at church, family meeting…. and the staff would say I need more treatment and lessons.  Finally decided not to buy it.  Later found out the chiropractor ended up with broken neck vertebrae cartilage, injuries. She would have frequent neck alignments and use the machine.
This chiropractor's staff prefers patients to sign up for weekly, monthly treatments for life.
One day the chiropractor was on vacation and her new assistants worked on my neck. The main chiropractor told me she is hiring new assistant chiropractors and some are recently out of college and I am to let them work on me and tell her if they do it right. She did not stay to supervise.  Promised she would many times, many appointments but would not show up. The assistants practiced on me:
4 treatments and I was dizzy. She could not fix it. She was a new doctor, recently out of college.
Then, during two new appointments, another assistant chiropractor worked on my neck.
I asked her 5 times to be sure and adjust both left and right sides of my back like the good chiropractors do and to not work on my neck because it felt ok. She then talked me into doing my neck and turned it to the left side only.  (unbalanced alignment)
Twice, two different appointments, the assistant chiropractors caused extreme ringing in my ears by turning the neck to only one side. (I cannot remember the exact movements of the first treatment.)  She refused to correct it by turning the neck to the left and right for a balanced, centered alignment as I asked.  The ringing was constant.  (All past chiropractors have always done left and right, perfect alignment.)
A black spot also began forming in the center of my visual field.
Another doctor at the office checked my neck. He said a few vertebrae were out of alignment, then aligned my neck vertebrae by turning the neck left and right, then a 3rd turn to only one side.  The ringing was improved but the ringing and black spot remained.
    I suspect the ‘dishonest’ chiropractors were purposely performing incomplete neck alignments and/or purposely placing my neck vertebrae out of alignment so I would be dependent on them and need to keep returning for more appointments.   The previous assistant chiropractor caused a neck injury.
I now realize this; since chiropractic treatment can cause an ear injury – it may also cause or increase an eye injury; cause detached retina. Detached retina is often caused by eye muscle tension, glasses with lengthening of the eye or by a blow to the head, eye. Even a less but still jarring movement of the head as when chiropractic treatment is applied, might tear a loose retina completely away from the inside of the eye resulting in blindness.  
    After two weeks of constant loud ringing in the ears I went to a different chiropractor and this new chiropractor corrected the condition - the ear ringing and dizziness stopped with one neck alignment treatment and the black spot in my visual field disappeared.  
In the past, she repaired other problems including dizziness and the first neck injury, ear ringing the dishonest chiropractor caused.  
When she aligns my neck and back, it is perfect and I do not need to return for more appointments unless I cause injury by doing heavy lifting and then only the back needs correcting.  (A old retired Navy Captain warned me a few years ago to only allow chiropractors to do the back, never the neck because neck injuries have occurred from chiropractic.)
She uses the original, old fashioned, basic, effective method which equally aligns both sides of the body. She turns, aligns, pops the neck to/on the left and right sides.  She pops, aligns both left and right sides of the back.     See this routine on following pages.
She charges a much lower price than the other chiropractors.
I returned to her 8 months later to have her repair my back which was thrown out of alignment by a unprofessional massage therapist (near Old Colony, South Boston) that applied hard pressure on my lower back vertebrae and knocked it out of alignment causing partial loss of feeling in my legs, trouble walking.  Was not a real masseuse?
She corrected this in one appointment and the problem did not return.

I was also taught Physical Therapy consisting of easy neck and body muscle strengthening, movement, relaxation exercises by my medical and ear doctor's physical therapists. The exercises, movements activate natural vertebrae alignment and prevent future misalignments.
This worked and I realized that I don't need to go to the chiropractor. Physical Therapy, professional massage is safe and it works!   (Some Physical Therapists and Massage Professionals are now aligning the bones, vertebrae like chiropractic, but in a different way. There is concern that this may also be dangerous, cause injury just as chiropractic treatment can cause injury.  Other doctors say it is safer than the chiropractic method of turning, popping the neck, spine, hips, vertebrae.)
    Chiropractors have also told me that constant vertebrae adjustments can cause the cartilage in the vertebrae to wear down and then the vertebrae slips out of alignment easy and more often resulting in dependence upon chiropractic alignments. Neck movement impairment and other problems can occur.
    The honest chiropractors told me that chiropractic alignment of the neck vertebrae to correct misalignments due to a injury will cure many health problems but it must be combined with physical therapy, good diet and other basic exercise to keep the neck, back, body muscles strong, relaxed, flexible so the vertebrae remain aligned and the patient avoids the need for repeat chiropractic adjustments. Strong, relaxed muscles help prevent vertebrae injury, misalignment.
    One cause of cataracts, macula degeneration, unclear vision, astigmatism and other eye problems, migraine, sinus, tension headaches is misaligned vertebrae, neck, shoulder, upper chest muscle tension, impaired blood, nerve flow, signals through the neck, to the brain, eyes, retina, lens and impaired neck, eye muscle, eye movement.
     When a good chiropractor treats me, my health always improves. Neck, eyes move easy, day and night, close and far vision is clearer than 20/20, balance, movement perfect, but, when a inexperienced or dishonest chiropractor treats me, using one sided alignments, other new fancy treatments, I experience impaired balance, hearing, vision.
    I have learnt from experience, the hard way, being cured and injured by chiropractors that chiropractic can injure the patient, is dangerous and should be done only if a injury (car accident…) has misaligned the vertebrae impairing blood, nerve flow to the head, brain, eyes, ears causing blindness, balance problem… and a medical doctor cannot correct it. Even then, consider, chiropractic may cure but may cause more problems!

    I was advised to quit drinking diet soda (aspartame) and caffeine.
Aspartame in diet soda, artificial sweeteners causes muscle tension and dysfunction, weakness, swollen, soar joints, vertebrae in the back, neck, knees.., M.S. like symptoms and many health problems.     Caffeine causes muscle tension and dehydration.
    Tense body, neck muscles can pull the vertebrae in the neck/back out of alignment. Not enough to cause extreme ear ringing and blindness, but it can make the person uncomfortable, impair balance, coordination, body, neck, eye movement and lower the clarity of vision. Exercise, relaxed muscles allow the vertebrae to move back into alignment on their own, naturally.
Tense dehydrated muscles also sprain easier. Muscle tension, vertebrae misalignment can be caused by stress, worry, incorrect lifting, heavy lifting, incorrect posture and movement.
Sugar inflames, stiffens the joints, muscles.
People that wear eyeglasses, stare, squint develop incorrect posture, back, shoulder, neck tension which can misalign the vertebrae. Muscle tension alone impairs blood, nerve flow to the head, eyes. Muscle tension travels to the eyes impairing eye muscle function, eye movement causing unclear vision.
     See more of my true story of chiropractic treatment, injury on the following pages.
(An explanation of the basic, old fashioned, effective chiropractic routine is placed here. 
Also included is home treatment.
YouTube has videos showing correct chiropractic alignment. Watch a few different videos to find the best doctors.) Notice that most of the doctors have blocked comments, preventing patients from stating injury can occur from chiropractic.

Chiropractors Now Teach Do It Yourself Home Treatment

One treatment involves a plastic or rubber device placed under the body to align the vertebrae.
Raised areas on the left and right sides of the device press into the muscles on the left and right sides of the spine, vertebrae; neck, back, lumbar, sacrum, tailbone... and move the vertebrae, bones into alignment.  (Device does not press on the spine/vertebrae)
This device prevents the need for repeated visits to the chiropractor.

+The person lies on the device. Device is placed under the bottom, sacrum/tailbone and the person moves the legs, other body areas a specific way.  This movement moves the vertebrae, joints, bones in this area of the body into alignment.
+The device is also placed on various areas of the back with movement of the legs, arms… to align vertebrae in these areas.
+The device is then placed on the back of the neck and back of the head, arms moved a specific way to align the neck vertebrae, relax muscles in the neck, head.
I have not tried this but find it interesting to know there are other ways to align the body without the extreme twisting, popping of the neck, rough use of machines, imperfect alignments from the activator… by a chiropractor.


Another treatment:  The person lays on a plastic/rubber device the size, length of the entire spine; neck, upper, middle, lower back, hips, sacrum, tail-bone.  The device is made to perfectly fit each individual person’s spine.
Raised areas on the left and right sides of the device press/massage the muscles on the left and right sides of the spine, vertebrae; neck, back, lumbar, sacrum, tail bone... and move the vertebrae, bones into alignment.   Areas do not press on the vertebrae.
Heat is also applied.
The person relaxes on the device, then after massage, relaxation, performs specific arm, leg movements that help to move the vertebrae, bones into alignment.  More like physical therapy and safe chiropractic combined.
This device prevents the need for repeated visits to the chiropractor. 
Some devices sold by mail order provide a safe way to relax painful back muscles and align the vertebrae, remove pressure on the spine.   Inversion tables also do this. for low cost training in chiropractic treatments.

Chiropractic Dr. Holmquist states that most chiropractors run a racket of endless treatments.
He teaches people Do It Yourself Chiropractic, how to align your own body and avoid dishonest chiropractors.   See video on his website.   He sells a ‘Home Chiropractic Handbook, 194 pages, with pictures and video/DVD’ for a low cost. 
Replaces paying for endless chiropractor visits, but if it is not done correct, injury can occur.  Do not practice home treatment on the neck.  A chiropractor has to spend years practicing to learn how to align the body, spine.., neck correct.  Even aligning the hips, back when done incorrect can cause paralyze the patient.  This book is good to read so the parient knows if their chiropractor is doing the job correct.  

Vertebrae misalignment in the back, neck can result in paralysis, stroke, hearing, vision loss… so check with a professional before trying this at home.
It is good to know how chiropractic is applied in order to search for a honest, experienced chiropractor and if simple Do It Yourself treatment can be done at home, to study this and find a safe yoga, physical therapy treatment that will produce the same results.

Deep tissue professional massage to relax the back, neck muscles before chiropractic vertebrae adjustment greatly improves ease, perfection and safety of the adjustment and often the massage alone will align the vertebrae as the person gets up, moves around and the relaxed muscles allow natural bone, joint, vertebrae movement, alignment thus preventing the need for the chiropractor.

The author of this website went to a ear doctor (ear, nose, throat) to check the ears for too much wax buildup causing impaired balance. It was also pollen season and allergy can cause this.  I also have a tendency for neck vertebrae C4 to move out of alignment due to a old injury and this impairs balance and ear function.
The ear doctor removed a piece of wax from one ear. The ear that had symptoms was clear.
Then the doctor gently touched, moved the left and right sides of my neck with his left and right hands, lightly rocking my neck, vertebrae back and forth, left and right, just a little with his fingers/left and right hands. His fingers also moved up and down my neck.
He was checking for muscle tension, immobility, pain… and vertebrae misalignment.
About one hour after the exam I noticed that my neck felt a bit soar: a ‘good feeling’ that occurs sometimes after a perfect chiropractic neck adjustment which means the muscles, joints have released their tension and moved back to correct position. I noticed my balance, movement were improved to normal.
The ear doctor did this without the extreme twisting, popping of the neck that the chiropractor applies. This proves that massage and other safe methods such as the ear doctor applied can be  effective.

Migraine headache is most often caused by MSG, Nitrites, Sulfites and other food, drink additives. Avoiding these foods will cure the headache without chiropractic. Neck muscle relaxation, stress reduction, clean, moist air can cure tension and sinus headache.

Taking calcium supplements can cause bone spurs, calcium deposits on the neck vertebrae and other bones, joints, organs, vessels… in the body impairing nerve, blood vessel, muscle function in/near the joints, bones, body. 

Basic Old Fashioned Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment, if needed, can correct blindness and other eye and health problems that are caused by misaligned vertebrae in the neck, back (pressing on the nerves, blood, lymph vessels) that cannot be aligned with massage, physical therapy or other treatments. Please try other natural treatments, including the Bates Method and check with your doctor first. Chiropractic treatment can cause: stroke, paralysis, joints less stable,  broken, worn cartilage, vertebrae moving out of alignment easily and often, fractures of the vertebrae in the back, neck, nerve damage, blindness, loss of hearing, vertigo, impaired function of any organ, area of the body the nerves, blood vessels from the spine travel to, over stretching of ligaments and other injuries. 
See the book: Chiropractic: The victims Perspective by George J. Magner III. Written by a man that was injured by chiropractic treatment.  See

If Chiropractic treatment is the only option, be sure to find a honest, experienced Chiropractor.

Here is the Basic Original hands on Treatment that the honest chiropractors in South San Francisco, CA and a Chiropractor in Worcester, MA applies with beneficial results;

+Relaxed muscles enable easy, complete vertebrae alignment – the chiropractor may apply heat and/or massage or electric current muscle relaxation treatment (see picture next page) to relax the muscles before treatment. Drinking enough water, eating bananas for daily potassium, moderate exercise, avoiding caffeine, aspartame will relax the muscles.

1 – Patient lies on the stomach.  The chiropractor aligns the vertebrae along the lower, middle, upper back.  Pressure on the lower back (area that curves inward) where many nerves travel is avoided.  Special ‘light touch’ alignment might be done here.

2a – Patient lies on the left side.  Right knee/leg is bent up and the arms are also positioned.
The chiropractor presses in a inward/up motion on the right upper leg, hip area.

2b – Patient lies on the right side. Left knee/leg up, arms positioned and the chiropractor presses in/up on the left upper leg, hip area.

2a and b further align the lower back, hips, sacrum, tailbone area.
Both left and right sides are aligned.  This equally aligns, balances, centers the lower body, back…
Avoid chiropractors that align only one side: push on ‘only the left or only right side’.  This often results in a imbalance, difficulty walking and need for repeated treatments.

 3 – Lie on the back.
Some chiropractors do a ‘bear hug’ with the arms in one position, then again, in the opposite position to further align the upper back vertebrae.

4 – Lie on back – Chiropractor aligns the vertebrae in the neck (only if needed). Doctor must also ask first if the person wants the neck treated.

+Start with head facing forward to the ceiling.
+The neck is turned to the left, a popping sound is heard, (often, two quick pops together) then neck is turned back to the center/forward. 
+Then, the neck is turned to the right, a popping sound is heard, (often, two quick pops together) then back to the center/forward. 
A popping sound is heard and the patient can feel the vertebrae move when the head/neck is turned left and right.  If no pop is heard/felt or if only a small click occurs, this can mean the joint did not move far enough and will not be placed into perfect alignment. If the muscles, vertebrae are very tense, stiff a good chiropractor knows how to relax the muscles, mind before and during that treatment so the neck turns completely and pops on both sides. 

Avoid chiropractors that turn the neck to only one side; only to the left or only to the right.
The dishonest chiropractor that impaired my hearing and vision turned my neck to only the left side. Turning the neck to only one side or turning it left and right but only moving/popping the vertebrae to/on one side (in my case/experience) imbalances, misaligns the neck vertebrae, can injure the vertebrae, cartilage and cause stroke, dizziness, impaired vision, hearing and other health impairment. Health problems may not show up for a few days or longer and the patient will not realize the chiropractor caused the injury.
     Three chiropractors have tried to convince me that the neck does not need to be moved and popped left and right, that the popping is only gas release, but every time my neck is only turned to one side or is turned left and right but pops on only  one side I experience ringing ears, balance, vision impairment.  I notice when the neck does not pop on one side that it is always tense, does not move full, all the way when the chiropractor turns it.
A different chiropractor told me that the gas in the neck vertebrae joints builds up in about 20 minutes after popping the neck, so, there is gas in the joint before going to the chiropractor and it is released, pops only when the the doctor moves the neck vertebrae far enough, completely, thus allowing the gas to escape.  A balanced alignment occurs by turning, popping the neck to both left and right sides. The neck must not be over turned but also not under turned. The full correct amount of movement is needed to pop and align the vertebrae equally, evenly on the spine. 
    Test this yourself – crack a finger knuckle.  Then try to crack it again. It will only crack/pop once. The joint gas has been released. The knuckle will pop again only after waiting 20 minutes+ until the gas builds up again. 
     This has been my experience.  Others may be different but if you feel the doctor is causing you health problems by moving, popping the neck, back on only one side, try a different doctor with a better routine.  Doctors have confidentially told me that some new and old chiropractic colleges teach one sided partial alignments and other dishonest treatments to keep the patient out of alignment and dependent on continued treatments. Some chiropractors have figured out how to do this on their own.
     For #2a, b and #4 -The Chiropractor may determine which side is adjusted first due to the alignment needed, type of injury/condition… 
Some cases/injuries may need a different routine, treatment.
     1-4 is the basic treatment the author of this book has experienced with beneficial results when applied correct by a good chiropractor.

       A good chiropractor applies muscle relaxation for the neck and back… before neck, back vertebrae, joint alignment to make the alignment easy, perfect, a full balanced turn/movement of the neck, back and pop on the left and right sides of the body.  A balanced spine.  See diagrams on right.
Heat is applied to all the muscles by placing one large heat pad on the back covering the neck, shoulders, entire back including the sacrum/tailbone.  
See blue pad in diagrams.   Heat pads are non-electric.
     Interferential Electric Current muscle relaxation/massage treatment is also used; Small electric massage pads are placed on the tight muscles on the upper back area of the left and right shoulder muscles near the base of the neck and on the lower back muscles on the left and right sides of the spine. The pads are connected by wires to a machine that varies the strength of the small electric current which massages, relaxes the muscles.  Pads, current is placed away from the spine, on the muscles, not on the spine/vertebrae to avoid electricity going into the spinal cord...   See X's on the diagrams.  
The Heat pad is placed on top of the electric pads. 
The patient can lie on the stomach or sit up for this treatment.
     Relaxing the shoulder and back muscles causes relaxation to travel into the neck, head, and other body muscles. This helps remove spasms, knots in muscles, helps the chiropractor do a easy, perfect, full, balanced movement, left and right alignment/pop of the neck, back, hip… vertebrae, joints, and reduces the chance for injury. When the muscles are tense the neck, back… get stuck during treatment, the chiropractor cannot move them completely.  Injury to cartilage, vertebrae, muscles and unbalanced, misaligned vertebrae/spine, joints can occur.
Relaxed muscles help to prevent these conditions and maintain the alignment.  
    Constant exposure to electric fields impairs the body’s natural chi and other energy flow. Electric pads can be purchased for home use. The muscles can become immune to electric muscle stimulation/relaxation.
For this reason many chiropractors prefer natural hands on muscle massage and acupressure point activation.  Hands on massage is best, produces more muscle relaxation, healing, removes knots… in the muscles and has other benefits.  Find a Professional Masseuse – a bad one will be ineffective and/or cause injury.
A good chiropractor knows additional methods to keep the neck muscles relaxed before and when turning the neck and is also licensed in Massage and Physical Therapy.

There are some yoga postures, movements along with physical therapy, massage that align all bones, joints, vertebrae in the body.
If needed, a chiropractic alignment can be done first, preferably only once, then maintained by these other methods.
Relaxation of the mind, body, neck, eyes, physical therapy, massage, exercise, movement, Natural Eyesight Improvement, correct vision habits, improves neck and back vertebrae alignment and clarity of vision.   The Long Swing, Rock helps to align the spine, neck.
Chiropractic is not needed by most all Bates students. Only cases of blindness… as described previously may need chiropractic.
There is a exercise that is practiced with the back of a chair, sitting on the chair and moving specific ways to align areas of the lower back. Similar to the Yoga Spine Twist in the Physical therapy chapter.

Tense muscles cause and increase vertebrae misalignment and;
Misaligned vertebrae cause muscle tension.
Muscle tension occurs and increases when the muscle tension and/or the vertebrae misalignment impairs blood, oxygen, lymph and energy flow in and out of the muscles, joints.
Waste, toxins, too much gas builds up in the muscles, joints which increases muscle tension, stiffness, pain, impairs movement.  Limited movement causes decreased circulation, more muscle tension.

Often muscle relaxation, stretching, strengthening, movement, positive thoughts, emotions (without chiropractic treatment) is all that is needed to enable the vertebrae to align.

A main cause of vertebrae misalignment, immobility is arthritis in the neck, worn cartilage.
An old remedy for arthritis is a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey (both raw, organic).
Mix with pure water if it’s too strong on the stomach. Drink daily or 3x... per week. It cleans out plaque and other hard deposits in the veins, arteries and the small capillaries that travel to the joints, vertebrae, cartilage. Then it cleans out the stony plaque,.. deposits in the joints. This helps the vertebrae, joints move and rebuild cartilage. It is a very old remedy and many people over 100 years old recommend it for a variety of health benefits.  My neighbor in Daly City California cured her dog of arthritis with this mixture. It took one month, then the dog could walk without dragging its legs.

Herbs, supplements can cause health problems. Example; glucosamine, chondroitin pills cause bone growths, spurs, pain, impaired joint movement, inflammation, and many other health problems. A natural food souce glucosamine from organic, humanely raised chicken: chicken soup with whole chicken, real bones, marrow, cartilage, gelatin, and onions, cabbage for natural sulfur, correct natural amount of silica and other nutrients may help rebuild cartilage in the neck, back...bones, ligaments…  Corn is a natural source of glucosamine HCI but I do not know how its made, if its healthy, safe.  Shell fish is the main source but are the amounts in these pills normal, safe as eating the food itself??  Allergies?  Sulfate sources cause migraine headaches, vision impairment. Natural sulfur from cabbage, food is ok-no migraines as far as I have experienced.  Most ingredients in Joint Formulas can be made naturally by the body when a good diet, food source is supplied.  Organic chemical free Fish Oil, alkaline foods, rutin, potassium, vitamin K… Buy a good vitamin, mineral, nutrient book that lists the health benefits of nutrients and food sources.
    Natural food source Silica may rebuild, grow cartilage, joints, ligaments, fingernails, hair, bones and has other health benefits… but it can build up like sand in the body, kidneys and cause kidney stones and other conditions if too much is taken. Silica is in some joint formulas.
Its best to get Silica from food: whole unrefined grains, apples, oats, peanuts, raw cabbage, fish, some water supplies. Check a few books, nutritionists for a complete list. 

    Avoid chiropractors that push the sale of X-rays. This is radiation!  X-rays only show the bones, not the cartilage and other tissues. They impair the health of body, organs and eyes, thyroid... If the vertebrae are close together, tilted… in the X-ray it means the cartilage is worn and/or vertebrae are out of alignment and this helps the doctor align the vertebrae but a good chiropractor can align without an X-ray. It depends on the individuals condition. 
     Dentists  sell X-rays every 6 months -1 year. They lie to their patients saying it is harmless.
I am learning how to protect and fill my own teeth.  - Go to bottom of page.  

MRI’s, CT Scans and other X-rays/scans are now reported on the television news for causing brain, organ, nerve damage, difficulty walking, skin disorders, cancer and other health problems.

    Neck, back muscle strengthening, stretching, relaxation exercises and posture correction are taught to the patient by a good doctor to prevent future misalignment and reduce the need for chiropractic visits.
  The chiropractor must also teach physical therapy exercises as shown in this chapter to prevent the need for repeat chiropractor treatments.
Some chiropractors teach only stretching exercises, strenous isometrics that are diffucult, take a long time to do, are boring, not fully effective.  The patient stops the exercises and then needs to return to the chiropractor.
Check with the State Medical Board for information on the chiropractor’s history;
+ Years in practice. College attended.
+ Any patient injury complaints filed against the doctor?
+ Get referrals from many other patients.

The ‘Activator’ – a small mechanical device used to push the vertebrae, joints into alignment can produce an imperfect alignment.  
This treatment places a machine between the patient’s vertebrae and the doctors’ hands and reduces the doctor’s ability to ‘feel’ the vertebrae when it is being moved and the doctors ability to perform a perfect, exact alignment. Once the button on the machine is pushed, the machine acts alone.
When a chiropractor uses ‘only their hands’ (no activator), to align the vertebrae, the hands are in direct contact with the vertebrae/body before, during and after the alignment and control the entire alignment. The hands ‘feel’, are part of the position, movement of the vertebrae and can detect perfect alignment.  Chiropractors might prefer the activator because it replaces constant use of their hands over years in practice, preventing carpel tunnel, joint pain in the chiropractor’s hands.
There are patients and chiropractors that prefer the activator. They claim the hands on treatment caused injury, is too invasive. They state that the activator is less dangerous. A friend told me the hands on chiropractic method caused her to lose feeling in her arms, hands and she had to go to another chiropractor to get the activator treatment which then corrected the problem.  Another chiropractor says different types of chiropractic treatment cause the joints to pop or no sound and he perfers no sound. I am getting to the point where I don’t know who to believe. 
It depends on the skill of the chiropractor and the patients condition. In my experience, if the activator is necessary, the hands on treatment is applied after the activator to be sure the bones are aligned perfectly, left and right sides of the body evenly balanced, centered.  This results in perfect alignment only if the chiropractors skill is perfect.  I often think the activator was invented over the years after too many people were being injured by the hands on treatment and unskilled chiropractors.

Other types of chiropractic treatments are;
+ Cranial Sacral Therapy to align the bones of the skull – misaligned skull bones and neck vertebrae can occur due to head, neck injury, difficult birth, use of forceps, vacuum during birth, caesarean birth, backward birth causing: crossed, wandering eyes, astigmatism, unclear vision and other eye problems.   Eye muscles are attached to the skull bones in the back of the eye socket. The eye is also set in the eye socket which is composed of bones grown together.
When the skull bones are aligned, the bones do not pull on the eye muscles, the bones, muscles do not press on the eyes. The eye muscles are relaxed and function correct.
(A natural birth aligns the baby’s skull bones as the baby's head passes through the birth canal.)

+ Network Chiropractors work with improving function of the spinal cord – Network Spinal Analysis.  Interesting subject but avoid being pressured to have MRI’s, X-rays.
MRI’s, body, brain scans are causing nervous system injury, brain damage and many health problems.  They might be necessary in some cases but doctors need to invent a safe method to see inside the body.
My true chiropractic story continued:
     In July, 2009 I hurt my back doing heavy lifting on an extra job trying to save money for Bates Method Teacher Training School. I went to the honest chiropractor. She noted that I had not been to her for one year. I said, 'yes, your alignments last unless I do heavy lifting'. I do physical therapy, regular exercise and deep tissue massage and my neck, back stays aligned.
     She then attempted to adjust my back and it did not pop/move into correct alignment. I asked her to try again but she said no, it’s ok. Most chiropractors will do a 2nd and sometimes 3rd attempt at moving/aligning the neck/back to be sure both left and right sides of the neck and back pop/move into place and the alignment is balanced. (Two times in the past this chiropractor could not align my back and I had to go back to the other chiropractor for back alignment and that is when they talked me into having my neck worked on and injured my neck and caused the ear ringing twice.) In her defense, I always used to go in to her office with my back and neck muscles all tense, tight, hyper and dehydrated on caffeine and aspartame from drinking diet sodas and I would not let her do muscle massage, relaxation treatment first because I was in a hurry to get back to work. If I had let her do the relaxation treatment the neck/back would have moved perfect.  She is a very good chiropractor and 95% of the time even when my muscles are tight she can align me perfect, balanced.  I later found out that trying to force the neck to move, repeating the movement 2-3 more times when it does not move fully, does not pop can result injury; vertigo, double vision, stroke, broken vertebrae, cartilage, so she knew what she was doing by refusing to move the neck again but she did not explain why. If she had explained why I would not have gone to another chiropractor asking them to make the neck move, to repair the injury this one side alignment caused. See rest of story below: The new chiropractor caused more injury!
    I did not want my neck done but she also turned my neck left and right but it popped, moved fully only on one side, the left. The right neck, shoulder muscles were too tense, tight due to computer mouse, typing, incorrect posture, looking down at the keys and the sodas.  
    I asked her to please move the neck fully to both sides because when only one side is aligned fully/pops my ears ring and vision, balance becomes impaired. She would not adjust both sides. (I later found out from another chiropractor that muscle relaxation for the shoulder, neck, back must be done first if the muscles are tense, in spasm, knots in order to get a full movement and pop on both left and right sides of the back and neck for a perfect, balanced alignment of the vertebrae, spine, bones. Injury, misalignment during chiropractic treatment can occur if the muscles are tense. See diagram below for methods chiropractors use to relax muscles before treatment. Maybe she knew that another neck adjustment would cause injury. I may be getting too old, stiff at times for treatment and I was told by another chiropractor that chiropractic treatment can break the bones, vertebrae and cartilage in older people and people of any age if they have muscle tension/spasm in the neck, back..., bone loss, worn, uneven cartilage or even if the muscles, bones, vertebrae, cartilage are healthy.
Muscle tension, incorrect posture, repetitive movement (computer mouse hand…) can cause the muscles in the hand, arm, shoulder, neck to become so tense that muscles can become ‘locked’ a fibrous tissue can develop and press on nerves, blood vessels, pull neck vertebrae out of alignment. )  
     I entered her office with an impaired back (extreme pain) and perfect neck, hearing, balance. I left with my back the same and with a misaligned neck and ringing ears.
     I had to return for another appointment because the incorrect, one sided alignment caused endless ear ringing. She then attempted left and right neck alignment but only one side popped/moved fully correct into alignment. She still could not get my back to align. Ear ringing continued.  She told me my soar back caused the ear ringing.
     I may be getting too old, stiff at times for treatment and I read that chiropractic treatment can break the bones/vertebrae and cartilage in older people if they have bone loss, worn, uneven cartilage.   A chiropractic rule states that the chiropractor must ‘ask the patient first’ if he wants the neck aligned.  She did not ask me and I was so scared from the back problem that I forgot my new rule of never allowing my neck to be turned by a chiropractor again and I automatically let her do the neck.  
    I had to find a new chiropractor. They fixed my back, pain reduced 60% and did even alignments on the neck and back: both left and right sides of neck and back popped, moved fully into alignment.  Ear ringing reduced. I had 4 more treatments in which they used only the massage machine and activator on my back, neck. This impaired my back : walking balance became impaired, and more ear ringing occurred. (The activator has always impaired my balance. Twice after the activator was used on my back my walking balance  became impaired and I had to return to the chiropractor to have him do the hands on only left and right back alignment/pop to return the back to normal alignment and perfect balance.)  Still had 70% back pain.  Chiropractor only did machine waterbed massage, no hands on.  Later, a very good back massage by a masseuse removed all of the back pain permanently in 30 minutes. She removed knots, spasms in the back muscles and taught me home treatments. Only $20.00!  I now think all I needed all along was a professional Sports Massage.
    They could not get the exact alignment of the neck to completely remove the ear ringing (He said chiropractic can irritate the nerves around C1 and other vertebrae, cause ear ringing and I should wait, no more neck alignments, only the back.)  I believe the irritation was a pinched, pulled nerve or other injury caused by the previous one sided neck alignments.   I had to return to the chiropractor that caused the problem. I specified that I do not want any more partial, unbalanced alignments. This time she turned/moved/popped the neck/vertebrae left and right but the neck did not move easily. The ringing was reduced 90%.  My ears still had some ringing and later the ringing increased, dizziness, numbness in the mouth, face, headaches, right eye became red, vision less clear.  This is 4 times a chiropractor has caused an injury to my neck.
    I began seeking a better chiropractor that can do the old fashioned, perfectly balanced alignment by hand, and without using only the activator and other machines. I am afraid to return to the other chiropractors.  I miss the oriental chiropractors on Baden and Grand Ave. (Dr. Soo Hoo, Tai, Chang) in South San Francisco, CA. They do it right!!  I always experienced perfect balance, movement, hearing and vision when a good chiropractor does the old fashioned, equally balanced left and right alignment, pop to the back and neck.

     Oct. 6th, 2009 - I found a new chiropractor.   At first he adjusted me the old fashioned way, turned, popped the neck left and right and the ear ringing was 99% removed after the first treatment and had stopped completely after about 4 treatments.  The dizziness was gone after the first treatment. I was suspicious why he could not remove the ringing in 1-2 treatments as the old honest chiropractor used to do.
My muscles were very tight sometimes but he made a 2nd, 3rd attempt to turn the neck when it would not move enough on the right side at the first try and sometimes ended with a perfect alignment. (Most previous doctors in Worcester, MA did not want to spend the time to do more than one attempt at moving the vertebrae. They would leave me misaligned by their one sided movement/treatment. Maybe they were afraid injury would occur with another neck movement, but they should have done muscle relaxation first so the alignment would go correct at the first try.)  This new doctor should have done relaxation first instead of repeatedly turning the stiff neck until it popped.  Many chiropractors keep their treatments secret. Most raise their voice, become upset if I ask what the treatment is, why things don’t move correct, and if things go good, why they went correct, what caused things to move correct? They will usually give an evasive answer or try other means to discourage questions. 
    The doctor also worked on my back  and at first was a good balanced alignment but after I wanted to quit treatment because I said I felt good, then 90% of the neck and back alignments he and staff performed were one sided, unbalanced. Trying to place me back out of alignment so I continue paying for more treatments?
    I do not like X-Rays but in this case was scared/talked into neck X-rays.  The doctor found the top neck vertebrae C1 (Atlas) below the skull out of alignment and lower vertebrae C4-C5... not moving well and cartilage in these lower vertebrae worn down. C-1 is a main vertebra containing nerves for the eyes, ears.  C-4 nerves also connect to the ears.  (Misalignment of any vertebrae in the neck and also below the neck can affect nerves or nerves branching out from/connected to nerves traveling to the ears, eyes, brain.)   Did one of the previous chiropractors throw C1 out of alignment? I did not have ringing, dizziness until after the first doctor worked on my neck.  The old fashioned, good chiropractors never took X-Rays. They could feel the state of all the vertebrae by hand and do easy, perfect treatment.
    This new chiropractor told me that the chiropractor does not always need to turn the neck, move the vertebrae left and right. Only the vertebrae that need to be moved and placed into correct alignment should be adjusted and the popping sound does not always need to occur in order for the vertebrae to be moved into alignment. (I disagree with much of this statement. Read more info. in this chapter.) In my case the neck was turned left and right and the vertebrae (he said he had to align two…) popped/moved/aligned when the neck was turned to both the left and right sides.  I specified I wanted the old fashioned left and right balanced treatment only.
    The vertebrae are moved to get them all aligned along the spine, moving and to be sure the vertebrae are exactly centered correct on the spine.
My opinion is that turning the neck/vertebrae left and right is also done when moving only one or more vertebrae in order to bring full left and right movement to all the vertebrae and to place all the vertebrae perfectly balanced, evenly aligned, centered on the spine. Every time a doctor turns/pops my neck or back to only one side or a full turn is not done on one or both sides they say that it is ‘ok’ but my balance, hearing, vision always become impaired and I need to return for more treatment until they can fully move/pop the neck/back on both left and right sides. Only then is the result beneficial.   Both left and right sides of the neck and back/hip area need to be moved the full amount (not too far, not too little) and pop, (a good pop, not a tiny stiff click) for the neck, back, hips to be aligned perfectly balanced.
        Chiropractic videos on YouTube emphasize this.

The doctors (3 treated me) said I needed more treatments. Then, about 10 times (out of 13 treatments) the doctors could not get my neck to move fully and pop on the right side (was moving fully and popping only on the left). This chiropractor then used the activator on my neck and back and other methods with the table... placing pressure with her thumb on the back of my neck vertebrae while dropping the table down under my head, then later pulling downward on my ears by the earlobes and popping only the left side of the neck with this ear treatment. Then she did a back, base of neck/shoulder treatment/pop only on the left side. All other doctors in my past always did this on both left and right sides. None of the 3 doctors knew how to relax the muscles on the right side of my neck to enable it to move fully and pop.  They gave me isometric exercises to strengthen the neck muscles that caused/increased the ear/head ringing. Seemed to increase the injury. These treatments and the one sided neck alignments and strange new back/ear treatments brought the ear ringing back, walking problem and vertigo which ended with two emergency room hospital visits. Hospital doctors know nothing of chiropractic and could not help me. Wanted give MRI but that causes cancer, brain, nerve damage… so I refused. 
     The chiropractors would not answer my calls for two days until Sunday night. They refused to admit the treatment caused the ringing, walking problem and vertigo. He told me it was my fault, ‘that my thoughts, beliefs went into the atmosphere and influenced the neck adjustment' his wife gave me. This is most unprofessional.  That morning, in the chiropractors office before she injured me I did not want any more chiropractic treatment and asked his wife 4 times to please let me go home, to not have treatment.  She talked me into it and I, believing I must listen to the doctor, let her do my neck.  I had to return to the doctor on Monday, (since he caused the problem and takes my insurance) and asked him to turn the neck correct.  I sat in the office 10 min. waiting while he was outside complaining about his parking space.  He then turned/popped my neck left and right. Then adjusted, popped only one side of my back, the right. Severe balance impairment, almost like a seizure effect occurred when sitting up after being treated. He said it was blood rushing into my head after he fixed the vertebrae but it did not feel like that was the cause. I felt that he also missed something in the neck that his wife goofed up.  I asked him to do the other side of the back on that last treatment (I stopped going to him after this treatment) but he refused saying ‘if he adjusts the other side and it does not pop I will complain so he may as well not bother’. Said my right foot turns in/down and causes the right leg turn in but I never had a problem with it and then after his treatment it did turn in/down extremely, impairing my walking, balance.
      He tried to sell me 107 more treatments, then treatments for life saying it is the only way to cure the condition. Also tried to involve me in Multi Level Marketing sales of herbal products which I know contain 3 herbs that cause health problems including migraines, thyroid hormone malfunction; Isagenix’s.  I had to listen to a 15 minute sales pitch in the treatment room on time before he would do my chiropractic treatment. I felt I must agree to buy the product for $250.00+ to be sure he would work on my neck, back properly.  (By law I cannot place the name of these bad chiropractors on my website and in this book but I will give their name to anyone that writes, E-mails, calls me. They are located in Worcester, Massachusetts on a road near Elm Park.)  I suspect they will move after they injure more people. I reported them to the state board of chiropractic and was told two more people were injured by them and filed complaints.  Other chiropractors were afraid to go to court against them so the case was dismissed. I wonder how many more people were hurt that did not report it? I remember seeing a young teenage boy in the waiting room always looking scared and sad and I hope they did not give him bad treatment.)
     Now after 6 days the vertigo has returned and walking balance, back impaired. Back in the hospital. Doctors still can’t help me. 8 days later still little vertigo, balance impaired but am staying away from the chiropractor permanently and hoping the body can knock out his/her misalignments and cure itself, return to the condition it was in before their treatments.  As a month passed my red hair had tons of grey in it and green eyes turned a light yellow/green color at times. White cloudy vision, like a fog in the visual field occasionally appeared, flashing dots of light.
    Realized I had to find another chiropractor to correct the injuries they caused – 3+ in the back/hips and 3 in the neck. 
    One new chiropractor I talked to told me the chiropractors that caused the injury are dishonest, throwing me out of alignment in order to keep me addicted/dependant on endless treatments, paying more money, the type of doctor that gives the chiropractic profession a bad name. Along with the spine misalignment they caused, I also suspect the unbalanced… new treatments he and staff applied can impair the ears balance system, plates inside the ears and estuation tube function.  Since I now know that ear, balance problems can occur from chiropractic, I realize that a detached retina in the eye may also occur from this treatment. Their treatment caused double vision, floaters, a white fog, cloud over my visual field,  a variety of strange vision problems and my eyes wandered outward a little, very slight Strabismus or convergence/divergence impairment! 
    Also: any slight sinus/ear congestion, midlife hormone imbalance/water retention, muscle tension causing slight dizziness can become magnified causing increased dizziness, vertigo from a bad chiropractic neck/shoulder, spine, back/hip misalignment. 
    This chiropractor that injured me stated he is from a superior new Chiropractic College that teaches new methods of turning, moving, popping the neck to only one side: only left or only right and treating/popping only one side of the back. He and his wife also invent their own methods.  Many new chiropractors are doing those one sided neck/back alignments or attempting to align both left and right sides but only on side moves fully/pops or both sides do not move fully and do not pop. Patients are complaining that these treatments are not beneficial and often cause balance problems, ear ringing, visual disturbances and other problems.
    A different, older chiropractor that is from a older college that teaches the original old fashioned method of fully moving/aligning, popping both sides of the neck/back/hips… for a balanced alignment of vertebrae, joints says he does not like the results of the new one sided alignments the new colleges are teaching. I agree! 
    The other, previous chiropractor that healed my back but could not cure the ear ringing, (although he did a perfect left and right neck movement with pop on each side) said that chiropractic neck treatment can sometimes irritate the nerves in the neck and it can take a while to return to normal. He wanted to leave the neck alone after two treatments.
I should have taken his advice and stayed away from treatments from other doctors.
    A good chiropractor usually needs to do only 1-2 treatments (few more if specific injury is being treated), no rough treatments and the patient always feels very good, better after every treatment. The patient is then set free. No pressure for endless treatments. 
    I had to contact 5 new chiropractors before I found 2 that would correct the injuries, misalignments the dishonest chiropractors caused.   Two of the chiropractors said ‘yes, a incorrect chiropractic neck alignment can cause vertigo, stroke. Is like being in a Automobile accident. 
+The first one gave me good advice on the phone but kept changing his mind about whether he accepts my insurance, seemed like he was trying to get rid of me, afraid to get involved with a person that injured form another doctor. I asked him if he will do house call or let me come by on a walk-in’ appointment because my balance is so bad I never know when I can walk out of the house.  He got angry and said chiropractors do not do that.
+ The next chiropractor had me on his table, did a exam, said 3 vertebrae in the neck, 3 in the back were misaligned, one vertebrae that connects base of the neck to the rest of the body’s spine was twisted on the spine. He then decided to do paper work first before aligning my vertebrae and told me to return in 3 days. I returned and he was not in the office, waited 2 hours, never showed up, went home, he did not call, I called him and he was then in the office and said he had a emergency. I realized he stood me up both times because he was afraid to get involved in correcting another chiropractor’s injury.
+ I went to a 3rd chiropractor, New England Chiropractic, on Lincoln St. in Worcester, MA.
They are the good doctors that helped my back previously.
They aligned 3 vertebrae/joints in my back/hips and one major misalignment on the top/upper back.  They would not align the neck, stating 2+ vertebrae were out of alignment but my right neck, shoulder was so tight it would be dangerous to align the vertebrae until after I got my Medical Doctor to prescribe Physical Therapy and/or drugs and got a note from her stating it was ok to align the neck. I walked to her office, she and staff yelled at me for walking in without an appointment. Kept saying I have vertigo, neck injury, just came from the hospital and they told me to go to my regular doctor and I am afraid going have a stroke if cant get good chiropractor to fix the neck. She made me walk back up the highway to get a note from the chiropractor. Then I walked back, gave her the note, they yelled again. She prescribed a drug to relax the muscles but did not call in the prescription for 1 1/2 days. Never gave me the note for the Chiropractor. I finally gave up! I got the drug prescription on the night of the 2nd day but never took it. Side effects listed; heart attacks and other health problems.
New England Chiropractic then said they can now do massage, muscle relaxation treatment in their office, then would try to fix the neck.  Said I did not need the drug.  New England Chiropractic are the only chiropractors that told me the truth: That the neck vertebrae may not move fully, easy and pop when the neck muscles are tense and that vertebrae, cartilage, muscle, nerve injury, vertebrae misalignment can occur if neck movement/alignment treatment is done when the muscles are tense, in spasm.
The tense muscles in my right neck/shoulder, arm were preventing a full neck turn and pop on the right side by all those other chiropractors. They all kept selling me more unbalanced, one sided treatments and not relaxing the muscles before treatment. 
  I began drinking beer to relax my muscles and exercising best I could and doing a bit of Do It yourself home chiropractic. Got a little better but still needed a professional chiropractor to fix my neck.  Beer eventually causes muscle dehydration, tension so it is not a permanent option for muscle relaxation. I took Niacin vitamin B-3 morning and night to open and clean out my arteries hoping that would correct any blocked blood flow in the neck, head, ears, eyes caused by the misaligned neck vertebrae.  I know the bad chiropractor left the main thing they did that misaligned my neck impaired. 
    My computer posture is not good but I never had these problems until after going to this chiropractor. I now have trouble typing, sitting, standing, walking.

On January 3rd, 2010 my usual, honest chiropractor in Worcester, MA came back to work. For 2 months while she was not in Worcester I was treated by the other chiropractors listed in this chapter. None could completely remove the vertigo that the dishonest chiropractors caused. The good chiropractors at New England Chiropractic, Worcester, MA fixed 3 misalignments in my back and this did help. All were afraid to fix my neck.
     Today I drank 8 tall Coors light beers to help my neck, body muscles relax so I could walk outside to the honest Chiropractor’s office and so the neck alignment will go correct with relaxed muscles. I did not let her know I had the beers.
The Doctor fixed 3+ misalignments in my back/neck. I had some vertigo when she was correcting the misalignments due to the back and neck bone/vertebrae misalignments pulling on nerves along the spine, neck before she did the treatment, but that is ok because I am now much better after her honest, complete alignments. 
    Still have to work though some dizziness, ear ringing, visual disturbances as the body muscles, nerves adjust back to their normal state and remove abnormal muscle, nerve function that occurred for months due to the bad chiropractors unbalanced... alignments.
    Much better today after treatment! She did the old fashioned method; turn fully and pop the neck left and right and, also both left and right sides of the back.  That vertigo occurred at first when trying to move the back into alignment.
She said the back misalignment was pulling on the nerves along the spine that connect to the nerves that were pinched, pulling from the misaligned neck vertebrae.  So the back does affect the neck, eyes, ears!   It took 18 neck treatments, many done wrong, before the honest chiropractor, with one correct treatment repaired the damage caused by the first chiropractor’s unbalanced, one sided neck and back alignments.  Finally my eye color is back to normal, vision better and better, hair color less grey.
  A way to know that a chiropractic neck alignment has been done correct, successful is to look in a mirror; If both of your cheeks are rosy, red it usually means that the blood flow to the head through the left and right arteries, veins in the neck has improved and bloods flow is even to the head.
If only one cheek is red it can indicate a unbalanced neck vertebrae , the alignment chiropractors alignment did not occur correct  and blood flow is reduced in the arteries, veins on one side of the neck and head. After the bad chiropractor’s alignment on my neck, only one cheek was rosy for days, weeks! After the good chiropractor fixed my neck, both cheeks were rosy, nice and red and remain that way.

 To this day; April 5, 2010, I still have some double vision, ghostly after images of objects, walking problem and something in right arm/neck, shoulder feel broken, cant lift much with right arm but refuse to take any more chances on chiropractic treatments. My use of the computer mouse-10 hours day working on this book, website, poor posture looking down at keys and having to work standing may be preventing complete healing but I did not have any problem before going to the chiropractors that caused injuries. 
    None of the Chiropractors told me the back pain could have been removed with Professional Hands On Massage only. I did not need the neck aligned!!  Most doctors try to sell only their treatment and hide other treatments from the patient.
This has been a very hard lesson. I learned the hard way that chiropractic can improve health if a good, honest chiropractor is found but an inexperienced and/or dishonest chiropractor can cause great injury to the body, vision, hearing, balance impairment and other health problems. I am grateful to the honest Chiropractor for treating me on a walk in/emergency basis. All other doctors were angry when I told them I was so dizzy, afraid I might have a stroke some days and needed a walk-in appointment so I can be treated on a day when I was able to walk to the doctor’s office.   My Mom advised me years ago to avoid chiropractors because some are dishonest. She was right, but, thank God I found a honest chiropractor.
   The skill, method and honesty of the chiropractor determine the result of treatment.

     Use the Bates Method, Professional Physical Therapy, Massage.   If a injury needs chiropractic treatment, find a honest chiropractor that prefers to limit adjustments to only which is necessary and also teaches Physical Therapy so the patient remains healthy on their own.
  I am not against chiropractic, it healed me in the past, but it must be done correct.
Even the honest chiropractor was the one that started this whole problem by not being able to fully turn/pop the neck on the right side, but at least she had the courage to correct it.
I still have some problems now but am afraid to take any more chances on chiropractic.
I will now stay away from chiropractic for the rest of my life.

Most cases of unclear vision do not need chiropractic treatment. Removing glasses and practicing the Bates Method is sufficient.  

Special note on posture; I have noticed that most of the old time chiropractors that use the old fashioned simple method do not over-adjust the vertebrae, bones. They tend to use a simple basic alignment and let the body move into its own natural state. That natural adjustment feels perfectly healthy, good balance, movement, perfect hearing, vision…
    Some modern chiropractors place too much pressure, force, endless treatments trying to force the bones, vertebrae to be in an exact placement as is shown in models at their colleges. I have found that this often results in the body losing its natural alignment that it had adjusted well into for many years. When the modern chiropractors force the body past its natural alignment, it can result in balance, hearing, vision impairment, broken cartilage and other health problems. A persons natural, individual, comfortable way of walking, moving, dancing… is lost.
  See the picture of Billy The Kid – An outlaw in the old American West.  I doubt that he had ever had chiropractic treatment. He lived a rough life but he stands with a feeling of perfect balance, relaxed, strong, confident, his natural individual character showing in his own, unique posture.
     The chiropractor that caused me an injury, forced my right leg, hip, sacrum upward, trying to make it conform to the ‘one size fits all’ model they leant in college. He refused to align the left side for balanced alignment. Resulted in dizziness, balance/walking impairment, right leg now twists in or out when walk and contributed to pinched, pulled nerves along the spine and into the neck causing vertigo, double vision…  
   Some types of bone spurs are created by the body to even out the spine/body when bone/vertebrae cartilage is worn down and/or uneven and to create space between the vertebrae. Some bone spurs, especially ones caused by over-consumption of calcium pills need to be removed to prevent them from pressing on nerves.., causing imbalanced bone/vertebrae alignment but others are best left alone because removing them can result in unbalanced/uneven vertebrae, bones and other problems.
Chiropractic treatment can accidentally break bone spurs.
Avoid chiropractors that hand you off to their assistants. It’s best to pick a good chiropractor and stay with only him/her. That one chiropractor knows best, exactly each treatment he has done for you and the state of your bones, muscles, health.  Some chiropractors hire a lot of assistants to work on the patient while the main chiropractor is spending time bringing in new patients and collecting extra money from the assistants work. They limit treatment time and rush patients through like they are on a assembly line.  I believe one reason I was injured was because 3 different doctors in the same office were working on me and each not completely familiar with my condition and the two that owned the business were purposely placing me out of alignment to kept me returning, paying for more treatments.  Even if the assistant that was hired by to owners was honest, he couldn’t do the job well while working with those two crooks.
     Always investigate a chiropractor (any doctor) before being treated.
Check for malpractice, injury complaints...  Ask 5+ other patients for references.
Avoid chiropractors that are fresh out of college with little practice working on their own. Only a few new chiropractors can do a perfect treatment. A few chiropractors working in Worcester around the year 2003  were very good and they had one young kid fresh out of college that was excellent. I could tell he really studied well, practiced to perfection in college. They did the balanced left and right method.
Not all students are good. Some just glide through college waiting for the license.
A few new colleges are teaching students to do mainly one sided alignments that are misaligning, injuring patients. They need to stay with the old method that works!   
This website lists other people that have been injured by chiropractors.
    When a good chiropractor applies the balanced, left and right side of the neck/body alignment often the patient only needs 1-2 treatments. The patient does not need to return for more treatment. Dishonest chiropractors may be doing the one sided, partial, unbalanced alignments in order to keep the patient out of alignment and returning for more treatment, paying more money.   Chiropractic, a good Natural health treatment profession is becoming corrupt like the Medical Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies. New chiropractors should seek out the old honest chiropractors and learn the old, effective balanced method before the Colleges hide it forever. The colleges will not make money if people do not want to become chiropractors because they will not make $ millions.

If you are injured by a chiropractor call Medical and check if the doctor has injured other people. Trying to check this through the license board is difficult.  Make a complaint with the state AMA and chiropractic license board. They will side with/protect the chiropractor but if enough injured people complain they will not be able to ignore the patients and by filing a complaint you will be protecting others from being injured.   Even if the chiropractor keeps his license he/she will be reluctant to apply dishonest, unbalanced methods for fear of being caught.

Choose a good chiropractor; A good one will also be licensed in Professional massage, Physical Therapy and use these methods on the patient before chiropractic treatment. If they are not licensed in these, they will hire a Masseuse, Physical Therapist to work on the patient, relax the muscles… before chiropractic treatment.
A minimum amount of chiropractic treatment will be used and to get the patient well quickly and free of the need for future chiropractic treatment. Physical Therapy and Massage are taught to the patient and encouraged after treatment to maintain good joint/vertebrae alignment, strong relaxed muscles, good health. Strong relaxed muscles contract, un-contract easy, and prevent vertebrae misalignment, Strong muscles easily lift objects, preventing pull on the vertebrae when lifting.  Try to avoid heavy lifting.  Chiropractors that do not use hands on massage often use a waterbed like massage. This not very effective. Hands on massage is best.

    See the chiropractic consent form on this page.
The first chiropractors that injured my neck, hearing, back, vision had me sign this form before treatment. The latest chiropractor that impaired my balance, causing vertigo had me sign this form after he caused the injury, on the last day when I told him I was not continuing treatment.  Notice that the form warns patients that injury can occur from chiropractic.  When the patient asks the chiropractor about this the doctor will say injury only happens in one out of a million… people but this is not true. More and more people are being injured!  Torn arteries, veins in the neck, along the vertebrae, around C-1… occurs due to the chiropractor turning the neck. This results in blood clots, stroke and other injury. See this website link for examples:  

Chiropractors that make their patients sign a consent form may have caused injury to patients in the past and patients may have filed complaints against the chiropractor.
This form protects the Chiropractor from being responsible if he/she injures the patient.
   I provide the information in this chapter not to be cruel to the chiropractors. I place it here because I want my readers to be sure to choose a good chiropractor and know how to ask questions, and receive honest answers, be aware of treatments that are not working, that may cause injury, avoid dishonest doctors and try the Bates Method first, Physical Therapy, Professional Massage, a honest Medical Doctors advice and avoid chiropractic unless needed as a last resort when nothing else can help align the vertebrae, bones that are impairing blood, nerve flow in the body, eyes, impairing neck, eye muscle function… Remember, you will be tasking a chance on developing more problems if the chiropractor cannot do the job correct!
A good chiropractor will align the neck vertebrae correct. This results in; pressure, tension, pulling is removed from the muscles, nerves, blood, lymph vessels in the neck, head/brain, eye muscles, eyes, ears, brain stem, optic and eye muscle nerves, retina, lens.  The eye returns to normal shape with correct focus of light rays on the retina.
The body, neck, eye muscles relax and function normally. Relaxed neck, body muscles improve movement of the head, face and body with the eyes – a correct vision habit that improves shifting and central fixation, relaxation. Body, neck relaxation and easy movement resonate into the eye muscles further relaxing, improving eye movement. Saccadic shifting eye movements occur (optimum perfect eye function), balance and coordination improve, circulation of blood, oxygen, nutrients, lymph, spinal fluid, energy, nerve signals to the head, eyes improves; this improves eye health and function.
Good circulation to the brain improves memory, imagination, left and right hemisphere, visual cortex and other brain functions.
   Relaxed, healthy eye muscles and improved brain health, function move the eyes easy, perfectly; shifting, central fixation, blinking, relaxation, all correct vision habits, (normal eye functions) accommodation, convergence, un-accommodation, un-convergence (divergence) return to normal.
The clarity of vision returns to 20/20 and clearer. Eye health improves.
Headaches; migraine, tension, sinus, cluster… are prevented. Ear functions - hearing, balance, coordination and the ears integration with the visual system, eyes is improved.  The ears Eustachian tube and sinus drainage systems improve, preventing excess wax, congestion buildup.  Chiropractic can cure, but, it’s not worth the chance of injury! Try the Bates Method first. The Bates method can produce all of these eye, health improvements.
If absolutely needed to fix an injury in the neck, back, then choose a good chiropractor!
  Good Posture standing, walking, sitting, sleeping keeps muscles relaxed, spine, bones aligned.
  Learn Abdominal, Deep diaphragm breathing to relax the muscles, move oxygen, blood, lymph throughout the body, brain, eyes.

    All eyeglasses, especially Bifocals cause extreme neck, shoulder, head, eye, ear muscle tension, dizziness, astigmatism, unclear vision, misalignment neck vertebrae and other body/health impairment. 

For natural treatments to align the spine see the chapters on Correct Posture and Physical Therapy. On the main website.
 The diagrams on the following pages show the vertebrae along the spine and neck.
Nerves, blood and lymph vessels travel through and/or near the vertebrae to body parts; organs, glands...heart, lungs, digestive system, brain, ears, eyes...
Vertebrae misalignment can place pressure on blood, lymph vessels, nerves and impair blood, oxygen, nutrient, lymph, nerve, energy flow to various areas of the body and impair health, function of organs, glands, eyes and other parts of the body.
Good vertebrae alignment keeps the blood, lymph vessels, nerves functioning normally for healthy body, brain, ears, eyes, eye muscles, optic and eye muscle nerves, and clear eyesight.
    Diagrams also show the path of light rays, light energy into the eyes, brain, body.
(See blue dashed line).
The eyes, brain, body need full spectrum sunlight daily and a healthy diet to function correct, remain healthy and maintain clear eyesight.

Incorrect posture; frequently placing the head and upper body down, pushed forward or up too high, angled, twisted head/neck when typing, writing… can cause muscle tension, misaligned vertebrae and impair blood, nerve, lymph circulation to the arms, hands.
See correct and incorrect postures, chiropractic treatment alternatives in this chapter and chapter and Physical Therapy, chapter 32.

Muscle tension (with or without vertebrae misalignment) in the neck, upper back, chest, shoulders can impair nerve, blood, lymph vessel function in the neck/head, near and in vertebrae C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, C7, T1, 2, 3, 4, 5, … resulting in eye muscle tension/dysfunction, tension, pulling upon, abnormal position/function of the brain stem, optic and eye muscle nerves, nerves that travel to the ears, impaired blood, nutrient, nerve, energy, lymph flow/signals to/in the eyes, eye muscles, retina, lens, iris… resulting in unclear vision, dizziness and impaired eye health.  C1 ,2, 3 misalignment is a main cause of ringing ears, visual disturbances but other vertebrae misalignment and muscle tension alone can cause it. Like whiplash effect. See pictures of various neck muscles in Physical therapy chapter.
See diagrams below.    Incorrect posture at the computer 10+ hours a day can cause neck muscle tension, pulling on the vertebrae, nerves, brainstem…  I know  a graphic designer that developed vertigo from extreme neck, arm, shoulder muscle tension, spasm. He had to quit computer work for a while to allow the muscles, nerves to return to normal health.
 Massage, Physical therapy, Chiropractic can correct these conditions.
Use a computer mouse for left and right hands. Switch back and forth. Use a wireless mouse so you can walk around, alter placement of the hands…   Use speech recognition software to replace typing. Like captain Kirk on Star Trek talking to the computer.

Light energy signals travel through the eyes, brain body, along the spine to all areas, parts of the body; heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, digestive system...
The eyes, brain, body need full spectrum sunlight daily (not passing through eyeglasses, sunglasses) to keep all body organs, glands, systems, parts healthy and to properly absorb, use, balance vitamins, minerals, proteins, nutrients in the body to maintain good health.
The eyes, brain, body also needs a good diet, all vitamins, minerals, proteins, nutrients to absorb and use sunlight and to prevent overexposure of the eyes, skin to sunlight.

    Misaligned vertebrae along the spine, back, neck causes tension in the muscles near the vertebrae (shown in the diagrams in this chapter and in chapter 33 - Physical Therapy); in the lower, middle, upper back, neck, shoulders, chest.  
This tension can travel to muscles in other areas of the body.
Extreme muscle tension in the back, chest, shoulders, neck, can cause and increase vertebrae misalignment. 

Vertebrae misalignment and muscle tension places pressure, tension, pulling on the nerves, blood, lymph vessels in the neck, shoulders, chest, arms, hands, back, other areas of the body, head/face, ears, eyes.  Incorrect posture occurs.  Tension pulling occurs on the spinal cord, brain stem, optic nerve, eye muscle nerves.
Blood, oxygen, nutrient, lymph, nerve, energy flow, circulation to/in the body, back, chest, arms, hands, neck, head, brain, ears, eyes, eye muscles, retina, lens…is impaired resulting in unclear vision, cataracts, macula degeneration, glaucoma and other eye problems. Muscle tension in the body, back, chest, shoulders, neck, head/face also resonates directly into the eye muscles.

Tense, stiff muscles also impair movement of the body, neck, head, eyes.  This limited, impaired movement travels, resonates into the eyes, eye muscles. 
When the body, neck, head, do not move, or move with difficulty, eye movement is limited, tense.   Eye shifting is reduced and occurs with effort.  Staring, unclear vision occurs.

When the eye muscles do not move, eye muscle tension is increased. 
Eye movement: shifting, central fixation, convergence, divergence, accommodation, un-accommodation, iris/pupil, ciliary muscle/lens function is further impaired resulting more vision impairment.

Relaxation and movement of the muscles in the entire body, and muscles near, around the vertebrae along the spine, back, chest, neck, shoulders, head, face enables the vertebrae to align, move freely.
Aligned vertebrae improves muscle relaxation, movement.

Relaxed muscles, aligned vertebrae = Removal of pressure, tension, pulling on the spine, spinal cord, brain stem, optic and eye muscle nerves, nerves, blood, lymph vessels enabling blood, oxygen, nutrient, lymph, nerve and energy flow, circulation in the body, arms, hands, legs, neck, head/brain, ears, eyes, eye muscles, retina, lens, cornea, iris, aqueous, vitreous…to return to normal resulting in healthy eyes, clear vision.
Relaxation, movement travels into the brain, eye muscles, eyes.  The eyes move correct, vision is further improved.

Exercise, movement, heat, massage, Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, Dance, Yoga, Physical Therapy helps relax and move the muscles, joints.
Massage, activation of pressure points on/near the muscles in the back, shoulders, neck, head, face, TRAPEZIUS MUSCLE will relax the muscles.  See Acupressure chapter.

Exercise, movement brings blood, oxygen, nutrient, lymph, energy flow into the muscles, joints and removes toxins, waste from the muscles.
This enables the muscle to relax.
Toxins build up in the muscles when they do not move, causing increased tension, pain, stiffness.

When the muscles in the back, upper body, shoulders, neck, eyes relax: the chest muscles relax, the diaphragm relaxes and this improves breathing.  Abdominal, diaphragm breathing improves the clarity of vision and other body functions.
    The Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement is often combined with the Alexander Technique for returning the body to normal movement, balance, coordination. This includes eye movement.  Many areas of the body, especially the back, spine, shoulders, chest, neck, head are related to areas/functions of the eyes/visual system.  Improving functions of the body improves eye health, function and clarity of vision.
Healthy diet; pure water, avoid caffeine, dehydration, eat potassium; bananas, potatoes, healthy oils; organic fish oil, organic raw apple cider vinegar, honey drink clears out the arteries, capillaries to the muscles, joints improving their health and movement.

Relaxation of the mind, body, neck, eyes, physical therapy, massage, exercise, movement, correct vision habits, Natural Eyesight Improvement improves neck and back vertebrae alignment and clarity of vision. 

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 See before and after videos on YouTube;

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