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                                                                                     Pinhole GlassesPinhole Glasses - Pros and Cons    
The Pinhole Effect; Looking through the holes cuts down on the unfocused light rays in eyes that need vision improvement.  First; I want to state 'I am against the use of pinhole glasses'. I have completed my own experiments, surveys on their effects; they definitely disrupt the function of the eyes, entire visual system. Instant headaches, eye pain, dizziness, multiple images, disorientation are some effects of pinhole glasses. I keep this webpage and Amazon products due to people asking for pinholes. Some have used them with benefit, especially if they are trying to break free of a very strong eyeglass prescription. Other people state they experience side effects and more vision impairment.  The experiment results are posted at the end of this article.  PDF of this article, page Click Here.

Pinhole glasses block many natural eye-visual system functions so they are not a cure all, but they can be A 'temporary tool' to be used only when necessary, example; for a few seconds to read fine print on a medicinePinhole Glasses- Small Holes bottle, a distant sign... to prevent squinting, use of eyeglasses. The goal is to obtain complete freedom from eyeglasses and pinholes. In some ways they are better than eyeglasses, contact lenses, and are definitely better than eye cornea… surgery. They can (in safe situations, NOT when driving, using power tools, crossing the street, jogging, sports…) be used briefly in place of eyeglasses. This helps to stop addiction to stronger and stronger eyeglass prescriptions, prevent advanced vision, eye problems that are caused by strong eyeglasses. Pinholes prevent some of the strain, tension in the eyes, eye muscles, retina, lens, brain that eyeglasses cause. But, they cause some of the same types of strain, tension eyeglasses cause and create other types of strain, tension, vision problems. They block, disrupt many normal, natural eye-vision-visual system functions. So, they are not to be used forever. They are a step toward freedom from eyeglasses. Wearing pinhole glasses enables the eyes, eye muscles, entire visual system to relax a bit more than when wearing eyeglasses. It's better to use the pinhole glasses for a couple seconds than to constantly squint or put on eyeglasses and tense up the eye muscles, eyes, visual system and reverse your vision improvement process.
Eyeglasses contain, maintain an abnormal refraction, specific prescription for myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism... It is constant, locked in. This forces the person to develop and maintain the abnormal refraction, level of unclear vision the eyeglass lens is created for. Strain, tension occurs and it must be maintained to see though the prescription glasses. Strain, tension, blur is increased by the prescription. Relaxation and a normal refraction, fluctuation-‘rhythm’ in the eyes are prevented. These abnormal conditions prevent vision improvement. Natural Eyesight Improvement causes the eyes refraction-clarity of vision to change often as it works its way to complete perfect clarity. Flashes of clarity occur more and more and last longer, become permanent. Eyeglasses prevent this natural fluctuation, flashes of clarity and eyesight improvement.
    Pinhole glasses do not act as eyeglass prescriptions; they do not contain a myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism
... prescription, so; the eye does not have to create an abnormal refraction, tension, strain and reverse its vision improvement to see through the pinholes. In this way pinholes are better than eyeglasses.

Most people can obtain clear eyesight without use of pinholes. I do not advise using them all day on the computer, ect... because of the side effects. Pinholes cannot be used at night, in low light.
Pinholes should not be a replacement for natural vision. People must use their own natural eyes-vision without pinholes, without eyeglasses to gain perfect clear eyesight. All you really need is to stop use of eyeglasses and to learn the Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement.
The more eyeglasses, pinholes are avoided, the faster and easier the vision improves. When the vision improves with use of Natural Eyesight Improvement, then pinhole glasses, eyeglasses are permanently discontinued.  (How to do this, what to avoid; read this page and the website chapters, free e-books.)
        For different types of Pinhole glasses, Amazon customer experiences, like-dislike 1 - 5 star reviews -
Click Here  

The vision and eyes health improve mainly by avoiding all eyeglasses, including pinholes. If eyeglasses are needed; only reduced weaker and weaker 20/40... lenses are used and as little as possible. (Do not wear eyeglasses, contacts when wearing the pinholes.)

If you want to get an idea of how pinholes work; place a piece of paper on a table over a piece of cardboard and push a toothpick though the paper to make a few holes. (See picture on top right of this page.) Put the toothpick away. Look though the holes in the paper. Notice the vision is clearer. (If your eyes need vision improvement.) Objects may seem smaller; that's the effect of light rays and areas of the retina being blocked by the pinholes. See the bottom of this page for construction of the best pinhole device.

Pinhole Glasses reduce a lot of the light rays entering the eyes. This reduces some of the blurry vision produced by unfocused light rays in eyes that need vision improvement. Unfocused light rays scatter on the central and peripheral areas of the retina. The central ray focuses incorrect onto the peripheral field of the retina. The peripheral rays scatter unfocused, incorrect on the peripheral and central area of the retina, including the macula, fovea centralis. Pinholes act as the eyes pupil does in sunlight; in sunlight the pupil becomes smaller. This reduces light rays in the eye. This is why day vision is clearer than night vision when the eyes need vision improvement. Pinholes do this all the time, in all levels of light and in an unnatural way. This is unhealthy, confuses, strains the brain, eye muscles, iris/pupil muscles, impairs their function... The iris/pupil muscle is interconnected with the ciliary body, ciliary-lens muscle. Tear gland and other muscles, nerves can be affected, affect each other when tense, not functioning correct. Modern science has proved Dr. Bates correct; the eye does change shape, lengthen to produce accommodation. The ciliary muscle works with, affects the outer eye muscles and the eyes shape during accommodation, un-accommodation. All eye functions work together, affect each other. Squinting, an Incorrect Vision Habit that causes eye, eye muscle tension and unclear vision is a form of an unnatural pinhole effect. Pinhole glasses act like many contracted pupils. This is abnormal.   

All Pinhole glasses block healthy sunlight. I prefer pinhole glasses that have the regular old fashioned larger holes, allow more light to pass through to the eyes. This is better than the smaller and tiny hole pinhole glasses. Smaller holes produce a clearer image when the eyesight is very unclear; advanced myopia, presbyopia. The smaller holes hide the appearance of some of the problems, unnatural effects that pinhole glasses cause, but they are still occurring. Pinhole glasses with very small holes, appearing like plain sunglasses are most harmful, act as sunglasses and block out more healthy natural sunlight causing an addiction to sunglasses effect, lowed tolerance to light, impaired eye health. The smaller the holes, the more they block the eyes natural function, so choose pinhole glasses with larger size holes. Even pinholes with larger holes cause these problems but a bit less than the small hole version.
All pinhole glasses are unnatural, act like dark, tinted lenses, sunglasses; they block healthy full spectrum sunlight and lower the clarity of vision, health and function of the eyes. The eyes need natural full spectrum sunlight. In the daytime, bright light, it is normal for the eyes pupil to constrict 'become smaller' to control-lessen the amount of light entering the eyes. The pinhole glasses act as sunglasses 'darkness' and make the eyes pupil larger in the light; daylight, indoor light. At the same time the pinholes in the glasses act as many small 'contracted' pupils. 2 opposing unnatural functions are occurring. This causes strain, confusion, is harmful to the visual system, function of the brain with the eyes, pupil-iris, lens, retina, its cones, rods, production of visual purple. Dark glasses, including colored, tinted, UV blocking glasses cause watering eyes, sensitivity to light, impair light tolerance and lower the eyes health and clarity of vision. At night, in low light, it is normal for the eyes pupil to enlarge to allow more light to enter the eyes. The holes in the pinhole glasses oppose this function by acting as small constricted pupils while the pinhole glasses act as sunglasses and further enlarge the eyes pupil. Opposing and unnatural functions are occurring causing strain, tension, confusion in the brain, eyes, eye muscles, retina, iris-pupil, lens... This can also affect convergence, divergence, accommodation, un-accommodation. All functions of the eyes, visual system work together. The eyes' pupil naturally changes size to assist focus of light rays in varying amounts of light, darkness and when looking at close and far distances and when reading up close. Pinhole glasses interfere with this.

that have cataracts, other eye-vision problems might see better through pinholes, but this is temporary and prevents Natural Vision Improvement, a return to normal clear vision, healthy eyes. The eyes, lens, retina need sunlight to remain healthy. The eyes' lens needs full movement, circulation, hydration, complete accommodation, un-accommodation to remain healthy. Convergence, divergence (looking close and far) works with, is affected by accommodation, un-accommodation. Click Here  Accommodation, un-accommodation and convergence, divergence is party blocked by pinhole glasses. This can prevent cataract reversal. Eyeglasses cause cataract and cause many of the same problems that pinhole glasses cause. Pinholes are healthier than eyeglasses but I must emphasize; they do cause similar and other problems that eyeglasses cause. Interfering with the lens' natural movement-adjustment to different distances freezes up the lens and impairs its circulation. It's not just circulation of blood; it's also circulation-movement of fluids... that nourish, hydrate the lens. Lymph, energy... flow in the eye. (This is similar to the harm the dangerous Plus Lens-Anti-Corrective eyeglass method causes. Click Here for PDF)

Pinhole glasses are illegal, 'not safe' for driving, flying, bike riding, work, play, cooking-working with knifes, machinery, walking, crossing the street… Many activities cannot be performed safely when wearing pinholes. Pinhole glasses block out a large part of the peripheral field of vision. Normally, without the pinholes, objects and moving objects are sensed by the peripheral field. Peripheral vision is necessary for safety when driving and most all activities. All pinhole glasses block parts of, restrict, impair function of the entire visual field, central and peripheral vision. Part of the retina and visual field, ‘central and peripheral' are blocked by the dark solid area of the pinhole glasses and the frames around the lenses. This interferes with completely normal eye, retina, brain, brain hemisphere, vision function.

Pinhole glasses do not help the eyes function correct, do not improve function of the eye muscles and brain with the eyes, eye muscles, retina. Pinholes block normal eye, brain, visual system function; prevent the eyes from focusing, moving perfectly, natural; prevents normal, complete eye movement 'shifting', central-fixation, all Correct Natural, Relaxed Vision Habits, perfect, balanced accommodation, convergence, un-accommodation, divergence, synchronized visual and optical axis's in the left and right eyes, binocular vision, fusion, depth, distance perception, 3-D vision, central and peripheral vision.
All of these work together. Disrupting one affects function of all.

The fovea centralis, macula, the eyes retina's 'central field'
(to be exact; the center of the fovea, its pit) must avoid the black areas of the glasses and move to, look through only the pinholes. Each time the eyes move or converge, diverge for different distances; the solid black areas will ‘on and off’ block one or both eyes pupils ‘foveas’. This makes it difficult for the central light ray to focus perfectly on the center of the fovea centralis. Focus of other rays on the inner and outer central and peripheral areas of the retina are also blocked. This blocks complete, free flowing, perfect eye movement, shifting scanning, tracking, searching, saccade shifts.., normal perfect central-fixation, perfect clarity of central vision and maximum peripheral vision.
    Pinhole glasses impair the eyes shifting movement, central-fixation, coordinated visual axis ‘central light ray’ focus from the left and right eyes. This is due to the black areas around the pinholes on and off blocking the eyes central field. Areas of the peripheral are also blocked. Shifting and central-fixation occur together. Pinholes disrupt this main natural eye-vision function. The optic axis is also affected.
 Pinhole glasses disrupt your visual axis
; central-fixation of both eyes’ foveas, (the foveal pit ‘foveola’) working, moving together precisely to focus the central light ray from the point of an object you are looking at perfectly into each eyes fovea pit; the solid areas of the pinholes cause the central field of the left and right eyes to not always focus together on the same point. This blocks binocular vision, fusion. Try this; when wearing the pinholes; move the head, eyes across the visual field until you see a part of an object in the distance clear or semi-clear through a pinhole. If you close one eye at a time when looking through the pinhole glasses you will notice often that one eyes central field, 'fovea' is blocked by the mesh of the black areas of the glasses surrounding the holes. Areas of the macula are also blocked. One eye sees the part of the object less clear or very unclear or the part is completely blocked. This causes diffusion, eccentric-fixation; the opposite of the healthy function of central-fixation ‘centralizing’. Equal, perfect convergence, divergence, accommodation, un-accommodation and shifting movement of the left and right eyes is impaired. Unbalanced vision occurs. Often the black areas block both eyes foveas-macula causing the part of the object to be seen blurry by both eyes. Areas throughout the entire peripheral field are also blocked. Attraction, attention of the mind, eyes to other objects in the visual field is reduced. The person is tempted to move only the head or move only the eyes or move the eyes and head away from the object while using the peripheral area of the retina, peripheral field to see the object with. This is also eccentric-fixation, diffusion and a main cause of advanced myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, cataract, macular degeneration. Even using the side of the fovea, or macula is still considered using the peripheral. The true central field, perfect central-fixation is to use the pit of the fovea; it’s exact center and without pinhole glasses. Using the fovea occurs naturally, automatically without effort.  

    The pinholes prevent the eye muscles (inner; ciliary-lens, iris-pupil. Outer; recti, oblique...) from functioning normally. Because objects seen through pinholes appear smaller, incorrect size and are somewhat clearer; the eyes-brain feel that they do not need to adjust for different distances. Convergence-accommodation, divergence-un-accommodation do not occur fully, naturally. This impairs memory, imagination, depth, distance... perception, function of the brain with the eyes, eye muscles, retina and lens. The result is strain, impaired vision. All eyeglasses including pinholes disrupt normal eye-vision functions, blinking, can cause headaches. Tear gland muscle and tear production messages to-from the cornea, brain, gland are also disrupted.
Pinholes disrupt the function of the eyes, eye muscles, retina, brain ‘entire visual system’. In some ways pinhole glasses are like eyeglasses; you have to ‘adjust to them’ by developing incorrect, unnatural use of the vision, eyes. This leads to unclear vision and blocks use of Natural eyesight Improvement.

Some sellers state their pinhole glasses have the pinholes lined up perfectly with the eyes pupils. This is a false statement because; pinhole glasses are set for one size (one PD; pupil distance; the placement 'centering' of the left and right sections of the glasses in front of the left and right eyes pupils.) So, the glasses are never a perfect fit for each individual person's PD. Everyone has a different measurement ‘space’ between the eyes and size-shape of the nose, head. So; the macula, fovea is often blocked on and off in one or both eyes by the solid areas of the pinhole glasses. Also; if the pinhole glasses barely move, tilt or the eyes move 'shift', converge... ; the position of the holes and solid areas change. Even if the PD were set correct, the pinholes will not always be in front of the eyes pupils. Immobility ‘not shifting correct’, not moving the head with the eyes is a main cause of defective sight. Sellers state that pinholes cause the eyes to shift; yes, but in a very unnatural, straining way that impairs the eyes natural true shifting. Shifting to avoid the solid areas of the pinhole glasses is not normal eye function.
    Avoid teachers that try to convince you that the solid black areas of the pinholes stimulate the retina’s photoreceptors. They do not! They confuse and strain them, acting as a constant flickering on and off of light-darkness effect, like placing sunglasses on, off, on, off. Very harmful to the function of the retina, its photoreceptors ‘cones, rods’ and the iris-pupil, ciliary body-muscle, lens. The function of the iris-pupil, ciliary muscle-lens and entire eye; eyes shape, oblique and recti eye muscles ALL work together and effect eachother.

Because pinhole glasses disrupt the eyes natural movement, convergence, divergence, and eye-lens accommodation, un-accommodation movement, all eye, visual system functions; they are definitely NOT for people with; strabismus (crossed, wandering eyes), any amount of convergence, divergence dysfunction (even if it is very slight), amblyopia, astigmatism, cataract, macular degeneration, even slightly advanced presbyopia and other eye-vision conditions.

like the pinhole glasses with holes also placed in the center of the glasses as shown in the picture on the top right; this helps keep more of the central field visible. (Except where the black areas are. All areas of the visual field, central and peripheral are still partially blocked by the pinhole glasses.) 

          All natural eye-vision functions that are blocked, impaired by eyeglasses, pinhole glasses are restored, improved to perfect by The Bates Method.

                                          Practicing the Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement will free you from all types of eyewear

Now you know the entire truth. Some people might benefit from use of pinholes if used sparingly and temporary. Others experience too many problems, decide to avoid them.
     I prefer students to go completely natural; no pinholes, no eyeglasses. If your vision is in advanced stages of high myopia, farsight, presbyopia; any type of stress, strain can lead to more problems. Stronger and stronger eyeglasses lead to advanced myopia,  farsight, presbyopia, astigmatism, cataracts, detached retina, macula degeneration, glaucoma and other conditions. But pinholes also cause tension, strain. If they are used in place of glasses to avoid advanced problems; could the pinholes also cause advanced problems or will they help the eyes-vision heal in some ways? No eyeglasses, pinholes is the best, healthiest decision. But if you must use some type of glasses; the pinholes, used sparingly will be better than the strong eyeglasses. Read more on the bottom of this page.

 For a variety of styles, customer reviews, Go To Amazon.  I used to link to pinhole glasses on Amazon as a affiliate but due to all the side effects pinhole glasses cause I cannot in good conscience sell these glasses. The links are now non-affiliate.                                                                   

Avoid exercises that come with some pinhole glasses. I am not familiar with all of them. Sellers usually are not natural vision teachers and they often teach things that are wrong, unnatural, harmful or provide ineffective or partial training.  Do not wear pinhole glasses over, under eyeglasses. Do not wear by looking out over the tops of glasses or the pinhole glasses. See this webpage for correct posture when wearing any type glasses;  Do not wear pinholes with contact lenses, sunglasses.

Do not wear pinholes when practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement; switching, memory, imagination… because the pinhole glasses alter, impair these functions. Pinholes disrupt all Bates Method, natural eye-vision functions, shifting, central-fixation, relaxation… They alter the true natural practice. Do your best to keep correct, relaxed vision habits; shifting... when wearing the pinholes, and remove them often so you may practice the Bates Method completely natural, perfect.

Some pinhole glasses on Amazon have smaller holes. As explained in this article, the smaller holes are not healthy, they block more natural eye-vision-brain functions. But; some people prefer the smaller holes which will show clearer images through the pinhole glasses at close and far distances when the eyesight is in advanced stages of blur, myopia; -3 and up negative lenses, presbyopia; +3 and up plus lenses. Some people state the smaller and tiny hole pinholes cause additional annoying effects. People state the spacing of the holes cause different effects. There are various opinions.
    All pinhole glasses, especially the small holes can lower your determination of depth, distance, location, position 'orientation of the body, eyes-vision'. Remember to use pinholes sparingly. Switch to the bigger holes and eventually no pinhole glasses as the eyesight improves with practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement. Amazon sellers, a vision teacher keeps deleting their product and re-posting with a new product name. One reason is they do not like reviews that tell the truth about pinhole glasses. Deleting it and reposting under a different name deletes all the reviews. You may read my 3 pinhole glasses reviews here if products are removed again;  Move to #11+ for the Natural Eyes review.  

     Here are customer reviews for the small holes; Vision Training by Natural Eyes
     and for the larger; 
Fasion Eyesight Vision Improve Pinhole Glasses  
(They deleted the small holes product again, then reposted with many reviews deleted.)
Note; most Amazon reviews are truthful, by real customers. Others are phony; people are paid by the sellers to write 5 star positive reviews. Business competitors pay people to write negative 1 star reviews.

Avoid plastic frames. Plastic contains toxic chemicals. The toxin can travel through the skin into the body, brain, eyes. Avoid metal frames, they disrupt energy flow, 'Chi, EFT'... Try to find pure wood, no coating, wood that does not contain toxins. (some wood is not healthy, even if it's natural), or pure organic, non GMO corn based plastic alternatives. Creating your own frames may be an option.
A short Optician course will provide the skill. If you are a handyman, can create precise measurements, you might be able to copy the exact PD, size of your eyeglass frames.  Avoid tight, awkward frame 'handles'; be sure the part that rests on the head above and near the ears does not pinch, press on the head, ears. Pressure on or near the ears or muscles, nerves in this area can affect the hearing, balance system and eyesight. Hearing and sight work together. No pressure on the nose, temples, face... Same goes for eyeglass frames; wear relaxed, no pressure on the face, head, around the ears, eyes, nose. Avoid shiny, reflective glasses that can produce glare off of the lenses, frames. No frameless eyeglasses because; without frames; the sides, angle of the edge of the eyeglass can act as a magnifier of sunlight and burn the skin, eyes.
Because I do not fully endorse the use of pinholes my conscience won't allow me profit from them.
Money from Amazon Affiliate program for linking to the pinhole glasses on the Amazon website is given to the Blind;  Donation receipts and screen snapshot of all Amazon affiliate link sales is available on request.


                                                                                                 See my Amazon reviews for; Natural Eyes: Pin Hole Glasses, Black Full Frame Kit and others;


In my reviews I am against the Vision Training by Natural Eyes pinhole glasses because the holes are too small. But many people like this because if their vision is very unclear, high amount of myopia, presbyopia, the small holes produce clear vision when wearing the pinholes. As vision improves with practice of the Bates Method-Natural Eyesight Improvement the person changes to larger hole pinholes and obtains the same or better clarity as the small holes. As vision becomes clearer, use of pinhole glasses is discontinued.  The vision continues to improve to 20/20 and better, perfect clarity. (The Vision Training by Natural Eyes and other pinhole products are often taken off Amazon and reposted under a different title. This causes all customer reviews to be removed. Many 1 star reviews stating the glasses caused headache, eye pain, blurry vision were deleted.  The product is selling again and the first reviews state that they cause headaches;
Vision Training by Natural Eyes
     20/20 and stronger clarity eyeglasses block vision improvement. Avoiding eyeglasses is best, most healthy for the eyes and speeds vision improvement. If eyeglasses are needed until the vision level is clear for driving, safety at work, home.., this optical company will allow you to send in your prescription for affordable quality created weaker and weaker reduced eyeglasses by mail;
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                                                                                                            Pinhole Glasses Experiment and Survey Results;

Some Natural Vision Students and many Natural Vision Teachers tell me that pinhole glasses are beneficial. Others are strictly against them. I have completed experiments on myself and surveys of other people that have used pinhole glasses.

Results myself, (I have normal 20/20 and clearer vision without glasses, pinholes) and people in the survey (with unclear vision) experienced;

Weird visual effects; indoor lights, outside streetlights and other objects seen through the pinhole glasses became multiple; triple, 4, 5… times the normal image. Streaks and objects shaking, like an astigmatism effect. After only 10-30 seconds use; dizziness; trouble orienting when walking, moving, the head feels very uncomfortable, then a sudden strong headache in the forehead, and the entire eyeballs inside and out feel very soar, pain.  (Almost like when a person with clear eyesight looks though strong eyeglasses. Or when a person with blurry eyesight looks through glasses that are too strong.) The eyes shape became big, kind of bulging and a uneven shape with a very tense look after wearing the pinholes. When I took the pinholes off; my vision was lowered. Another effect; when you move, turn the head and eyes; objects in the visual field shake and a screen like mesh of thousands of tiny black dots appear, like static on a old TV screen or soot in the air.  This can prevent natural movement of head and eyes; the person tends to lessen head, eye movement to avoid these uncomfortable effects, but then other effects occur when the eyes, head are still; areas of the visual field are blurred, multiplied in other ways. Eye floaters can appear. It can take about 30 min to an hour for the head, eye pain, blur to stop after removing the pinholes.

Night vision is more impaired by the pinholes. Night vision use can result in more multiple images, strange glare, streaks. The eyes pupil becomes larger at night. This has a strange effect as it tries to work with the pinholes.  In daytime the pupil is smaller so it might be blocking out more of the strange effects of the pinholes but not much. And the pinhole glasses act like sunglasses and enlarge the eyes pupil. Both day and night vision is impaired by the pinholes.

These side effects
happen to people with normal sight, and people in the survey with myopia, presbyopia, one with astigmatism.

For my personal experiment; I have clear vision. So; looking through the pinholes may have been like wearing eyeglasses; my eyes cannot accept glasses of any strength, even the slightest prescription will be blurry, cause head, eye pain and blur. Pinholes do this to people that don’t need glasses and people that have unclear vision. This proves that pinholes are much like eyeglasses, are not healthy.

In another experiment using only a white paper (no pinhole glasses) with just a few holes in it;
    Looking through the holes with both eyes; still causes tension, headache... but a little bit less.
    With one eye, one hole; no problem if peek through occasionally only for a couple seconds.
Pinhole Paper; Use One Hole, One EyeUsing one eye, a paper with only one hole seems best; helps to stop the head-eye pain, dizziness… caused by imbalance of the left, right eyes, disrupted central-fixation-visual axis’s that occurs when using the pinhole glasses, trying to coordinate both eyes foveas though the many pinholes, and moving across ‘trying to avoid’ the solid areas.
A paper with one hole is best. To construct it; use a white paper. Tear off the edges so there are no sharp ends, corners. Be careful; do not touch the paper to the eye or a paper cut could occur, injuring the eye, cornea. Seal over the edges if you like with a smooth substance. On the top of the paper, 1 inch down, push the end of a small paperclip through it to make a medium size hole. One inch below that; use a needle and make a tiny hole. Make clean holes so there are not fuzzy edges covering the holes. See picture >
Look through the bigger hole with one eye. If that does not bring clear sight, try the smaller hole. Do not close the other eye. Just cover it with the hand or an eyepatch. (Closing one eye causes tension in the face, eye muscles.) Alternate using the left and right eyes so you don’t overwork one eye.
    Using one eye all the time also causes forms of imbalance in the visual system, left-right eyes. So; using the pinhole effect through a paper, even with this best option of only one hole, one eye is also only for brief, temporary use. Do not use forever. A white non-shiny paper seems to work better than the black shiny plastic pinhole glasses. Maybe the white paper reduces the reflection of lights, glare and lessens the darkness effect caused by dark shiny pinhole glasses.
    Placing a white paper with holes over the black pinhole glasses did not remove the negative effects.

My teacher Thomas Quackenbush (a true Natural Vision Teacher) does not sell or advise pinholes.  He warns against them;  

                                                                                      Avoid Unnatural Vision Teachers That Alter Dr. Bates Method!

The Visual Axis and Central Ray, FoveaUnnatural vision teachers that sell pinholes solely to earn money do not warn about all the side effects. They also state; to use natural vision habits; shifting, central-fixation…when wearing the pinholes. BUT; the pinholes interfere with, impair these natural functions! So what do we do? Answer; try not to wear the pinholes. Go without glasses and pinholes as much as possible, and, without them ‘with no interference’; practice true, complete Natural Vision Improvement.  

Do not believe the misinformation some vision teachers give “stating that pinholes block all refracted bent light rays, all peripheral rays causing only central rays to enter the pinholes and eyes”. That statement is incorrect. The true central ray is NOT refracted, so the pinholes do not need to block central refraction. They do block the peripheral rays refraction, but not all. There is one exact central ray coming into the eye through the center of the pupil and it focuses on the fovea's exact central pit. All other rays are peripheral, even the ones focusing close to the fovea's pit, next to the central ray. The central ray is the ray that moves directly, exactly, point to point upon the part of the object the eyes are looking at. Nice and easy, thinking of, seeing one thing at a time. This is relaxation, perfect central-fixation with shifting 'centralizing' for clear eyesight. (Exact description, precision of the visual axis, fixation axis, optical axis, line of sight, pupillary axis, light rays,  precise refraction, focus by the cornea, anterior chamber, lens, vitreous... can be found in Ophthalmology, Optometry books. This diagram is simplified.) 

The true function of pinhole glasses is; they cut down on some of the unfocused light rays in eyes that need eyesight improvement. They cut down on the peripheral rays in the peripheral field and the peripheral rays that are very close to the exact central field; near, in the macula and in the fovea, near the fovea pit. Peripheral rays are refracted, bent. The central ray that focuses on the exact fovea pit is not refracted. It travels straight into the eye to the center of the fovea. This is the visual axis ray, works with your line of sight, point of fixation. The exact central ray. (See ophthalmology books for precise detailed placements...) That main one central ray is important for very clear vision, perfect central-fixation. Pinholes often block it as described in this article. Correct placement of all rays in the eye, central and peripheral produce perfect vision.
     There are still some peripheral rays coming in through the pinholes onto the peripheral areas of the retina and some are close to the central ray 'as the fovea looks through a pinhole', but they are truly peripheral, not central. Rays coming in from all areas of the glasses where you are not looking directly through are peripheral and will land on the peripheral areas of the retina.
     A peripheral ray can ‘become a central ray' when you turn and look directly at that part of an object the ray is coming from; when you face it directly, then the ray turns into central and focuses on the fovea's pit. If something in your peripheral field attracts the mind-eyes attention; you turn the eyes-head and face-look directly at it, placing it in the central field. The central field is clearest.     

Teachers that tell students to think of many central rays in all areas of the visual field, 'many central rays focusing on the retina, macula, fovea, and fovea's pit' are giving their students incorrect, confusing training that results in diffusion, tension and unclear sight. Diffusion=eccentric fixation, the opposite of central-fixation. Diffusion=trying to see 2 or more points 'parts of  a object' equally, perfectly clear at the same moment. Avoid this. The true natural vision function is; the fovea's pit moves continually as the eyes-mental attention move part to part upon a object and from object to object. 'Shifting and central-fixation; centralizing'. Prove it; look at a part of a object and try to see all its pieces at the same time equally clear without moving the eyes, not moving the fovea's pit from piece to piece. Note a feeling of spacing out-pulling of the eyes, brain in 2, 3, 4... different directions occurs. Tension, strain and pain are felt in the eyes, head, body and the vision lowers.
Now, use the vision correct; look at one piece at a time, and shift the eyes-visual attention 'fovea's pit' from one piece ‘small part’ to another, seeing each in turn clear; the part the fovea is presently moving upon is clearest. This is easy, relaxing and brings clear eyesight.

I have researched 7 ophthalmology, optometry books. Pictures of the eye show the central ray as one straight ray, not refracted and it focuses on the center of the fovea. One picture in a teacher's book shows one central ray but says there are central rays on the fovea. Pictures are often simplified, not showing exact functions. There are many rays focusing on the macula, fovea in the human eye and all could be considered central, but the ray in the center of all these rays is the exact central ray, the one used for detailed fixation by the center of the fovea. The ray that is coming from the tiny part of the object the eye's center of the fovea is looking at. The fovea-eyes continually move upon the object, moving over parts keeping the entire object perfectly clear. Note; the part the fovea is presently moving upon, even if only for a  fraction of a second is always most clear; much clearer than 20/20.
     I find it best, easiest for producing clear vision to consider all rays focusing in the fovea that are not in the exact
center, even the rays very close to the central ray, to be almost central but truly peripheral and refracted, very slightly refracted but still refracted. The one tiny central ray in the center of all these rays is the true central ray and is the ray that provides microscopic central-fixation, very clear detailed vision, seeing tiny parts of a object clear at any distance. Example; Look at two tiny fine or microscopic print periods close together side by side. .. When the vision is clear, functioning normal, the one period the eyes are presently looking directly at 'fixed upon' by the fovea-central ray is seen darkest black and clearest. It’s ray is in the central field, the fovea’s pit.
Experiment; How small is the exact central ray? Prove that there are peripheral rays close to the central ray;
     Look at two tiny dots side by side;
  (you can start with larger dots and spaced further apart, then proceed to tiny fine and then microscopic print dots and placed closer together.) Look at the dot on the left side <. If the vision is clear, functioning normal, then the dot the eyes (center of the fovea) is looking directly at, 'left dot' is darkest black and clearest. It is the object fixated, in the central field. The exact central light ray coming from that dot (to be even more exact; the tiny part of the dot your looking at. Central-fixation can go even smaller!) focuses on the center of the fovea.
    The other dot on the right side > the dot your not looking directly
at, not fixed is in the peripheral field and is seen less clear. Peripheral rays are coming from that dot and focusing near the center of the fovea, close to the central ray but not on the exact same area as the central ray.
Next; look directly at the dot on the right >. Now that dot is in the central field, is seen dark black and clearest. The exact central ray is now coming from that dot and focuses onto the center of the fovea. The < left dot is now in the peripheral field, emitting peripheral rays and is less clear.
    This experiment can be done on close and far objects. See how small you can go; shift part to part on a fine, then micro
scopic period or an o o  o  o    o    seeing one tiny part darkest black and clearest at a time in the true, exact central field. That's the central ray, center of the fovea moving upon that part. How small is the central ray? Doctor Bates says to not place limits on your vision; “The fact is that the nearer the point of maximum vision approaches a mathematical point, which has no area, the better the sight.
(There's a lot of mathematics, geometry... going on outside and inside the eye. An ophthalmologist, optometrist can explain all of this perfectly, the exact focus-position of the eye, rays on the fovea...)
This experiment proves that peripheral rays also enter through the pinhole glasses holes.

See the central-fixation chapter for more examples;

Central-fixation is the true Bates Method; look at one part of a object at a time. (Let the peripheral take care of itself.) Think of one central ray landing on that fovea pit in the back center of the retina producing your exact central field; where the eyes fovea pit is moving upon, on the part of the object of visual-mental attention. This is relaxing, easy and produces clear sight. The eye, fovea moves continually. The fovea pit enables you to see fine tiny details of close and far objects very clear. Use no effort to do this. Don't try to be perfect. The eyes do all of this automatically. Forget about your eyes. Just look at what you want, enjoy the scenery. Relax. Practice, then don't practice; let the eyes-vision do shifting, central-fixation completely natural 'on their own'. When you learn to do this with no glasses, no pinholes; you are free, the vision remains clear. 

(This article is a bit repetitive. I will condense it all in the future. For now its pretty much done, I want to get this information out to the public.  I apologize for some of the large text on this website. Small print is healthy for the eyes. But I have to choose a bit larger size for the students that cannot see the small print. To see in small print; change the Internet browser font or webpage zoom settings. )

                       Many examples, directions for central-fixation, shifting and all natural vision functions, practices are in Dr. Bates book and magazines. Free in original and modern editions on this website.


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