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Play with the Moving Pointer to get the Eyes Shifting, Relaxed. Move with the Figure Eight6 - CENTRAL-FIXATION - Central Vision 'Centralizing'. See Clearest with the Center of the Visual Field. Combine With Shifting. The Central Field MOVES as the Eyes, Mind-Attention Move 'Shift'7 - CENTRAL-FIXATION STICK    Use the Gate to Find the Exact Central Field and Move it. Test for Balanced Eyes, Vision 8 - MEMORY AND IMAGINATION Improve the Mind,  Eyesight, Body, Sprit. PALMING, EFT9 - TEN CORRECT, RELAXED, NATURAL VISION HABITS Practice Normal, Eye-Vision 'Visual System' Functions10 - SWITCHING, SHIFTING CLOSE, MIDDLE AND FAR   For Clear Eyesight at All Distances. Bates Method Combined with Behavioral Optometry, Relaxed Eye Exercises11 - SWITCH CLOSE, MIDDLE, FAR ON THE THREE PENS IN A ROW.  THE BEAD (BROCK) STRING12 - WARNING - Avoid Artificial 3-D Fusion Pictures, Repetitive Eye Exercises; 'Autostereograms,  'Magic Eyes' 13 - EYECHARTS TEST AND IMPROVE CLOSE AND DISTANT EYESIGHT
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Clear. Natural Presbyopia Cure, Prevention. Book
24 - CORRECT, RELAXED NATURAL VISION HABITS CARD For Clear Close and Far Vision. THUMB- FINGER MOVEMENT, 'OPPOSITE SWING'25 - NIGHT VISION     See Clear in Lower light, Moonlight. Cones, Rods in the Retina, Visual Purple 26 - ASTIGMATISM TEST & REMOVAL, CHARTS, SWINGS27 - STRABISMUS Crossed/Wandering Eyes Correction 28 - GOOD POSTURE For Relaxed Body, Shoulders, Neck, Eye Muscles, Balanced Movement and Clear Eyesight29 - PATH OF LIGHT RAYS AND EYE MUSCLES, NERVES IN THE EYES, BRAIN, BODY.  Chiropractic Treatment Vs. Physical Therapy, Massage.
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30 - PHYSICAL THERAPY - For Relaxed Body, Shoulders, Neck, Head and Clear Eyesight. Vertebrae C-1 Top of Neck to C-5 Upper Spine 31 - ACUPRESSURE POINTS, MASSAGE Face-Eyes, Head, Neck, Shoulders, Back, Body, Hands, Feet... for Muscle Relaxation,  Balanced, Moving Chi... Energy and Clear Eyesight. EFT 32 - NUTRITION      For Healthy Eyes, Clear Eyesight. Grow Your Own Bilberries, Blackberries, Spinach, Kale, Corn,  Dandelions, Flowers, Carrots... For Healthy Retina, Lens...33 - For Pilots - Aviators - Better Eyesight Magazine.
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Stay in the Light of Angels, Happy Mind, Clear Eyesight!Ophthalmologist William H. Bates - 1922Ophthalmologist William H. Bates - back of picture
Oct., 16, 2017 - Newest Perfect Sight Without Glasses - Teacher, Student Edition...;    Direct PDF Link  Many new bookmarks, they also contain more training.

Sept 21, 2017 - From the video;  I converted the pictures to a pdf; Perfect Sight Without Glasses, Better Eyesight Magazine, C Card
Sorry, my scanner is goofed up and can only scan to 300 DPI

              C Chart back - Fundamentals
   C Chart - Front
July 11, 2017 - Found a antique edition of Emily C. Lierman's Stories From The Clinic. Included part of the dust cover. Back seems to be missing. Cover can be cloned in Photoshop to fix missing sides...  Collectors; If you want a 600 DPI most clear copy of the pictures, you can email me at  Gmail allows sending of large files.  Snellen card pamphlet is same as the other I posted in past except that the bottom has Park Ave written on it. Might be by Emily or her student. Note from Emily inside page.
    I am posting these for Bates History collectors, teachers.  More posted in 2017-18.

   Cover      Dust Jacket Cover
Dust Jacket inner flaps

        Note from Emily to friend     Phamplet - Snellen...   

April 20, 2017 -  The blind man
was in the hospital recently. He had a incurable health problem. I been calling him in the nursing home where he said he was waiting to die. Said the doctors make it easy, no pain. He was at peace, brave, looking forward to seeing his wife (who passed before him last year) in heaven. He married her after he went blind 2nd time. He never saw her face.  

 He is a Mormon from Utah. High up in the church. He taught me many things. He’s the man that likes Dr. B’s water cures; This helped cure my broken neck, spine.

Last 3 days Loren’s phone number has closed. I think this may mean he has left our world, is with the angels now.
   In the past Loren cured his eyesight; from almost blind to being able to see with, and then without glasses. He later had to go to the eye doctor to try to get a tube and tumor (caused by the tube) taken out of his eye. The tumor grew so big it could be seen in his face/eye area. These things had caused his retina and lens to be injured. He went blind. The new eye surgeon said 'the tube should have never been placed in the eye'. Eye doctors scared Loren into using glasses when the tube, tumor was in the eye causing problems. The glasses made things worst. One main symptom of the coming blindness was; colored flashing lights, a dark shade in the visual field. Loren asked for help. The corrupt eye doctor just kept prescribing stronger glasses. The glasses and tumor, tube lead to blindness due to blood vessels breaking the retina,  and black cataract in both eyes.
    I will miss Loren, but; he has taught me there is a heaven. We will talk again! See you around.

April 20, 2017 - Finally back to work on this Natural Eyesight Improvement stuff!
I had to move to a new home due to some kind of poison fumes in the air at old home. Skin bleeding with severe hives, weak, sick, lungs, kidneys, sinus... infected. IN hospital emergency 2x. Mold, or chemicals new owners (TCB) of building are using in walls, drug dealers from below Mexico and others running meth, crack cocaine labs in apartments, constant addicts smoking pot, crack... See article on the GuestPage;

I am available to teach on the phone now. Hours are still limited as this moving and the toxin has affected my health but am getting better in the new place with clean air.
I want to mention that a man from a ‘certain forum’ hacked my computer via email when I told him I was very sick back in July, 2016. Getting to the point where I am rarely surprised by the evil, abuse, jealousy of some other vision teachers, authors. The lazy ones, who don’t want to do the job right, will sell partial inferior (often harmful) training, and charge a high price. Even when I was very sick they attacked.
    Well; as I realized years ago; The Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement works! It’s a wonderful practice and improves not only the eyesight but also the quality of life, the body, mind and sprit. As with any profession/business; there will be competition, people who use sneaky, use unfair, cruel business tactics to tear you down and try to hide the true Bates Method from the public.
     Don’t give up! To all those students, now teachers; pass the torch! Teach it 100% correct. Teach the entire method.
The next generation will preserve the training for their children.

Dec., 31, 2015 - Voting for Donald Trump. Saw him in Worcester Massachusetts Trump rally. He speaks up about many things that other politicians hide because they are owned by special interest businesses;

                                                                 July 10, 2016 - All new notices will be UNDER Donald Trump's video ^. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! UNITE!! VOTE!  UPDATE; HE WON!!!!!!

Aug., 14, 2016;
Still working on Perfect Sight Without Glasses. A old strabismus formula is being added and we are slow due to a website malfunction; Google changed the codes for videos and other stuff so some were not showing on the webpages. I fixed many and my boyfriend Mark has helped greatly uploading the webpages from San Francisco, California. A few more will be created in Oct and double checked to be sure all is on here ok by compare to old pages. Mark is doing all this check and upload work for us. Thank you!

I recently noticed the website videos embedded from YouTube were auto playing other peoples videos after our video plays. God!, I have to be totally on guard to keep the bad guys from latching onto our school, books. Intuition lately kept telling me to check the site. Been so busy. Hopefully one week to Perfect Sight Without Glasses paperbacks final edition! Well; then add 3 more pages later in 2017.
Some is done in the Kindle; See link below.  Added a lot more for the blind. Also in process doing auto phone help for blind. I am still available on Google Hangouts to help you with cloths, reading food container labels....  I reset the videos with a YouTube special code to prevent other peoples' videos from auto playing.  I do not endorse anyone, except for the book authors, vision teachers I have endorsed in writing on this website,

the Bates History page;  and my YouTube account;   Also see my Amazon reviews. Scroll through them for many excellent
Natural vision books and the unnatural books, teachers to avoid; 

Mar. 10, 2016; New Perfect Sight Without Glasses is done! 4 years of work, studying new and old effective methods. Still adding a few more things to the paperback. The new kindle TextBook Edition is online now;   Kindle is the newest but not yet published paperback. Kindle will also have the new extra things I am adding to the paperback to be published in about 2 months.
Finally after years we have new Kindle software and its great! Entire 480
page paperback with lot of pictures fits into this new Kindle tool!! Other features being added. All our books are new/final editions and will be published in 2016. They will be created with the new Kindle and paperback format.  Also free on the website after publish on Amazon.
UPDATE; Taking some time off from giving the free training on Skype, Google Hangouts, email so can finish these new books, audios and movies.

Only past and present students may use this.
Phone lessons are open for everyone. Free as always.

Reason; there are too many viruses on social networks. It takes me 2 days to clean my 5 online computers after many Skype, Hangouts video, audio training. There are also hackers that ask for endless lessons daily while secretly recording the lessons and reselling them without my permission. And; those 2 old hackers in Milan, Italy/Kiev, Ukraine, including their old hacker name Delbert at Yahoo, Kazekage... that are high priced competing teachers, authors that want to stop me and other TRUE vision teachers from teaching for free are still active.

I have many students that want to improve their vision and some hearing impaired. I need to give my time to nice people like this, who are honest and truly need the training.

Having to clean computers often between each student lesson given to someone that turns out to be a phony is wasting time that can be spent on honest students. I
never get a virus from the honest people.

So; for new students, a few (free) phone call lessons
first is mandatory so I am sure who you are before you are allowed on Google Handouts with video, audio, chat. You MUST have a return phone number. No hiding your identity.
Skype is only for past students. No exceptions.

This will also free my time for family.

Everything needed to obtain clear eyesight is in our free training on the website, in the free e-books and on YouTube.

Thank you,


For Jan., 2016 -
Perfect Sight Without Glasses and all of our books will be published in new final editions. Years of work, research! Studied many more Natural Vision practices and added to the books.  Format, text size, everything improved to the MAX!!! Entire paperback in Kindle. Kindle will be done with new format and other surprises.  Will keep it secret for now. The guys from a certain country wiped out our business for a while. But they teach wrong, ineffective methods, some harmful. The public on Amazon, eBay, Barnes and Noble... realized this and came back to us.  This also means I can start sending more money to the blind schools and people who contact us for free reduced eyeglasses to assist them as they improve their vision, eventually achieve freedom form addiction to glasses.
Maybe in 2016 I can fix the websites HRML so all pages, pictures... look nice. I just have to learn this and buy a better website creation software or learn this one better.
Sorry for the delay, but books (paperback, Kindle and the free PDFs on this website and GoogleBooks are more important; that's what the public takes home with them and passes along to their families.

Oct. 2, 2015 - Found some Bates Teacher cards and other photos, items by Emily A. Bates and Dr. Bates. Was in New Jersey/New York few days, did some searching. Also found things in a old book. Will post here soon.

 June 19, 2015 - New picture of Dr. Bates is done! To see-download the large size; Click Here for the GuestPage;
Click the picture first, then click it to see normal size, then right click to download.

The kindness, advanced spirituality, a experienced soul shines in-out his eyes. Notice that people have 2 different expressions in the left and right eyes. Sprit and other energy travels differently in-out each eye. The brain hemispheres also effect this. Both eyes show the true sprit but also each eye has certain aspects of the sprit, personality...
I see great kindness in Dr. Bates eyes, a higher sprit, (like the saints have). Both eyes show the pure love of humanity, his patients, family, friends. Both eyes and more in one eye shows the underlying sadness; the constant threats, harassment he endured caused by corrupt eye doctors trying to stop him from curing people’s eyesight naturally. Corrupt doctor’s that prefer to hide natural cures and to sell addictive eye eyeglasses that harm the vision and eyes health, eye surgery, drugs for the eyes.
Dr. Bates eyes also show his strong religious side; he knows that heaven is with him, his patients.
I have read in spiritual books that certain energy-power goes out one eye into the world... and into the other eye from the world. A way to protect yourself from people who might try to harm, influence you is; to look only into their eye that does not emit that energy out from them into you. Might be the left to look at. I think its the right that sends energy out to others. Will have to check the old books to be sure.
Both of Dr. Bates eyes, and one more so, show his absolute strength, the fact that he will never become corrupt like those other doctors, he will fight to the end with class and a pure kind soul to persevere the Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement, the public’s right to learn it, apply it themselves in their own homes, and for honest doctors to teach it; a human right!
Both eyes and more in one eye strongly emit the heaven, love that is inside.
The brain, its hemisphere functions, emotions and the sprit show in the eyes; different parts, functions. Each individual eye is dominant for some actions, while also working together.
Even under those adverse conditions he loved his work and stated that his work is his vacation. He has relaxation in his eyes and energy! His sight is clear.
Also note it appears he has more than one light in the room. Healthy sunlight shining in, special high quality lamps?

      This picture has been published in our new books.

Update; Oct. 2, 2015 - To protect Natural Vision teachers I  have been posting all ips from Kiev, Ukraine and Milan, Italy and others... that try to hack vision teachers' computers, bookstores directly or through Skype, chats on websites, Forums...;

193 dot 138 dot 245 dot 30 and others in range.   91 dot 206 dot 200 dot 249.   If you search on the Internet, they come up as a hacker ip, are blacklisted. DO NOT type it in your browser; will result in immediate hack, virus. Type it into one of the trusted ip location, tracing services or bring it to a computer-internet detective. Block the ips.  Two are major services-stations that cater to hackers from Ukraine and Russia... 

We have collected an entire document full of ips. All are available to teachers that suspect they have been hacked, want to trace them and bring the crooks to court. You must prove your identity on Skype if you want them. I won't post here because the hackers will know what we are blocking.

Use the best security that enables blocking of ips including their VPN's, proxies (from Kiev, Ukraine and near that location,
Amsterdam, Netherlands, London UK.). They also use people (often kids in teens, 20's) to help them hack.  Most always is from that UK triangle; Milan... Italy, Kiev... Ukraine, Poland and nearby countries with vpn and other hackers, spam spyware services.  The man in Milan, Italy rarely shows his true location when he is hacking; he uses a VPN, Proxy to hide ip, often hires someone to hack for him from a different country. But he did directly hack me a few times from his websites and in email using his ip; then lies and says he is not the one that hacked me. Don't open his emails, don't click links, pictures.
    Since blocking their ips and posting them online; the hacks have been much less. I was recently told; they are working on new ways to get past security, tracing teachers online traffic.
Use a safe computer, internet service.


Feel the neck muscles move when the eyes move.     Picture on right; Relaxing the neck with movement, Epsom salt water, other forms of relaxation improves eye muscle relaxation and the eyesight >

July 24, 2015; (Posting this here. Don't want this negative news to be on top. Keeping Dr. Bates pictures on top of the page.)

The hackers from Kiev, Ukraine-Russia and Italy tried to hack us again. They did it through Skype by using another young man to impersonate someone needing help with vision improvement. 3 times a hack came through when training this guy. Acted very strange; making believe he did not know how to study... Caught him in a few lies. This is much like the young hacker they used from Poland (Yankees) in 2014. My detective saved the ips, other evidence and traced it.

I used a second Skype account to do this. Our main account is never used for new people we do not yet know, trust. The hackers finally lost! Nothing but that one phony guy in that #2 Skype account. Old cruddy computer with noting in it. All evidence is saved. Will be given out to any Natural Vision teachers that also have this encounter with these corrupt high priced teachers who try to steal manuscripts, other items from teacher's schools, shut down their free training, websites. My lawyer also preserves the information.

I got hacked through Skype 4 times in the past by trusting people on a forum (name revealed if asked on phone 'IB') that kept asking me for free Natural Eyesight Improvement help on Skype. I reported the hackers to the forum owner. No reply. (names of 2 hackers are; Yankees and Gekonus) Forum owner banned me for a month in the past for speaking up about this problem and about a high priced (over $150.00 hour) lady teacher on his forum (Nancy) abusing free teachers, pushing them off the forum, hijacking their posts when they try to teach for free. She does not teach completely natural, healthy.  See older posts below; please be aware that the forum owner might be altering my posts as retaliation because I speak up about hackers, the forum owner, members selling ads for lasik, drugs, surgery, unnatural vision methods and using Dr. Bates name to do this. I have over 1000 posts on that forum, teaching the Bates Method for free since around 2008. I was pushed off because they want to sell high priced training. Since members have spoken up about the lasik... ads; they have been removed and brought back a few times. When things cool down; the ads return. I have lost all confidence in the forum, owner.  No more forums! I now stay on our own GuestPage, this website, YouTube, Facebook only.  Facebook #2

This Skype 3X hacker attack; for 2+ months I was giving him many free lessons, trying get me online every day. I suspected he was posing as someone that needs help with his vision because Ukraine and other ips kept trying to enter the computer. I don't have that problem with the honest students. Turns out to be true, he was secretly working for Oleg Krupnov from Keiv, Ukraine and John Giovanni Gatti (Rishi) from Milan.., Italy.  They were going through his computer with his permission. 3rd hack happened right after my mother died and I told him I need time off. Couple weeks later, I gave more lessons after he kept asking. They hacked! No heart, stone cold greedy people.

I have tried to be nice to these people in the past, forgave them for hacking me, the harassment on the Internet forums. I took the complaints-evidence for each thing they did to me and other teachers off this website New Stuff page. NO MORE!! These people cannot be trusted. Teachers, students on the Bates Method communities know who I am talking about, know their record, including police records. Google Oleg Krupnov hacker and many webpages pop up, he is on there teaching, learning how to hack and bypass Norton, other security software.  They also hacked me 3x through that forum's chat. After I reported it, finally months later the chat was shut down after others were hacked.

Giovanni hacked me through e-mail back in Nov-Dec by getting me to click a picture of a girl using the eyechart and asking me to write for him, I sent him a pdf. It was a trick; these guys always use emotion to lure you into their hack. They often hire boys in their teens, 20's from the UK, other countries and in the gaming community to help them hack by posing as vision students on Skype, in email, chat. (beware names of kazekage, Asthersky, Ms. Brainy... all gamer names)

2 other times in years past hacked me straight from their perfect sight without glasses yahoo group via his Kazekage, Kyazekage email. We all know who this is!! Roy Fokker, folker is another of many names Oleg K. uses. These guys are also on the old Sci-med Optometry... forums.

The Skype and other type hacks on forum chats, email, ips has been going on for years from these people. They attack Natural Eyesight Improvement teachers that teach for free, provide free or low cost books, Bates magazines... There are not many honest priced teachers, so myself and a few other teachers are their main target.

These hackers sell Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines and books for about $600.00. They want to stop all other teachers, websites from providing the magazines for a low, honest price in paperback and for free in PDF. 'Certain websites', 2 in the USA, one in Russia-Ukraine have the magazines but they are incomplete and misspelled; I suspect they secretly own the websites and don't want the public to have full access to Dr. Bates entire magazine collection without paying a lot of money. 2 of those hacker websites eyesvision... in the USA and eyesvisions. russia are selling drugs, pornography, incest (one of the most evil forms of pornography-abuse) while using Dr. Bates name, book, magazines to advertise their website products. So sad, disrespectful. They copied the site from central fixation.  com.

These guys also teach the Bates Method in person, but charge a lot of money. They don't want any other people teaching for less money; so they try to shut us down by hacking.

Since the last 2 attacks in Nov and Dec 2014; (they destroyed 2 computers!) I have traced the hackers that got into my C panel and also 3 times trying hack on Skype in June, 2015. Also a VPN-proxy... through Amsterdam, Netherlands, London UK, other places. One of the main ip's the hacker guys from Kiev, Ukraine and Italy use is; 193 dot 138 dot 245 dot 30 and others in that range.  If you search on the Internet it comes up as a hacker ip, websites and is blacklisted for internet crime. Near Keiv, Ukraine.
DO NOT type the ip in your browser! It immediately hacks your computer. You can use a 'who is' ip finder service or hacker alert website ip blacklist page to see the identity, location of a hacker.
Here is one; Go through a trusted security software-website to check for blacklist, their internet crimes...

I am using a different Skype account for people I do not know. It worked! We catch them!!  First student contact also has to be by phone before Skype or email. This helps weed out the hackers.

My main Skype account with our true NICE students is secure and only used for our trusted long time students. In the past the bad guys almost got it but we were lucky and got free.
This is why our forum is locked; only people I know are true students, who want to learn the Bates Method are on here.

The hacker from Kiev, Ukraine (Oleg with Giovanni; he hacks for him) kept trying to join the Guestpage, hack it and was sending me links from Keiv, Ukraine to dirty pictures each time he signed up under a new phony name. This rude conduct is one of his trademarks. He likes to belittle, frighten people, uses pornography, bad speech as a weapon. This is why I shut off automatic membership sign up months ago.
        I have told these guys for years; if you do not want me to post the truth about your actions on this page; STOP HACKING ME AND OTHER HONEST, FREE TEACHERS, AUTHORS!

We got the new SiteLock protection along with the old one that's hidden and a couple other things.

Thanks to the security people for helping with this. And lawyers for saving information collected for a few years. I gave some to other teachers. Other things we have collected I cannot give out due to it being saved for evidence.

Clark Night

Back of PictureDr. Bates. Eye Specialist
May 13, 2015; Bought a picture of Dr. Bates on E-bay. Will Photoshop it and upload here soon. For now; here's the original from seller;
Update; Picture arrived in mail. Looks a little different after I removed the black crayon like markings someone drew to touch up his eyes, mouth. Then I scanned and Photoshop. Will upload after refine it; I don't want to alter his true face. So have to take my time with this.

May 5, 2015 - Mom is in heaven. She went into a deep sleep on the 3rd and passed to the other world at 1:38 pm May 4th. Had 3 dreams of her in past 6... weeks. 2 were of her having trouble moving, crying. Could not walk up the stairs. I called the house and discovered both times she was in the hospital. Blood clots, cancer. I suspect the drug Fosomax and others.
    I wish doctors would stop earning money by forcing their senior citizen lady and male patients to take drugs they do not need. I mentioned to Mom about 5 years ago that Fosomax was the cause of her intense knee pain and the tv news is reporting it has many other detrimental side effects.
    I am grateful for the drugs they gave her to make her sleep, relax and pass to heaven without pain, without fear.  But, she would still be alive if the doctors, drug company had not used her this way.
        I also thank the Wilder family for helping her through this process.  
I love you Mom. Will see you someday. Say hi to Gram Lena, Grampy James and everyone else.
(Death near time after Scorpio full moon, if you are into astrology). Read Her bio, funeral here.

May 1, 2015 - Mother in hospital 3rd time in 6 weeks. Not sure how things will go. Hoping for a cure, reversal to health. (The Drug companies did this to her. She was fine before that.)
    I won't be teaching on Skype, e-mail for a while. Have already taught the students that really need it. The rest CAN improve if they avoid glasses and read the books, keep up the practice. See you all as soon as possible.
April 7th, 2015;
Click Here for the Strengthening The Eyes Antique booklet #1 Introductory with Dr. Bates picture, name. This is the new one I bought from the bookstore. It's in very good condition. Will scan it all later this year in color. So busy!!

March 23, 2015; New Perfect Sight Without Glasses (final edition) being published soon.  People requesting hardcover. Working on it.  Then other goodies.  Will also work on Stories as promised.

Bought the ORIGINAL Strengthening The Eyes 1918 edition with Dr. Bates' picture, credit to him in it. Must be the first edition! Will video it, then combine editions into one book. All will be free on the E-books page and Google. This is the one I found on Google; Got it from antique seller for for $90.00.


Found another source of original Better Eyesight Magazine in Michigan. Going check it out this summer. Recent one east coast was going to buy for $639.00 turned out to be missing issues (possibly) and the pdf was blurred. Other preservation might be clear. Will check it. If its not, will try Michigan.

March 5, 2015 -
In the past year, especially 2 months, people who state they have improved their vision and talked with me for training a couple times ask me to endorse them as a Natural Vision Teacher on Linkedin, YouTube and other social networks.  I do not want to hurt anyone's feelings but, this is the rule; I do not endorse you as teacher unless I have had IN PERSON contact-give you in person training and test your training skills and have known you for a long time to be sure your method will be honest, the true Bates Method. My uncle is lawyer and part owner of my-our business for over a year. I do the books, videos, free training and he does the business side. He places protective rules, restrictions on our contacts. I agree with him.
    You do not need to be certified as a teacher by others to teach if you have improved your own vision to 20/20 naturally. But; certification by the best teacher is preferred. DO NOT trust everyone you meet on the internet. No offense. 97% of my students (those who now see clear) teach others for free and without asking anyone for endorsement. They help friends, family...
     I do not like the people that contact me asking to be certified or endorsed with only a short 1-2 contact on Skype, phone... and with their main objective, conversation being manipulated to make money selling it. I realize their heart is not motivated to help people. When I hear that $ issue keep popping up, and the person blocks my tests, training conversations; I must block you from further communication. These people have also asked me many times to alter my disclaimer-copyright by placing their name in it as right for them to use my PDF e-books and other books, products to use in their school, business to
attract customers, sell them training. I do not allow this. WRITE YOUR OWN BOOKS!!! My books are free in pdf on this website for the public. NOT for people who want to use them to make money. These people give NO money to the blind schools. They just want to take over the business solely to make money. I do not allow recordings of the Skype training to be used to sell as a video. This is for your own personal use. Please be advised that my books and other products, Skype are copyrighted. I retained a lawyer a few years ago to stop people from stealing my books on Amazon and reselling and stopped a chiropractor in California, LA area to stop stealing the books, content to use, sell in his business.  I WILL contact the lawyer if anyone does this or other things that are clearly stated in my copyright to NOT DO. Once again; I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Please understand; DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Study, practice, perfection. Then give it FREE to others. Charge some money as needed for your time, internet service bill... but be kind and true to the people that come to you in need of help. Create and sell your own work. Don't mean to sound so negative here but; Time spent training people that do not want to learn-use The Bates Method, are contacting me only so they can sell the training are taking valuable time away from people who really need help improving their vision. I have dealt with protecting myself against the crooks for a few years now so can quickly detect a phony. Deceptive people will be banned from contact.  People who truly want to improve their vision are always welcome to contact me.

     For teacher certification, see my favorite teacher;  His price is honest. Compare it to all the egocentric greedy crooks out there. He's moving to the USA in 2015!!! Might see ya all there as I am in process of save $ to move back to California in 2015-2016.

Feb., 17, 2015 - Found a rare book. Is Bernarr MacFadden and Dr. William H. Bates 1918 book Strengthening The Eyes. Rare copy; has Dr. Bates picture in it! Strengthening The Eyes - 1918
To get Dr. Bates picture off the PDF to save in computer; Set the select 'arrow' tool to high pixels. Then select it; open as from clipboard in Photoshop. Save as jpeg, whatever you like.

  Feb., 13, 2015 - A KINGSIZE Thank-you! to Esther from  She sold me an Original 1926 Antique Stories From The Clinic by Emily C. Lierman, Dr. Bates Clinic Assistant, wife.  Other teachers have hid this away, refusing to give the public a free copy. I asked Esther if she will sell to me, considering I will scan it and post online. She says no problem! So; this will be scanned ASAP and place in PDF on the e-books page. The old one I was creating was form a inferior copy. It will be deleted. Here’s a couple pictures from the new Stories Esther sent me. Very clear picture of Dr. Bates and Emily’s face and eyes; for the first time I have noticed that their eyes are similar; like a light of kindness straight from heaven shines in and out of their eyes. I heard that married people begin to look alike after many years together. They both have that same heavenly look in their eyes. I will keep Dr. Bates book Perfect Sight Without Glasses with a original Better Eyesight Magazine in it and Emily’s book touching together on my desk, along with Morris Frank and Buddy's book First Lady Of The Seeing Eye (the dog, man that helped created The First Guide Dog School in the USA.). (Note; pictures are clear in computer after you download. Still tweaking the scanner pixels or need buy new. Thank you again Esther.


                         Emily C. Lierman       Dr. Bates


Feb., 1, 2015; People in the eyesight group asked me to place the Better Eyesight Magazines on Google all in one PDF, so they don't have to search in 2 different volumes. Finally got it uploaded;,+a+monthly+magazine&hl=en&sa=X&ei=-FjOVKD9EYqdNtK3hMAO&ved=0CEIQ6AEwBA#v=onepage&q&f=false

Picture of Margaret Corbett from E-bay; Margaret Corbett, famous Bates teacher. Trained directly by Dr. William H. Bates and Emily A. Bates. In the 1940's eye doctors, opticians tried to stop her from curing people's eyesight naturally. Other teachers were attacked. Later, laws were passed to block knowledge, teaching of The Bates Method. Eventually the laws were lifted as teachers proved the method is safe, effective, not medical treatment. Picture, event date; 1941. Press photo. Stamp on back - NEA;ACME;

  Margaret Corbett in Trial, LA, CA. Defending the Bates Method

Jan., 20, 2015 - This website shows best in compatibility view in Explorer. When I first created the site I used a auto page design from a outdated host. And; Microsoft, explorer did not update the font, HTML… as other browsers did over the years. I used Explorer to test all the pages as they were created. These conditions resulted in page text, pictures being diff sizes, out of order. I'm working on learning HTML and frames... so this website has perfect format in all browsers without needing compatibility view.
     New thing; I notice that the webpages look different, text, pics out of order when using a larger 24 inch monitor. (Bought this so can make better videos in 2015). For now; way to fix this is; resize the window. NOT the zoom in explorer. Resize the window to fit your computer. See picture below, left <. 
Text… size, zoom can also be used to get to the perfect fit.
Notice; GoogleBooks embedded book viewers on our webpages and on Google for all books has been showing blurred images. Their pdf’s download clear but Microsoft updates or Google setting is causing this. Google tells me they are working on a fix and it will be corrected soon. (Update; It's fixed Jan 30, 2015. Thanks Google!!)  Example;

My desktop with internet window smaller, 24 inch monitor  < Resize the window to fit your computer.

Jan 6, 2015; New Natural Eyesight Improvement PDF E-Book-Click Here.  New things, 'Secret Switching' has been added. (More In 2015, #3 switching method.)
     I DO NOT endorse teachers that sell the plus lens method (very harmful) and teachers that sell ads for laser cornea eye cornea surgery... (another harmful method.) These teachers are not allowed to have links to their forums, websites in our books.

Nov. 25, 2014; New Paperback Perfect Sight Without Glasses online soon. Then the rest will be done.

Certain 'names' have been removed from this website due to someone being very nice, helpful. You know who you are. Lets keep the peace and no more 'spying'. (You know I am one of the true Bates members. Go after the bad guys; the ones selling the plus and lasik!)
    Update; March 2015; In Nov., Dec., 2014 these people hacked me, AGAIN. I trusted the leader and clicked a file, lot email communication. Big hack; destroyed 2 computers. Had to spend alot of money to buy new computers and best security and pay the security guy. The bad guys are still out there. Their names are in the GuestPage PDF. I won't place here but names are available if anyone wants. They are well known in the Bates community for attacking Natural Vision teachers. You all know who they are. Avoid people in the Bates community from Kiev, Ukraine (he may have moved to new area) and Milan Italy. These guys are vision teachers, authors! One is a programmer but secretly a hacker working with the other guy. About 5 total. They pay 2... young men in Poland to help them hack.
They use  a VPN, Proxy to hide ip, location.

Nov. 24, 2014 - Seems like the guys that were recording us took the hint and moved on. So I am here if training is needed. Dean too.
All our books are here FREE in PDF for the public; The crooks are reproducing the same books and selling on Amazon in paperback, e-bay in paperback and pdf on dvd. These crooks give nothing to the blind schools.

Nov. 18, 2014 - People have been contacting me 'making believe' they have a vision problem but in reality they have clear vision, healthy eyes. They have been talking to me most every day on Skype, GoogleHangouts for free eyesight training by the hour while they are secretly recording the free lessons then placing them on dvd or video download to sell. 4 people are doing this. Please read my copyright; this is not allowed. They also have me spending time teaching them how to reproduce Dr. Bates books, my book manuscripts, scans so they can sell them. I DO encourage the preservation, production of Dr. Bates books. This will protect his work for future generations. BUT; please do not use my pictures, my text, added sentences, paragraphs, articles. I gave permission to only a very few people in US, Italy, UK to use parts of my work or things written specially for them. Its given in writing in email or paper.  For others I ask you to please do your own work. My books, videos and Skype, GoogleHangouts videos, recordings, and lessons are copyrighted. My uncle Dean is working with me. He's nice, has the Bates Method experience and can help you. But don't try to take advantage of him; its a tough guy, a old 87 yr. vet and won't communicate with users. If you TRULY need help, we are both here for you.  (We thank the nice lady, senior citizen from California who gave money to
The Seeing Eye Guide Dog School. That was so sweet. People like this who do their homework, call when truly need support, honest, are welcome.  Guiding Eyes for the Blind has also received money due to the many book sales on Amazon. Thanks to all!

Nov., 11, 2014;
No more working like a plow horse for lazy forum owners, teaching on their forums while they sit back and sell ads for lasik, drugs... Can never be sure who is honest in this world. As stated in the past and in my new copyright; some forum owners might retaliate by altering my posts, writing untruths. I DO NOT endorse this. Some members, mainly a teacher on there has altered her posts after she attacked me, got me to defend myself. So now it looks like I am responding in a strange way to her posts; please note her posts are changed after initial post. Members should not be able to alter posts without other members being alerted of new changes. I just can't teach on these forums anymore, its impossible.  

What's up with the Military lasering (cornea lasik surgery) up peoples eyes to quickly throw them into combat, other occupations? Then when their vision is destroyed, they dump them and replace with new. Listen to the FDA. Not people who want to rush you. Use the Bates Method. ,


Nov., 4, 2014; New PDFs for all 20 e-books will be done and uploaded hopefully by end of this or next month. Nope; prob all done by 2015. Some now. Just a few new things added. Testing embedding of videos. It works! Will place a new mini video in every chapter in the final editions. Got 40 ready! Only works with Internet connection but working on a way that has the videos play without internet. The first upload is not the final editions. They will be done, uploaded in 2015. These present uploads are to get some 'certain' Forums and teachers  removed. Then onto other projects, new type of eyechart, lights, movies, devices... Keeping it secret til all are finished, patented. 

Stories is still on hold. Found  2 clearer copies than I have but still shopping. If anyone wants the old junky one I cleaned up, let me know.  Please note that I have not uploaded it yet due to clarity and some practices need clarification so people do it right; such as in Suggestions and Fundamentals; Emily says to not move the head, eyes during the swing... Clarify; what she is saying is;
yes; to do move the head, eyes, BUT; with the body. She is saying to NOT move the head, eyes in the opposite direction.
There are other clarifications. See my PSWG book; the end. In Dr. Bates, Emily's time people knew what they were talking about. Modern day; people are not familiar with the entire Bates method some practices need extra description. If you circulate her book; be sure to add this. 

Nov., 2, 2014;
Temporary; For about 3 months I won’t be having live classes or teaching much online. (I will continue to be available for people with advanced eye-vision conditions, blindness, cataract... and present, past students.) I will also answer questions from everyone, but I am just limiting long hours of training to those most in need for a while so I may complete the new books and movies. This past week I had 31 students that want private lessons, mainly typing in email, I can’t get them to use Google Hangouts or Skype, or group. The lessons turn into about 1-2 hours day. This has become impossible to do. Last week I slept 3 hr. night as many students were calling in from different time zones. Because I teach for free, the amount keeps increasing so I have to set a few rules; Basically; just read the books, watch the videos, and DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Make a list of questions, your state of vision and prescription so you are ready. Please opt for video, or phone. I do not type train anymore. I really love talking to all of you and I learn so much about many things from the diverse nationalities, ages, lifestyles. Will be back for longer training when books... done.   Most people only need the basic training on this website. Everything is included to obtain clear eyesight. Remember; removing glasses is the fastest, healthiest way to go. Then just relax and shift. If you must reduce your prescription in stages as the eyesight improves so you can drive, work safely, see here;   Call if there are any questions.

Here it is. Click Here. See inside page 1 for directions if you want the 1GB clear copy. The BW pages still need work.  

Oct., 5, 2014; Perfect Sight Without Glasses 1940 Edition PDF is done. Will post the link here soon. I goofed a bit with scanning but all will be redone in future. Definitely need to darken the print. Scanned in BW; not work. Tried greyscale with some darken and good but could be darker. Had to reduce size to upload so lost more color, clarity. Making a entire new PDF with different scan settings. All pages with pictures were scanned in color.

Got it; Click Here
for PDF of possible 1919 true first edition Perfect Sight Without Glasses advertised in Sept, 1919 Better Eyesight Magazine.
Thanks to; Lower Beverley Better Books. See link in video on YouTube description; 
Sept 15, 2014; Changes to the teachers history page and certification page; ,  Certificates page is done. Teachers page will be done a few days. Removing all teachers that I don't fully endorse. Too much work constantly listing what they teach that's good and what to avoid so all are being removed. Same goes for the PDF e-books and paperbacks. This is in process right now.
PSWG 1940 is 1/2 scanned. Hope to get it online before Nov.

PSWG, red or maroon, diff text printI found that old red Perfect Sight Without Glasses with the different text on the inner title! Paid $150.00. Waiting for it. Will scan them all when can. Might hire one of the entertaining Spanish guys to help with all these projects.  Need to get more audios done for the blind. 

Sept, 2014;
Found another Perfect Sight Without Glasses. Looked like the true red edition and had a original Stories From the Clinic by Emily Lierman with it. First time bidding on e-bay. I got up at midnight to be sure I was not outbid. Someone snuck in a bid of one cent. I didn’t notice that. I lost the bid. I think it’s a lady teacher, competitor. Hope whoever got the books will scan and publish for free online but I doubt it. This lady is into selling for high prices or hiding the books. I will keep searching for these and publish to public domain. E-bay manager said the one cent bid done in the final minutes, seconds of the auction is common among experienced e-bay bidders. You have to keep your eyes on the price.
    I found this edition online in the past. Can’t find it anymore so I upload it. This is a book I been searching for. All  pages look pretty much the same except for the inner The Cure of Imperfect Sight... page; Note the text is old, different style.  I placed it on Dr. Bates Perfect Sight Without Glasses page;  Or; Click Here. It has OCR. Thank you to the library that created this and placed online.

Aug., 25; The books on the e-books page will soon be updated, 10 days. (This is not the final edition. That will be done in the future with a lot of new goodies, new videos, along with the older tried and true stuff.)  I am removing most teachers in the present editions due to them becoming corrupt and selling ads for abnormal eyeglasses, lasik and other harmful eye surgery, unnatural methods. Their website and forum links are also being removed. Many have already been removed from this website. For the few I left on; I posted the parts of their method to avoid. All of these warnings about unnatural methods have always been on this website, in the PDF e-books and paperbacks but its just too much of a pain to keep all the teachers posted and have to list what to avoid... along side all their names. Such a shame that good teachers have to sell their soul for money. Its plan straight greed and power trips, EGO. This project has held back production on books, videos and new editions. Such a hassle!
(As always Thomas Quackenbush remains and I fully endorse all of his training. I can confidently refer students to him, his books. )

To the female chiropractor that sent threatening emails trying to force us to take down the webpage that warns about the dangers of chiropractic;  I talked to my lawyer. The page remains.

Aug., 23; Created a list of teachers certified, trained directly in person by Dr. Bates.  Click Here.  I'm sure I missed some. Search Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazine for more;

Aug., 19;
The red edition arrived. See pic. This has a different dust jacket than the last one I uploaded. Now have 4 that are red (some might be maroon red-brownish) So; still trying to find out what is the true first edition. This one has Thos as printer. Another 2 red? have no printer listed. The dust jacket and the type are different on 2 red/maroons. 2 others (maybe both are maroon have; thos as printer. No dust jacket to compare. Green one I have has Burr printing. Emily’s green 1940 has Burr.  Some have different addresses on the inside pages.  I also found old editions online. Note that online pdf’s might have a cover that is not the original but this one looks right. It says Burr for printer, looks red or maroon;  Another one looks red or maroon and has a very different type on the first pages. Looks old. The pic of the diff page print is in Perfect Sight Without Glasses on this page; I downloaded it a year ago and cannot find it online now. No printer listed.  The green also comes with a different edition cover with gold embroidery around the edge. Print might be same? Just diff cover? So I got 4 red/maroon (2 might be same) and there are 2 more online that look red and are different. Got 1 green and the 1940 and I ‘think’ there is a gold embroidery green; so that’s 7.  8 if the 2 that look same are really different, have not completely compared. So am missing 2 for total of 9 editions. Then will scan all!

Aug.,10, 2014; This time I really think I found the original red 1st print PSWG. Paid $145.00. The last 3 I bought; one looks red but it might actually be maroon same as the prior 2. But; internal text print is different and the dust jackets are different. 2 maroon might be the same. 1 no D.J. Got a green edition. There's 9 prints. I have 5 now plus 2 others from free online source GoogleBooks and another with different text, print; total 6-7. Two-three more to go. Seeking green cover with gold embroidery. All will be placed in 1 lg PDF for free download, one large paperback and then all 9 prints in separate paperbacks. Any with exact same text, jacket, pictures will be combined. When I get this all done, any duplicate antiques in my office will be given free to people who will preserve, appreciate them, pass them on after they leave this earth. (No more phony names in emails asking for free copies! You must use your true name so I know who I am dealing with. Don't want Dr. Bates rare antiques going out to someone that will destroy the books due to ego problems or corrupt high priced teachers wanting to hide the true Bates Method or resell the book to 'anyone' for a very high price.)

Been working on a video and PDF telling the truth about a unnatural method that has been causing people unclear eyesight, eye floaters, cataract, retina injury, astigmatism... for many years; the Plus Lens Anti-Corrective method. They are advising this to all children, pilots, everyone and its ruining their vision and eye health. Almost done with the video; am throwing in some natural healthy Bates methods to cure Myopia, Presbyopia, read some fine and microscopic print in sun. The PDF is almost done. Just needs the large video embedded. For now, here it is;  Click Here

Red Edition of PSWG, CoverDust CoverJuly, 28, 2014; Found a red 1920 edition of Perfect Sight Without Glasses. Paid $89.00 on e-bay. I think this one is different from the maroon 'burgundy'. Will place all new pages from this that are not in our other editions into the main paperbacks, PDF's and also scan this entire book into PDF. Watch for the download.  (Yes, I am still doing the 1940 published by Emily. Took your advice partially ; BW for all except the pages with pictures. Darken only the text in the picture pages so; pics are nice and clear and text is black. Scanning 2 pages open book so, you guys who want to reproduce as single will have to copy and crop the pages.   I'll do this in 2016. Am I repeating myself again? Sooooo busy, blaaaaa.

All Better Eyesight Magazines are being copied to the GuestPage;   and here;   Not deleting the old BEM website, just making a copy of it Forum style so you have 4 search options; websites, GoogleBooks and PDF. ; see bottom of page.

July 1st, 2014; Original Issue of Better Eyesight, Nov., 1926 and Perfect Sight Without Glasses Pamphlet  Click to download.

June 26, 2014;
Found another Perfect Sight Without Glasses book; burgundy edition. Seller says something about a Better Eyesight pamphlet inside. 20p? Might be an original Better Eyesight Magazine. Will scan and upload the additional pages ASAP.
     Update; here it is in video;

New video for curing blur, astigmatism;

By Dr. Bates. Placed at the end of his book; Perfect Sight Without Glasses

Fifteen or twenty years ago the specialist mentioned in the foregoing story read a paper on cataract at a meeting of the ophthalmological section of the American Medical Association in Atlantic City, and asserted that anyone who said that cataract could be cured without the knife was a quack. At that time I was assistant surgeon at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, and it happened that I had been collecting statistics of the spontaneous cure of cataract at the request of the executive surgeon of this institution, Dr. Henry G. Noyes, Professor of Ophthalmology at the Bellevue Hospital Medical School. As a result of my quiry' I had secured records of a large number of cases which had recovered, not only without the knife, but without any treatment at all. I also had records of cases which I had sent to Dr. James E. Kelly of New York and which he had cured, largely by hygienic methods. Dr. Kelly is not a quack, and at that time was Professor of Anatomy in the New York Post Graduate Medical School and Hospital and attending surgeon to a large city hospital. In the five minutes allotted to those who wished to discuss the paper, I was able to tell the audience enough about these cases to make them want to hear more. My time was, therefore, extended, first to half an hour and then to an hour. Later both

Dr. Kelly and myself received many letters from men in different parts of the country who had tried his treatment with success. The man who wrote the paper had blundered, but he did not lose any prestige because of, my attack, with facts, upon his theories. He is still a prominent and honored ophthalmologist, and in his latest book he gives no hint of having ever heard of any successful method of treating cataract other than by operation. He was not convinced by my record of spontaneous cures, nor by Dr. Kelly's record of cures by treatment ; and while a few men were sufficiently impressed to try the treatment recommended, and while they obtained satisfactory results, the facts made no impression upon the profession as a whole, and did not modify the teaching of the schools. That spontaneous cures of cataract do sometimes occur cannot be denied ; but they are supposed to be very rare, and any one who suggests that the condition can be cured by treatment still exposes himself to the suspicion of being a quack.

Between 1886 and 1891 I was a lecturer at the Post Graduate Hospital and Medical School. The head of the institution was Dr. D. B. St. "John Roosa. He was the author of many books, and was honored and respected by the whole medical profession. At the school they had got the habit of putting glasses on the nearsighted doctors, and I had got the habit of curing them without glasses. It was naturally annoying to a man who had put glasses on a student to have him appear at a lecture without them and say that Dr. Bates had cured him. Dr. Roosa found it particularly annoying, and the trouble reached a climax one evening at the annual banquet of the faculty when, in the presence of one hundred and fifty doctors, he suddenly poured out the vials of his wrath upon my head. He said that I was injuring the reputation of the Post Graduate by claiming to cure myopia.

Every one knew that Donders said it was incurable, and I had no right to claim that I knew more than Donders. I reminded him that some of the men I had cured had been fitted with glasses by himself. He replied that if he had said they had myopia he had made a mistake. I suggested further investigation. "Fit some more doctors with glasses for myopia," I said, "and I will cure them. It is easy for you to examine them afterwards and see if the cure is genuine."

This method did not appeal to him, however. He repeated that it was impossible to cure myopia, and to prove that it was impossible he expelled me from the Post Graduate, even the privilege of resignation being denied to me.

The fact is that, except in rare cases, man is not a reasoning being. He is dominated by authority, and when the facts are not in accord with the view imposed by authority, so much the worse for the facts. They may, and indeed must, win in the long run ; but in the meantime the world gropes needlessly in darkness and endures much suffering that might have been avoided.

June 11, 2014; Did you know that sinus congestion from pollen in the spring, early summer, anytime and also from dry air can cause pressure on the eyeball slightly distorting it’s shape and affecting eye movement? This can cause a temporary astigmatism, blur and other effects. AVOID eyeglass prescriptions in the pollen... season, especially astigmatism prescriptions. Once the doctor places that astigmatism prescription into the eyeglass lens it maintains and increases the astigmatism; prevents it from curing itself after the pollen and sinus congestion are gone.  
Eat local raw organic honey for a natural pollen immunity shot.  Place organic sea salt in purified water up your nose to flush out and prevent congestion, infection, pollen. When you feel the salt water go into your forehead area ‘like getting water up your nose when swimming in the ocean’; it hurts a bit but is healthy! Use organic salt and pure water; no chemicals, no bacteria. Boil the water first. Let it cool.

June 9, 2014 - Watch for my anti-plus lens video on YouTube! Detailed description with eye model and PDF pictures showing how the + plus lens and the - minus
     (ALL EYEGLASSES, CONTACTS) destroy the vision, cause cataract, detached retina... Avoid unnatural methods, glasses, surgery. 
To be 'nice, keep the peace'; I have removed the name of a eyesight forum owner that temporarily banned me because he does not want me speaking up against people that sell the harmful Plus Lens eyeglass method and Lasik cornea... surgeries. All information about the occurrence has been saved but it’s no longer on this page since he lifted the ban. I have 1400 posts on that forum since 2008 and it’s come to my attention that the owner of the forum has stated he has the right to alter, change members posts. He’s already deleted my posts which stated the truth about a phony teacher that is in reality a lasik, cataract surgeon, teaches unnatural methods that impair the eyesight, then links to his real name; a lasik… eye surgeon in Iowa. My posts exposing people that hack Natural Vision teacher’s computers, bookstores were also removed (even though they tried to hack the forum owner and robbed him in the past).    I rarely post on other peoples internet forums, groups due to many of the owners ‘selling out’ and deciding to sell ads for lasik and other harmful methods, surgeries and blocking free speech. Be aware that my posts might be altered by that forum owner. He won’t allow me to delete my posts, account. I got my articles on his blog section deleted but he might have a copy and repost my articles, then alter them. This is being done without my permission.

June 9, 2014; I’m scanning a very clear, great condition of the rare antique 1940 edition of Perfect Sight Without Glasses by Ophthalmologist Bates and Emily. About 6 weeks ago I uploaded the new pages Emily added. This next PDF will be the entire book!  Sold by other teachers, collectors for up to $275.00.    Scanning in the pages at 600 dpi and in color. Making  4 types;

 #1; One page per page as Bates created the book and don’t darken the text; leave as it is, a bit light as the original print is a little lighter due to age. It looks good and I want to preserve an untouched copy.

#2; Copy of #1 but with the print darkened a bit in Photoshop so you can print it nice and dark.
    Pictures will not be darkened so as to keep the original color, detail.

#3; Book scanned in 2 per page as an open book; no darken. Keep original size.

#4; Same as # 3 but darken print a bit for printing.

Here's a sample of the quality. Suggestions are welcome; (thanks to the person that gave suggestion; I will scan all text pages in BW. The publisher had me redo; you were right, the color PDF MB is too high; 40 pages and its 450 MB. 400 is their limit. Redoing in BW. Only the pics will remain in color. New publisher no MB limit will get the full color so that will still be in PDF for everyone. (Thanks.)
     For the web I had to put down color to 300 dpi and turn into a thumbnail;
Man's eyesight cured by Dr. Bates Method  

Then will finish scanning Dr. Bates and MacFadden’s original 1918 kit Strengthening the Eyes.

If anyone wants a copy of these; send an e-mail to At present time I am too busy to hurry for final editions and upload. Want the end product to be perfect before set it free.

May 30, 2014 -  There is a new advertisement on TV by people selling sunglasses, tinted lenses. The ad states the glasses are often used by people that have had laser cornea surgery which causes glare, halos around lights and this is increased at night preventing them from being able to go outside at night, drive. The FDA warns about this and other side effects. See the video above stating that special eye drops are sold for daily use by people with dry eye and other problems caused by lasik and other cornea surgeries.

Viewing a Bates method forum chat recently and noticed posts by members I trained for free linking to a guy on YouTube selling e-books. Myself and a top student (now teacher) also trained this guy for free. He has all the books, Dr. Bates works from this website. He's now selling them without my permission and altering the method, corrupting it. Looks like he's using ClickBank to sell the books. Others have done this. Copyright states; books are given, passed along only for free. No selling allowed and no using them to advertise your products, unnatural or other medical treatments. Notice to the public; All the books are FREE on this website. Avoid being tricked into paying money. Our books are original un-altered. This website teaches the true Bates Method; Help others, pass it along FREE.

(To the guys on that Bates Method forum chat; I PM'ed, Skype... trained 5 of you, gave all books including training the leader on the 'Sunday chat' who then turns around and blocks me. Most of you refuse to stop wearing glasses but you all want to be teachers. Stop the eyeglasses first and the power trips against free teachers and women.  Why do you link to a website that is missing months, years, mis-spelled words? Egos!  Link to our website that is not missing parts of Dr. Bates work;

May 30, 2014;  My new Will. I have removed people that have left the Bates Method and now prefer to sell eyeglasses, eye surgery. I have a good lawyer, he is helping me with the new will so our books, website go into trusted hands of people that have a good heart, people that will preserve The Bates Method, Dr. Bates free and low cost books, Better Eyesight Magazines. Too many people are using doctor Bates name and picture to sell eyeglasses, unnatural treatments and eye surgery. It's a sad situation. Dr. Bates would not approve of this.  I will find the best people to preserve this method, original Natural Eyesight Improvement. The person that used to be in my books, website has been removed.  This will replaces all past wills;

COPYRIGHT/Will © November 2nd, 1996 to Present Date

All Rights Reserved

Clark Night (Mary Iva Oliver) - Clearsight Publishing Co. - Do It Yourself - Natural Eyesight Improvement - Original and Modern Bates Method, ,  South San Francisco, CA, Worcester, South Boston, MA, USA. Copyright is for this book, the websites, free e-books on the websites, all paperbacks, videos, audios and for assembly, preservation of Ophthalmologist William H. Bates ‘Better Eyesight Magazines’, book ‘Perfect Sight Without Glasses’, ‘Medical Articles’, Introduction, History of Dr. Bates life, his work, additional pictures, and other author’s, doctor’s public domain books included in this collection. (Central-Fixation Publishing Co. is owned by Dr. William H. Bates.)

The author allows people to copy, print the information in the e-books, websites and give it FREE to the public. People may distribute the e-books to organizations for the blind and persons that need eyesight improvement, including; the Blind-Braille-Guide Dog Schools, friends, family, all Libraries, Schools, Colleges, Nursing Homes, Hotels, Military Bases, Veterans, Indian Reservations...
(CD, paper copies only, and it must be free.)

The author/publisher does not allow the e-books, videos, audios, pictures on the websites, paperbacks to be placed on websites or your affiliates websites for download-transmission, sold or used to advertise-sell any products, services, ad clicks, unnatural methods, medical or other treatments, including eye surgery, eyeglasses, chiropractic... They cannot be attached to your books, videos, products. The books, pictures, videos, audios must not be altered. Do not create videos from them. Doctors have done this in the past without my consent so I must post this rule. (Read about dangers of chiropractic in the books; it can cause stroke, impair eyesight, hearing…)

I advise the public to obtain the e-books, PDF’s, videos, audios, pictures solely from our websites to insure they are authentic;,, the GuestPage; and Dr. Bates, Clark Night’s publishers; Paperback and Kindle books are provided by Amazon CreateSpace, Kindle, Nook and Lulu.

Upon my death; My publishers, Native Americans (Indians), persons in my will may sell the paperback and e-books by Clark Night, the books I have preserved authored by Dr. William Horatio Bates and other doctors, authors. (Ophthalmologist William Horatio Bates’ entire family is in the will and may at present time and after my death sell all Dr. Bates, Emily Lierman’s books I have preserved. After my death they can sell all of my books and books I preserved. This includes the grandchildren, great grandchildren.., all generations) The public may distribute the e-books free including download from websites, transmission on the Internet. (Rule above still applies; ‘no use of the books, videos... to advertise, sell unnatural products, treatments, no altering the books, videos...’)
The website will be paid up for 50+ years. The publisher will continue to give a percent of book sales profit to the blind. Person listed in the will preserves the books, website. A book copy of the website is in PDF.

April 11, 2014 - In 1940 Emily C Lierman (Emily A. Bates after married to Dr. Bates) preserved Dr. Bates book 'Perfect Sight Without Glasses' in the Crypt of Civilization and added extra pages, training, an eyechart to this final print edition. The entire book is in the process of being scanned in it's original state and reproduced into paperback, hardcover and a free PDF. The book, extra pages were hidden by other eyesight teachers for years as they held out for a high sales price. Click here for the extra pages to add to your collection.

These videos below show the risks of wearing contact lenses. All side effects, eye injuries... are not listed in the video and the eye doctor still tries to sell them, even though blindness can occur.   I do not allow Natural Vision students to wear contacts. ;

April 9, 2014; New Forum is moving to a new webserver with new format, functions. Will have videos on the right >, navigation to Natural Eyesight practices on the left <. Audio, video and written reply's to questions, free training. Might embed a live Google video chat. Will post the link soon. 

April 1st, 2014 - Another antique book in process of PDF and Paperback; 'Strengthening The Eyes'. Then will place free on the e-books download page. See video below left <.  Also contains variety of natural eyesight training.  

Mar., 15, 2014 - New YouTube videos and free antique pages for Dr. Bates book 'Perfect Sight Without Glasses' 1940 final print edition;

This is a rare antique 9th final printing edition of Ophthalmologist Bates book 'Perfect Sight Without Glasses' published by his wife Emily A. Bates. (Emily C. Lierman) Emily added some new helpful pages, a eyechart, Crypt of Civilization Certificate and Letter of Appreciation from their reverend, Dr. Daniel Poling, the Marble Colligate
Church in New York City. The end of the book has Suggestions to Patients (how to use the eyechart...) and
'How To Demonstrate The Fundamental Principles of Treatment'.  The extra pages Emily added are placed in a PDF
(see video) and are on our new Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement Forum;
All will go into the books. Parisites in Contact Lens Solutions. Contact Lenses Cause Eye-Vision Damage

Mar., 19, 2014 - July 24, 2015 - I no longer post on any internet Forums, Groups. This is due to them being taken over by the harmful Plus Lens eyeglass method, cornea Lasik surgery sales people and high priced corrupt vision teachers. They try to  lead Natural Vision students astray, talk them into using addictive eyeglasses and link to Lasik and other destructive eye surgery surgeons.  I will no longer advise my students to visit these forums. Many of the old time members that teach the true Bates Method are great teachers but the forums, groups have become corrupt allowing unnatural teachers that impair peoples vision, eyes health to flood the forum. In March I was banned from a forum ( for stating the truth about the unnatural teachers, harmful methods, hackers, and the forum owner's ads for cornea laser surgery, experimental eye retina surgery on perfectly healthy eyes and other harmful services, products, drugs. The forum was cleaned up about 2 months after others also complained but it still sneaks the ads back in on and off. Lot of other problems, Dr. Bates entire work is hidden...  I was unbanned on June 11, 2014; so I removed the main post stating the entire incident. But; I have posted this in 2015 after the owner recently 'again' ignores my questions for help with stopping the hackers on his website. Money, sales are more important. 4 hackers are allowed to have a good profile. While my control panel has a 50% ban warning; because I tell the truth. To avoid future problems I will post only on my GuestPage;  

Mar., 13, 2014 - Dr. Bates and E
mily Lierman-Bates C Chart in perfect printout size is done; Move down the page and follow directions to print the chart in its original 1919 -1943 size.  Video with directions will be created soon.

Mar., 8, 2014 - N
ew Forum (Guest Page) almost ready.  I can't teach people any longer on any other Group,
Forum because the harmful Plus Lens eyeglass and eye surgery salesmen drown us out. 'Its snowing in Massachusetts', cold and no heat but will keep working on the forum page.
This is it now; I still have to figure out how to set new members for approval first and get pictures, colors placed. As soon as figure it out we will open to teach on-line. Hope to hook up a video chat to it if can moderate it. Got a few students that are no longer students; they now teach others successfully so they might join me, help to train more people. We have Google Chat;  Sorry if this offends the other Groups, forums out there but my job is to help people obtain healthy eyes and clear eyesight by teaching only the safe, truly natural original and modern Bates Method. 

Shoulder Movement, Imagination-Memory PracticeMar., 6th, 2014 - Thank you to the citizens of Japan for buying many Kindle books and learning to teach the Bates Method. Stress, unhappy emotions often cause unclear eyesight. The past earthquake and tsunami caused stress throughout the country. Natural Eyesight Improvement also heals the emotions, brings relaxation, a happy mind.  You are in my prayers for complete recovery of your land, homes and families.  Remember to visit the free e-books page, download the books and pass them along to friends, family;

Feb., 15, P.M., 2014; N
ew book! Bought an original antique 'Strengthening the Eyes (New Course in Scientific Eye Training in 28 Lessons)'. Not a book. This is a eyesight improvement kit with both Bernarr MacFadden and Dr. William H. Bates as author! Comes in a red box, numbered booklets and eyechart. Don't know what else it contains, its still in the mail. One of the first Natural Eyesight Improvement Courses! Copyright free, public domain. I will be recreating all parts and put on the download page for the public. Seems be much of the same content as in their book but the original kit is nice to add to collection.

Got an original old Big C eyechart from Emily's 1940, 1943 version of Dr. Bates book Better Eyesight Without Glasses. Cleaning it up and will post on the Eyecharts and download page on website. This one prints the exact perfect size letter if you use the correct printer setting. They will be listed. This is the same public domain chart. My test print measures exact by placing the original on a window and the printout over it.

Thank you to the 5 new students for giving me many helpful suggestions, requests that are enabling me to improve this website navigation and the books, charts. Extra small condensed versions will be created as requested.  Will get it all done eventually. One more year!

The pinhole glasses page has been updated after we did experiments, surveys. A lot of teachers that are not completely natural, who sell these will hate me for posting this entire truth, but it must be done to protect students;  It's a good article, video because the information we derived helped to better understand and teach more aspects of central-fixation, axis's, how the eye creates it.  (Something the pinholes interfere with. 'This is why I prefer people to not use them.' They impair central-fixation and shifting.)

Feb., 15, A.M., 2014; Ruiz Arnau book is on hold till work out copyright stuff. Lot work to do but first creating a final edition of all our books including Perfect Sight Without Glasses; Getting a new extra publisher; so color copies can be set at to a lower price. Also finishing up 3 other new books. Yes all will be free in color PDF for the public on the e-books page. Someday will try to get the Mexican students to help me make Spanish copies of my books and Dr. Bates book, magazines.

New License Feb., 2014. Age 57Jan 27, 2014, 3:20 P.M.; Passed the Vision test for drivers license renewal at the Massachusetts RMV! Age 57. Was easy!  >  (You can do it too!)
Jan 19, 2014;
Already!!! on the new phpBB Forum I have been trying to create, a man (2 men) that have hacked my computer, attacks my books on Amazon and wants this website, the free books, Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines to be deleted have tried to infect the Forum. I had to delete the entire Forum to remove them! The ip he used to hack is;  (ip tracker; The ip goes to Kiev Ukraine, Russia, home of a #1 hacker. A website of the hacker was also posted in his comment, profile and the name he used was one of those zyk.. types they often use to hack, troll. Here's 2 other ip's they work with in London under Kazekage, Kyazekage;,, And his partner in Italy;, They use others. (I am not against Russians..., Italians. I like Mr. Spock, adore Johnny Weir Voronov and have many Italian fiends. I prefer to avoid people that are prejudice against, abusive to Natural Vision teachers.) 

Jan., 12, 2014 - Please ignore advertisements that pop up on some videos. My videos are always ad free. But; many people choose to allow Google, YouTube to place ads on the videos they upload so they can earn money. This enables most any ad to appear; ads for harmful eye surgeries such as Lasik, unnatural cataract treatments, drugs, contact lenses, implants... I do not endorse these ads. If I could download and re-upload other peoples videos to my channel so they are ad free, I would do it but that might break YouTube rules and cause my channel to be deleted. So, I am forced to have the pop-up ads on other people's videos that are embedded into this website from YouTube. Please avoid these ads.  I notice 2 videos from news channels warning about eye, sight damage caused by Lasik then contradict themself by placing ads. Unprofessional! (Fearing the AMA, Drug Co.'s?)   This website, will never run or endorse advertisements for harmful methods.

ec., 29, 2013 - Working on making the navigation bar more colorful. (Thanks to the new person that suggested easier to see layout.)

Guiding Eyes Nov, 2013Dec., 27, 2013 - New Book to be published and free in e-book PDF; El Uso Natural de La Vision By R. Ruiz ARNAU, M.D. (The Natural Use of Vision). Spanish book. One of Dr. Bates trained teachers! Mentioned a few times in Better Eyesight Magazine. Old Antique. Took a while to find this, had to travel to 2 states in the U.S. to find in libraries. It's a original scan copy. One had pages missing but I found the full book in the 2nd library. The other book I mentioned months ago I thought was by Emily Lierman (that my neighbor snagged), she gave it to me. Turns out it is a 1940 copy of Dr. Bates book published by Emily A. Bates. All different pages, pictures, eyechart will be added to his reproduction free E-book on this website and in Paperback. Arnau's book will take a while, have to PDF it, add bookmarks, eyecharts, all the usual extra goodies at the end and waiting for written permission since is not yet in public domain. His entire book will remain as it is. We never alter, remove the original teaching. If I find more books by Bates, Emily and the movies I will post free and on YouTube. (Note to the hackers; all new books, passwords, any work on my website, bookstores, googlebooks, ... are now done, in a new mac computer on a separate internet service, different city. Adiós my enemies.  

Dec., 8, 2013;
 Added a extra video option; Google Hangouts; , All contacts are welcome to join the new service. In this way single or multiple persons can learn with video training.

Nov., 2013 - Thank you to the man that called and asked for some help with his eyesight. Kept trying to give money, told him it's free. Only 20 minutes Natural Eyesight Improvement training on the phone. Then he talked me into allowing a donation. Holy Molly!!! He donated $100.00! I really appreciate this. I am broke due to Christmas presents... Now can buy groceries for the holidays. Also sent some bucks to the Guide Dog School and the Philippines Typhoon relief; Thanks Mucho!

/Red Cross

Nov., 20, 2013;
More Lasik warning videos; ,
http://  Police officer commits suicide due to extreme eye, eyesight problems caused by Lasik.  Ignore the ads before some of the videos. The video channels are good, warn about the dangers of Laser and other eye and eye cornea surgeries but some channel owners give into allowing ads to run in order to to earn money. The ads are being controlled by eye surgeons advertising various harmful eye surgeries, treatments, contact lenses, drugs... Wish I could find the original videos without the ads and upload to my channel 'ad free' but not sure if is legal.

Fine Print

Dr. Arlt, then Dr. Bates state the eye can lengthen to produce accommodation. Dr. Bates proved that tension in the outer eye muscles (oblique, recti) press, pull on the eye squeezing it, altering its shape, disrupting the focus of light rays in the eye causing unclear vision. Depending on which muscles are tense, the light rays focus before or beyond the retina, scattering unfocused on the retina.
The muscle tension also causes; dysfunction of eye muscle movement and contraction, un-contraction, affects eye movement, causes abnormal eye pressure, pressure, tension, pulling, stretching on/in the retina, lens, cornea, impaired circulation of blood, fluids, tears, aqueous humor, nutrients, proteins, oxygen, lymph to/in the eye, lens, retina. The act of pulling light into the eyes, optimum use of the light is reduced. Light receptors-cones, rods, cells, nerves… in the retina function at a reduced level. Transmission of light energy signals to the brain, spine, body are affected. Tension, dysfunction travels to the inner eye muscles; ciliary/lens, ciliary body-process, iris. Tension occurs in the cornea. All these conditions cause; unclear vision, astigmatism, cataract, detached retina, glaucoma, pressure on the optic nerve, conical cornea, dry eyes, light sensitivity, glare, crossed, wandering eyes and other eye problems.
Eye muscle tension and other dysfunctions of the eyes, visual system are caused by; incorrect use of the eyes/vision, staring, squinting, using effort to see clear, diffusion, eccentric fixation, mental strain, negative, stressful thoughts, emotions, shoulder, neck, head muscle tension, incorrect posture. Eye muscle tension and all the resulting conditions and causes of eye muscle tension and many other eye problems are created and greatly increased by wearing eyeglasses, contact lenses, tinted lenses and sunglasses. When eyeglasses are avoided; the eye muscles, eyes, vision and mind/brain action with the eyes, muscles return to correct function, health naturally, on their own. Health of the body, mind, diet, drugs and a few rare causes also have an effect.
Dr. Bates proved that relaxation of the outer eye muscles returns the eye to normal shape, correct focus of light rays, corrects all the conditions, eye problems listed above resulting in clear vision. A main Bates Method practice is relaxation of mind, body, eyes, ‘correct, relaxed use of the eyes, the vision’. The eye muscles relax when the mind, visual system are relaxed. Memory, imagination improvement are practiced. All brain functions improve.
The Bates Method relaxes, returns to correct function all the eye muscles; outer oblique, recti, tear gland, blinking and inner ciliary/lens, iris muscles. The eye and lens return to normal function for clear eyesight at all distances. Muscles in the neck, ears, sinus can also benefit. The ears, balance system work with the eyes, vision. Sinus congestion, air pollution, dry air, dehydration can affect the eyes, cornea, muscles, vision. Eye movement functions with the clarity of vision; convergence for close vision (eyes moving, crossing inward toward eachother), divergence for distant vision (eyes moving outward toward a parallel position) occur with, affect and are affected by accommodation, un-accommodation. Shifting eye movements, saccades, central fixation and other eye functions are also affected by the state of the eye muscles, eye shape, focus of light rays and convergence, divergence, accommodation, un-accommodation. When one or more are impaired; all can be affected. Improving one or more functions helps improve all.
Dr. Bates stated that the lens does not change shape, does not produce accommodation for clear close vision. Bates stated that the outer oblique eye muscles that wrap around the eye contract to lengthen the eye slightly like a camera to produce accommodation. (The eye, lens shape/state are set to focus parallel rays from far objects. The eye must accommodate when looking at close objects because light rays from close objects diverge so their refraction needs to change in order to focus correct upon the retina.)
Modern eye doctors state they have proved the lens changes shape to produce accommodation. They also discovered that the action of the ciliary muscle as it changes the lens shape also affects the shape of the eye, ‘lengthens it a bit’. Was this what Dr. Bates saw in his experiments? The cornea also changes shape with the eye. Doctors cannot explain why many people can see clear without eyeglasses up close, reading and far into the distance after 40 years old, up to and past age 90, even though these doctors state the eyes lens hardens with age and cannot accommodate.
Bates teachers state it is not the lens becoming hard that causes presbyopia, unclear close reading vision; it is tension in the outer eye muscles and the ciliary muscle that controls movement, shape of the lens. A tense, immobile ciliary muscle may not be able to change the shape of the lens. The lens might ‘freeze up’ due to lack of movement. Circulation in the area of the muscle, lens might be disrupted by outer and inner eye muscle tension. The ciliary’s effect on the shape of the eye when not being able to produce accommodation, change the lens shape when the ciliary is tense or in extreme spasm should be considered.
Some scientists state that the lens and eye might both change shape, work together to produce perfect accommodation. They return to their previous shape/state for clear distant vision, un-accommodation. Can the lens move forward and backward? Can the eye accommodate alone by lengthening more as needed to compensate when the ciliary/lens do not accommodate? Will evolution create more eye functions?


July 30th, 2013 - Note from Reverend Poling New York City Church to Dr. Bates;  
                                                                                     Doctor William H. Bates—An Appreciation
                                                                                                      by Dr. Daniel A. Poling
Rev. Poling to Dr. BatesI never knew Doctor Bates when physically he was a well man.  But even in the comparatively short time of our acquaintance and friendship I never knew him when he was not a true gentleman and a veritable genius in thinking thoughts and doing deeds for others.  In his profession he was a distinguished pioneer; his discoveries should give him a place among the benefactors of the race.  All about me and in my own home are those to whom he has ministered.  To the ends of the earth are men, women, and little children who think of him with gratitude because of pain relieved and sight re- stored. His welcome to the Father's House will be in the words of the immortal paean—"Well done,  good and faithful servant."  By every test that I know, since I have known him,  Doctor Bates was a Christian.  One of his favorite texts was, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.”  The good Doctor had many and long thoughts of others and always his longest, tenderest thoughts were for Mrs. Emily A. Bates who has been his comrade in a great service.
With those who have the Christian's hope, weeping endures but for the night.  We sorrow but not as those who are without the promise of glad reunion.  Today we lift our eyes to the hills from whence cometh our strength—the hills of God's country where dreams come true, where unfinished tasks are completed and where life with love, enters fulfillment.
Signed Daniel A. Poling
From the 9th Print Edition of `Perfect Sight Without Glasses' re-published by Emily A. Bates in 1940. Famous Dr., Rev. Daniel A. Poling was Minister of the Marble Collegiate Church in New York City where Dr. Bates attended. He was editor of the 'Christian Herald', had a radio program in New York City. Famous church, reverends include Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, author of 'The Power of Positive Thinking', 'The Positive Power of Jesus Christ', `Positive Imaging', `Treasury of Courage and Confidence'. Dr. Bates and Emily Lierman were married in the Marble Collegiate Church, 1928.

Dec., 26, 2013; A high priced competing author, seller of Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazine selling for $400.00+ and their copy of the book Perfect Sight Without Glasses (We all know who these guys are) attacks my teacher Thomas Quackenbush's books with false 1 star reviews, threatened to beat him with a baseball bat and other abuse for many years;  Also attacks my books. It’s all about greed and ego. S. Yung (the 2 men) write their own comment to their review in order to block the Author’s right to reply. If the author replies, S. Yung and his cult members call Amazon, vote untruthfully in order to get the Author’s reply deleted.  

These men and their cult members Yahoo group... are the hackers. They do not want anyone else to teach, publish Dr. Bates work.  It's such a strange attitude.

S. Yung has gotten his cult members to vote dishonestly. He and partner have used people in his Yahoo group cult over the years to go though their computers, locations to hide his identity. Members have defected after realizing they were used to perform illegal activity, hacking, abuse... So, S. Yung will not be able to get more dishonest votes from these people and hopefully other people will see this post and avoid them. 

S. Yung has hacked Natural Vision teacher’s computers, stolen manuscripts.  Note he only attacks authors that sell Better Eyesight Magazine and Dr. Bates books for an affordable, honest price.

He also attacks my 'Clark Night's' books. Below is my recent comment to S. Yung and Amazon on his review. More facts can be placed here. I have to tippy toe around S. Yung on Amazon because he’s home day, night watching my Amazon account, reviews, comments, this website, forums I post on, calling Amazon, forum owners to get my comments deleted. This person is scary, not normal. I had to remove my address on my website and cannot post my new address. Other teachers have increased security in their schools, on their websites, Groups. 

     I and others have complained about these reviews; the fact that they contain false information, have a unhealthy intense 'personal attack' atmosphere, and are written by a competing author/seller, links to a website that asks for money, collects e-mail addresses for spam. Another link in S. Yung's reviews, comments ‘eyesvisions’... com (It's a copy of with same missing magazines, misspellings) links to it's duplicate Kiev Russian website eyesvision... ru that sells pornography videos/massage, incest... and many other unhealthy products. Children in our family saw the pornography when looking at book reviews on Amazon and copy/pasting S. Yung's url's. I told Amazon about this and asked them to PLEASE remove the url links S. Yung posts in his reviews. He hides them sometimes and occasionally temporarily shuts them off so Amazon won't see them when I report this. Then when things blow over, he reposts the links on his websites. The owner of the 2 websites and others do the same thing to Norton; After reading my post here. on Amazon; they remove the viruses 'temporarily'. They then get Norton to scan and approve the websites. Then, after Norton leaves, they place the hacker viruses, links back on. Also; Norton does not always catch professional hacker viruses. S. Yung posts on many websites that sell pornography. He is owner, co-owner of them.
Gram in Florida Sunshine. No Glasses.
2 of the 3 websites S. Yung advises, interlinks to also contain strong viruses that get into your computer. They are not just tracking cookies. They are created by a person experienced in creating, selling software.  (I talked to the co-owner about this. All they did was no reply. They removed their id pictures from their website.) Do not go to any links S. Yung has in his reviews. They DO contain malicious software. Took me 2 hours removing the virus. There are other websites these websites link to that also contain viruses and they sell Dr. Bates books, magazines for $400.00. This includes (ask me) and others related. People can check these websites through Norton and see the websites are not safe, owners refuse to allow Norton to scan when the virus is on there. These people have hacked my computer 4 times in 2013 and in the past. They hacked, stagnated many Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Yahoo, Google groups by infecting with e-mails. They have asked me to shut down this website and stop selling Dr. Bates Magazines, books and placing them free on GoogleBooks.
    I have purchased the best security after all this to protect this website, e-mail, Skype and the bookstores.

I told Amazon about this but nothing is done. If one manager removes the links, reviews, then another lower customer service person, limited English, training S. Yung speaks to places the false reviews and links back on Amazon.  I hope someday Amazon listens to the public. I truly believe in Heaven, karma so eventually the truth will be known and even if this review remains, it won't matter, BUT; the unhealthy content links should be removed. The author’s right to respond to the review should be returned to the top of page one, under the review.  Please help us vote for another review, a honest, clean review to replace S. Yung’s.

Amazon should know that this reviewer has threatened physical harm to the author Thomas Quackenbush and others that sell Dr. Bates work. I have been threatened many times in the past years and my and other natural vision teachers Yahoo, Google... groups, computers were hacked. If someone is harmed someday, then this review and comments will actually be evidence. I have saved all. Amazon customer service told me about 2 years ago to make a police report about the internet, Skype, phone calls, email threats, hacker and also send a written, U.S. post office mailed report to higher management, special address they gave me. I did this,.. so that is also evidence. I WILL be a witness for 'anyone' that is harmed.
     In a strange way the reviews are a compliment to the author, teacher of 'Relearning to See' and other attacked authors. I was asking for help buying a tape recorder in Wal-Mart, was very stressed from harassing phone calls, other attacks, manuscript thefts by these competing Natural Vision, Bates Method authors, teachers; A manager in Wal-Mart told me; "Don't worry. You must be a good teacher, the Bates Method must work, be very effective or there would not be so many people out there trying to steal it, fighting over who gets to sell, teach it." He said this happens in every successful business. From the person selling a new type of toothbrush to the guy creating a rocket ship to race into outer space; there will always be someone who wants to take over the business.

Robert Monroe says this is a predatory planet; the good guys can make a dent in it, but, at present time... Heaven is here, but so is evil.

So; preserve this great Bates Method and maybe in another 300-3000 years mankind will grow spiritually and all people, Bates Teachers and Eye Doctors will work together and preserve this method, and preserve it correct without unnatural teachers, without people teaching it wrong, ego-power trip problems. If doctors would have done their job right 100+ years ago (like Dr. Bates did) we would all have this perfect method at our eye doctor’s office instead of being on our own trying to find the true, best teacher. Even in Dr. Bates time he had trouble with people claiming to be Bates teachers, stealing his book, magazine title and posing as him. See his final magazine issue June, 1930.

Thank the man upstairs ^ (God and Dr. Bates) we have Thomas Quackenbush and his books to preserve the true Bates Method.

Dec., 20, 2013 -
Found old evidence I overlooked. Proof of the Hackers identity;


I recently decided to clean up my old Private Messages from a Forum. I found 2, Feb., 2007 from Kazekage. He was trying to steal an original Better Eyesight Magazine pdf I bought from the Forum owner. Other members had later told me he tried the same thing with them. Later he revealed his identity to a couple members after successful theft. This post is evidence.

In the 2nd pm from Kazekage he admitted he was; Hatake Kakashi, a person that sent me a threatening e-mail. Sounds like the same person that threatened to beat my teacher Thomas Quackenbush with a baseball bat and other threats in e-mail, online and Amazon. He is 2 men; also goes by S. Yung; 

I was told the identity of the people that hacked my computer 4 times this year by a few friends in the UK and USA. They are 2 men from Italy and Kiev Russia; (ask me) The people that gave me evidence are afraid of them, won't let me post how I now the truth. 2 of the hacker viruses this year were from; Hatake Kakashi kyazekage... uk peterstolarik, kyazekage @ (ask me for group name)  yahoo group) The Skype hack was from very similar names. They used a young boy to pose as a student. Kyazekage is also Kazekage and falsely uses William Horatio Bates name. Check the sci med Groups.
    They sell Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines for $400.00+, are cultish; want to destroy every other Bates teacher, book in the world. Crazy.

They also hacked 3 Yahoo and maybe Google groups with the email 'Delbert'. They attack only Bates Method websites, teachers, especially if they provide Dr. Bates magazines. If you have been hacked; ban together; save ips, names. Send to police and Norton Security.

Nov., 12, 2013 - Started a Yahoo Group;  
Got tired of other groups, forums allowing harmful methods, unnatural teachers to post. Only 2 people and myself were on the groups, all the time trying to warn people to avoid the unnatural teachers, 'The Plus Lens sellers', as we try to protect people from harm. Many groups allow ads for Lasik...; it causes blindness! So I started this Group. The rules are on the group in the Nov., 11th post by thesprit777; "Automatic Approval of Topics, Comments by Honest Members"

Update; dumping the Group. Yahoo has changed; keeps placing ads for eyeglasses, Lasik, contacts. I don't want this on there! Don't know how to turn it off, if it can be. Will get a different Cloud or.... Group in future. 

Nov. 5th, 2013;
All E-Books are now free!! ;  Click Here for the Download Page, 'Password Page #1'.  And here for book descriptions, pictures;  This is the free Bookstore referred to on Amazon, Barnes and Noble... for people that want to learn more about the Bates Method and may want to learn how to teach it. Books are placed here for the public as Ophthalmologist Bates would want it to be. There are many people stealing the E-books download page and re-selling the link for $40.00 and up to hundreds of dollars. The public has a right to Dr. Bates Method for a honest price. As of Nov. 5th, 2013, the 17 E-books are free. Clearsight Publishing now sells only Paperback, Kindle, Nook books, Videos and Audios. View the books, descriptions on-line; Click Here and Click Here   All Dr. Bates, Clark Night's books are combined in the 17 e-books.
     Thank you to the many people worldwide that bought Paperback, Kindle and PDF E-books. This enabled me to be able to afford to post the E-books free and pay up this website for many years and improve the website format, videos... This is due to your book purchase. This is YOUR website. Pass the torch, give free copies of the e-books to friends, families.

Oct., 24, 2013 -
Again; 600 pets dead, many more sickened by imported pet food from China. Corrupt businesses! Let the people, citizens run the country, not this corrupt government, businesses.  The USA is so in debt to other countries, mainly China, that they are letting the import laws slip, there's still plastic powder 'melamine' and other toxins in many food and other products. This includes baby food. Wheat is a main problem. Any type flour, soy... that's added to food. Avoid macaroni, pasta, bread that says wheat 'ingredients'. The s on the end is the legal thing allowing non-food in the product. It's best to import pasta from Italy, straight from a well know pasta factory or family using pure wheat, grains they grow organically on their own farm.  In the past, baby food, pet food, candy and other food from China was contaminated with plastic melamine and other poison. Kidney injury, many health problems.

Oct., 4 - 2013 -
New rules for Skype training. The same hackers that attack Natural Vision teachers, authors (listed down this page) influenced and sent a young person from Poland-near Ukraine, Russia to pose for them making believe he needs vision improvement help. 3 times over the past few weeks he asked to have entry to my website control panel saying he can help me improve it. Thought it was weird but kept training him on Skype. Seemed to make believe he did not understand Bates method but refused to practice the method. Had perfect English. Then about a week ago while training him on Skype he asked to enter my website. Again I said no. Then he kept disappearing, Skype acting weird, he seemed to be talking to others, did not want his face shown on video, then he asked me to press a Skype button, which I did. Suddenly my computer acts weird and tons of strange contacts appear on the left all with the similar previous hacker names of Kazekage, kyazekage and other z, y, x's in the names. Norton removed the virus. (I was on the Internet while on Skype so at first thought it was a virus from somewhere else but later have found out it was through Skype.) (This does not pertain to other students from Poland, Russia. I am training a few from that region and we changed video, mic with no problems. This notice pertains only to that one incident so they know; do not try this again! Shame on you older men for getting young kids to lie for you and hack computers.)
So; I will no longer click any pictures, buttons, do typing training on Skype. Please have your camera and mic. ready. That's the only way I will teach. Or by telephone. Spending hours helping this phony person (persons) could have been spent helping someone that really needs vision improvement.

Oct., 2, 2013 - A relaxed neck helps relax the eyes, eye muscles and bring clear vision;  (no dangerous chiropractic.) Use water-hydration, good posture, movement.., no glasses, natural methods for relaxation. 

Oct., 2, 2013 - Fighting against the plus lens guys.... on the forums, groups. Time to hide out for a while. Too many, tired of the bad guys. Avoid the Plus Lens, Anti-Corrective method! Its using reading glasses; it impairs the eyesight and health of the eyes. Causes cataract, retina injury, astigmatism... 

Sept., 29, 2013 - To all the pirates (men and the sneaky sweet acting ladies) that have been stealing-reselling my ClickBank 17 E-Book download page; No more ClickBank! I work solo now. Soon all books will be by download though email only. So steal all you can while you can.  (This does not pertain to students that give a free copy on cd to family, friends; that's ok but remember to put it on CD because the download page will be closing soon and a automatic download page link change will occur often.) CASH $ reward to any customer of other illegal sellers that obtained my books from them, and will send proof.    Pirates; you will no longer be able to ride on my website service to steal the download page and resell. God this business bites sometimes! Guess it's a good learning experience. If we make enough paperback, Kindle sales someday; all 17 PDF's e-books will be placed free on this website. Shine the light for Dr. Bates!

Sept., 10, 2013 -
New book; Stories From The Clinic by Emily Lierman in the Original Antique Print! With 132 pages of Better Eyesight Magazines in Small/Fine print.  We no longer send out e-mail notifications for new books. Past customers can write for the books when notifications are posted here.  Stories will be done in a few days; in Paperback Color and BW on Amazon and in PDF.
Aug., 17, 2013 - Better Eyesight Magazine entire 132 issues is now in video!;   

Aug., 11th, 2013 -
This website has been copied to a new server. We now have 2 websites, 3 servers. The new one is an exact copy of this site made with Dreamweaver so more videos, pictures, training, slideshows... can be added.   This has also been done to protect this website and its sub-domains ( ) from the hackers that tried to shut down the websites these past few years to prevent Dr. Bates books, magazines from being given free to the public. If any website is destroyed by hackers; we have all sites and bookstores... on DVD's. Just a click of the publish button and the websites, books, magazines are back on-line. Thanks to the old man on i-page server that that helped me learn Dreamweaver, FTP and where to buy the best hacker protection. Finally freedom! Self website creation-publishing enables many more functions.  At present a few links on the new site have not been activated so its best to use this old website until the new is completely constructed.    
Aug.,7, 2013 -
Native Americans have clear sight but some wear glasses now after forced to live on reservations, eat, drink unnatural food, water.

Aug. 5th, 2013 -
Acupressure, Natural Methods for Clear Eyesight, Healthy Eyes. (Dangers of Chiropractic);
July 30, 2013 - News - Perkins School For The Blind President; 
July 22, 2013 -Ophthalmologist Bates Better Eyesight Magazine - Original Antique Print - 132 Issues all in ONE Paperback book will be published soon on! It is in smaller print size to fit in the book. Small and fine print is healthy for the eyes. Red Dr. Bates directions in this book. Fine and Microscopic print included and a Color PDF copy so readers may print any size.  Also; Dr. Bates book in small print is complete, my publisher/printer created for a very good price so all have access to Dr. Bates training; The larger version for Google is in the PDF;  Give Google a few days for the new PDF to show in multiple thumbnails. They have the new book showing when the single or 2 pages view is used but the old copy shows when click multiple page view.
July 18, 2013 - Better Eyesight Magazine website CLICK HERE has been improved; I placed all the modern teachers practices, my notes in blue text for people that want to copy/paste only Dr. Bates work. Original and modern practices can be compared. Thanks to the lady that suggested this.  When I have the time I will place all the indentations for each paragraph. This will be a lot of work so might not be done until 2014. Download the free PDF for all original indentations, paragraph format.
July 2nd, 2013 -
Ophthalmologist Bates book 'Perfect Sight Without Glasses' in the Original Antique Print is in paperback on Amazon!   Click the Kindle to see 236 color internal pages of the Paperbacks. Click 'See all Editorials' for other information. This is a copy of the 1920 book. The paperback was created from this original antique by photo-scanning the pages of this book and 4 other editions. Long time promised 'Secret Switching Method' is added to the final pages. Many new things included. Price is $80.00 to $200.00 in Antique stores, occasionally on Amazon, e-bay... Our competitors sell for a high price and only to people they consider deserving of the method. Our price stays low as possible and is available for everyone! Color paperback price is higher, $72.00 but my printer is working on this. BW; $20.00 dollars. Trying to find a extra publisher that can print the color for about $40.00. Creating a small print BW for 1/2 the price, hopefully about $10.00. This book in Color PDF is now available to all past, present customers, students. Extra practices, pictures, Bates method history, medical articles... are in the new PDF. (This is not on the usual download page due to my web server having difficulties so; Send a e-mail and it will be send by AdobeSendNow PDF includes Dr. Bates Original Better Eyesight Magazines, the entire 132 issues in Color PDF. Final PDF edition in 1-2 month will have even more information; buying reduced eyeglasses, your frames P.D. size, methods to avoid, how to get the vision equal, perfect in each eye...    Better Eyesight Magazine is sold by competitors on Amazon... for $400.00 plus shipping. Our PDF is free; print, bind your own book from the PDF for under $40.00 ink and paper. Or; play the PDF with a projector on a TV... screen inside or outside in the sun or at night in the moonlight! The Better Eyesight Magazine PDF is also in Paperback on Amazon, 2 volumes; 
     New video with audio of entire book will be created and placed on YouTube. Here's the older videos for now; 
     (Many students have obtained success with this method and are now teachers helping others. Thank-you!)

July 16, 2013 -My favorite Natural Vision Improvement teacher Thomas Quackenbushs school in action! ; ,  Click a picture to enlarge, scroll though the classroom, practice methods. I attended his school when it was in San Francisco, CA. Was fun!  Hope to go to Netherlands on vacation some day and will take his teacher training!  His books;

July 16, 2013- Today (name removed, ask me if you have same trouble)  asked me to remove the posts below which state about computer hackers, people trying to prevent Dr. William H. Bates, Emily Lierman's Better Eyesight Magazines, books from being sold for a lower price than these hackers, book publishers sell for.  The cult hacker leader states he also received the e-mails and is not responsible for them, but won't explain who 'Kazekage'... is. (I know who Kazekage, Kyazekage is!) My question; why were the 2 major virus e-mails sent from the same name and e-mail address 'Kazekage', 'Kyazekage'used for years by the cult leader and his #1 follower? Stop the constant harassment of Natural Vision teachers, authors, stop sending the viruses!  This website, Clearsight Publishing Co's new book 'Perfect Sight Without Glasses' ( )  was almost not published due to the computer viruses. The posts below are the posts that I removed after the owner of the group asked me to remove them, promising it was not him sending the viruses. I am reposting it today because in his 2nd e-mail, after I did not answer his 1st angry e-mail, he then acted nice and asked me to click a link in the e-mail to see his new website; it gave me a virus on the 3rd website page! No more being nice to you guys! I am tired of the virus e-mails from this competing author, seller and his employees! If you don't want the truth posted here, on the internet; STOP HACKING ME! Stop the cyber-stalking, bullying of Natural Vision Teachers and their books, Forums, Groups!  I am re-posting the information after asking my lawyers advice since I have been threatened with lawsuits stating libel;
June 19, 2013
 - My computer was hacked by business competitors yesterday; Virus e-mails were sent from the '(name removed to be polite; but its given if anyone else has had this problem) ' Yahoo Group members again to myself and others. ( ) They have other websites, blogs selling Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines, books. Some of the websites place a virus into computers. I just got a 3rd virus today July 11, after going to the owners new website he invited me to right after asking me to remove the posts! Already!!  I have the best virus protection now so my computer was protected, the virus was blocked. They are trying to hack Natural Vision Improvement teachers, student's computers, get passwords, shut down their websites, bookstores, steal PDF manuscripts and resell illegally, troll on book reviews, on forums, groups... posting, voting against competitors. 5 main people do this from Italy, Kyiv-Ukraine, Russia, UK, Europe, London, Poland. They are on many forums, groups using phony names. Do not open or click links in e-mails from; Hatake Kakashi kyazekage... uk peterstolarik, kyazekage  @,  it's a virus link. Also known as Kazekage and other names. Uses a variety of e-mail addresses, computers, virus links. I printed the ip's and links... There were other e-mails for months before this one some from the same person (ip), some stating they were from Amazon, trying to get me to click a virus link and enter my password, information to my bookstores, accounts... Many Groups were infected by e-mails from Delbert and others but these people state they are only students that were infected by other people. The hackers mainly attack teachers, authors that sell Dr. Bates entire 'Better Eyesight Magazine' collection and his book 'Perfect Sight Without Glasses', 'Medical Articles' and Emily Lierman-Bates 'Stories From The Clinic'.  The hackers sell the same magazines, books but for a high price;
Ha; he removed the link. uh-huh.  $400.00 for all 132 issues of the magazines vol. 1 and 2.  Other teachers, including this website sell for under $70.00 for the Antique Print Vol 1 and 2 together and under $20.00  to $30.00 for the text version Vol 1 and 2 together. The magazines are free on this website;  He asked me to remove these magazines and the free original 132 issues on GoogleBooks. (See our GoogleBooks page on this website.) The hackers are trying to shut down all websites and published books that sell, or provide free the entire magazine, book collection. This includes people that sell the PDF. They are also on Bates Method Chats, Forums, Groups trying to disrupt the chat, posts. If any teachers, authors are having problems; contact me for more information, evidence and how to protect your computer. (By Skype only so I can be sure of identity so the cult members cannot impersonate a teacher to obtain copy of the evidence. They have tried this recently.) See the sci-med optometry and other groups, forums for Kazekage, Kyazekage, William Horatio Bates, RoyFokker... and others using various e-mails. Absolute evidence but 5 people that have it won't get involved, afraid of law suits and I will not betray them. I promised to keep the source secret. The truth will come out someday. Come forward! I know these guys have been using cult members e-mail addresses, computers. Think about this; when they get caught someday, you will take the blame. One of the men in Italy (ask) tried to get me to impersonate Dr. Bates relatives and go to New Jersey (Newark city hall, hall of records...) and get Dr. Bates birth certificate and other things and mail to him in Italy. I refused; city hall... told me that this is illegal, you must be a blood relative. The man still kept trying to get me to do it; 4 times! No care, respect for my safety. I finally warned city hall birth records and saved the e-mails, skype calls for evidence. He claims the birth certificate is only to do a horoscope but I wonder if he would use it to impersonate Dr. Bates relatives and try to force all other authors to un-publish Dr. Bates Magazines, Books. He also wanted me to go to New Jersey, New York City and find Dr. Bates, Emily Lierman's possibly unpublished work, books, contact their family. This is a good idea if done honestly, with Dr. Bates family's permission but I am too busy to spend money travelling all over the east coast. (I notice Kazekage was asking people to do this on a old Bates Method forum post in May.., 2008 and recently under another false name in 2012-2013.) This man also asked if I can get close to my teacher Thomas Quackenbush and get any material he has on Dr. Bates. This is dishonest, I refused this. Then more harassment on the Internet, Amazon book reviews, e-mail viruses... occurred.  They will do the same thing to their group members; you will take the risks, blame for their acts. This includes posting for them on Amazon, Internet, Yahoo, Google, Sci-med... Groups, Forums, sending virus e-mails. They often get cult members to use computers from the UK. One cult leader in  has a police record, cases against him. Check internet names of Kazekage, Kyazekage on the popular 'Bates Method' forums, groups and see a few posts and one particular May, 2008 post by Kazekage; see who he is sending people to for expensive Better Eyesight Magazines. Note many of his posts refer to the selller at the Yahoo Group who sells Bates Magazines for $400.00. Kazekage also e-mailed me and tried to get me to send him a free copy of a Bates Better Eyesight Magazines PDF I purchased from a owner of a Bates Method website, Forum. I refused but I gave him other books I created for free before I realized he is not a young boy looking for vision help as he lists himself to be on the Internet.  In later years more people from Europe told me he tried to get them to do this.  I notice 2 of these guys removed their pictures from their websites after we started reporting their virus e-mails to Amazon spoofing protection managers and other places.    
Here's the name of 3 of the Bates Method, Natural Vision Groups they infected with viruses; , ,   These Groups used to be very active. Now due to the e-mail viruses they have few to no people posting. Members from those groups that was infected; send me the full printed ip's so I can forward to Amazon and other teachers.
People have told me that S. Yung on Amazon is in reality these 2 men that hacked my computer and infected the Natural Vision teachers Groups;  Read through the old comments on the book 'Relearning to See-Improve Your Eyesight Naturally' and other book 'Better Eyesight - The Complete Magazines of William H. Bates' to get to the truth, see how the hackers gang together to get the author Thomas Quackenbush's comment reply's removed. These cult members are fixated on destroying Natural Vision Teachers work, schools. They only attack teachers that sell the entire Better Eyesight Magazine collection. I have been sending all e-mails from these people to Amazon so they are able to compare ip's, names. This includes old e-mails from 2008 to present. Do not click any suspicious e-mails stating they are from Amazon. Just e-mail to Amazon through their website and ask them to send directions for how to report-forward virus e-mails safety to them through;  They use mobile devices so ip's are more difficult to track. One has partners in California, UK, Russia, Italy, London...
Dec., 10, 2013 - Since year 2010 the reviewer S. Yung and friends on Amazon were posting false 1 star reviews, comments, votes of Natural Vision teachers books. I guess he has stopped? Maybe he is just redoing his reviews. If so, please consider writing in a truthful manner. He's a competing author, seller and watches this page and Bates authors, teacher's Amazon page, Forums every day. So tired of this, nice to have a break from the taunts.

(Advice to these people selling the magazines for $400.00 on Amazon Italy, Spain... and other bookstores; Stop concentrating on money and power trips. Why have you not created a paperback version for a lower price so all people, wealthy and poor can afford them? In the future when we are not here, there will be more copies in libraries, bookstores for our children, grandchildren because more people in the past generation were able to afford to buy, so more books are printed, preserved. This is why Thomas Quackenbush and my magazines, book copies are low in price. Only difference to your books is I use paperback covers and add more information, extra directions at the end of the books; advanced sunning, sunglass directions, precautions...  It's not to compete with you guys; it's to respect the people, vision improvement students and to preserve Dr. Bates work. If the eye surgeons, doctors ever try to pass laws again to destroy Dr. Bates work, prevent people from teaching the Bates Method, it wont be easy when there are many copies of the magazines, books in people's homes, used bookstores... around the world. The truth will be preserved as some honest eye doctors, people did in the 1900's after Dr. Bates death. All people, rich and poor have the right to read Dr. Bates magazines, books. 
The competing authors, sellers... are welcome to post a reply concerning my posts on the Guestbook; Click Here  Your posts will remain there but be aware; my granny was a newspaper reporter, it's in the blood to state the truth, I will reply.
May 8th, 2013; Thanks to our book customers we were able to donate money to the people that were injured in the Boston Marathon bombings;  This will help people that lost limbs, suffered other injuries and help families of the deceased.  Thanks everyone!

April 15, 2013 - Jesus; it is time to come home! HOME! (In reference to the Boston Marathon.)

Apr., 11, 2013 - What's in our food?  See the news today; warnings this stuff is in wheat, gluten, may of our food products. Recently bought imported pasta from Italy. Didn't get 'as sick' as when buy U.S. pasta, mc. Called the Italian place; they said there is some Chinese wheat in their products sold in U.S. I heard its in peanut butter... also. In the past, pets, babies died. It's in baby formula, pet food. U.S. Govt. was supposed to stop this completely a few years ago! Ahhhhh. I am buying a peanut butter machine; make my own. Maybe try grow my own wheat, grains and create homemade pasta. Worked in a pasta factory 20 yrs. ago. What toxins in our food do we not know about yet? Peanut butter too.

Apr., 8th., 2013 -Soon a new PDF will be available for all past customers. Perfect Sight Without Glasses Original 1920 Antique print, 5 Editions combined; a few of the red-maroon covers and the old yellow dust jacket cover and a green cover.  Includes Dr. Bates' 132 PAGE TWO Better Eyesight Magazine best practices in fine print, new sunlight treatments, some secret switching with Bernarr MacFadden and other pictures, directions and Emily's practices, suggestions. A bunch of goodies. Total collector's item! Send a e-mail if you want to be on the list for the download page link. It is a new page, not our usual link.

March 17, 2013 - Finally something positive happened! One of the blind guys has more perception of light and had his first flashes of full vision! 3 flashes so far, one lasting about 20 minutes. Vision strange; would expect the first flashes of sight to be blurry but he saw us clear, walked without the cane. He's going forward!

Feb., 1st, 2013 - See my Favorite Natural Eyesight Improvement Teacher's book! Read, see the entire video review on; my experience in Thomas Quackenbush's Natural Vision Improvement school, how the Bates Method provided me with 20/20 and clearer vision at all distances close, middle, far - day and night vision! Scroll down this page; (The page changes often so if this link is old; just search 5 star reviews.)   If you like it, VOTE on Amazon!



March 14, 2013-Yesterday business competitors ganged together calling, clicking voting buttons... endlessly and got all my comments defending Dr. Bates books, my books and other teachers books against these business competitor's, dishonest 1 star reviewers deleted. They got me banned from replying to book reviews, posting comments to defend our books. Two men from Milan Italy and Kyiv-Ukraine (names off here to protect this website but available to any teachers, students that have this same problem) with cult members have done this using secret names, accounts. They do not want the truth about their identities to be posted on Amazon, the Internet. Included are a few abnormal people from the Amazon Discussions Forum, power trip thing. They also got Dr. Bates Free Magazines deleted off discussions boards on Amazon. This happened after I posted I will place the Better Eyesight Magazines on Google for FREE and advertise in Italy, Russia.  I am not giving up, you evil crooks! I will continue to write, publish, provide Dr. Bates books at a low price so all people have access to the work. The business competitors are also trying to hack, shut down this website and our Better Eyesight Magazine website. Copies of the websites on 3 different servers are saved and ready to re-upload if this happens! You guys don't truly care about the Bates Method. You only want money and power over people, arrogance. Karma directly from God and Dr. Bates will catch up to you.  Update; Mar. 15 -Amazon Management restored my right to comment as author but most of Dr. Bates free magazines are still deleted from Amazon. (A main goal of the business competitors) This in some ways is not Amazon's fault; they have to respond to anyone that posts a vote... and votes are often controlled by robots. Amazon tries to treat all customers with respect and in my opinion goes to the limit and beyond for customer service. I respect this, not out of fear but genuine understanding. When I first started publishing Natural Eyesight Improvement I thought that opticians, eye doctors would combat me. (might eventually happen) Turns out it's people that want to sell this method, competitors and they have merged efforts with strange abusive people on Internet discussion boards.  I love The Bates Method but the business side can cause STRESS!
     See the GoogleBooks page on this website to download all Dr. Bates Original Antique Mags FREE. Google's free PDF color, clarity is lower than our PDF's and the Google on-line view but its the method that counts and its free! Print and read in healthy full spectrum sunlight. Pass it along for future generations;  There are 5 volumes. Google has the pages flipped in some PDF's.  Adobe Acrobat 30 day free trial can be used to re-set, re-size pages, pictures to the same view as is  seen on-line.

March 13, 2013; Business competitors so evil, I am tired of this! They write 1 star dishonest reviews of our books and get Amazon to delete the Author's reply defense comment because they want to sell Better Eyesight Magazine for $400.00. They tried to get me to un-publish the free magazines on GoogleBooks and the websites. I refuse so they retaliate on Amazon. My only option to fight back is; today I placed all Dr. Bates Magazines in their original state, 2 volumes for free PDF download on Google. Natural Eyesight Improvement should be for all people! Not sold for a high profit. (Our color PDF is better than Googles and the Google PDF looks different than their on-line preview; pages flipped. To change the size of some pictures to fit the page; rotate the page to landscape and use the edit object tool to resize. Use a 30 day free trial of Adobe Acrobat.  

March 6, 2013 - Our business competitors, 2 men (from Italy and UK, Kyiv, Ukraine) (names, e-mails available on request) that harass Natural Vision Teachers on the Internet and write 1 star book reviews (see S. Yung profile on and click 'see all reviews', then click 'most recent comments') of honest teachers books that provide the entire collection of Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazine on Amazon for a lower price than the 2 men's books have been going onto the Bates method Groups, Forums, Guestbooks posing as students, teachers and trying to get true teachers, students to steal for them; manuscripts, books, anything pertaining to Dr. Bates. Beware of anyone asking you to enter Natural Vision Improvement teachers webpages and schools in Europe, USA in a attempt to spy for them, obtain any papers, PDF's...  Do not click any links in e-mails. One of the men is a expert in spyware, software. Also beware of these men seeking people on the east coast, near New York City, Newark, New Jersey to obtain Dr. Bates and Emily C. Lierman, A. Bates' personal papers, birth certificates, possessions, manuscripts, movies... One of their cult members from the Yahoo Group defected recently after many years member and e-mailed many teachers, students including myself stating this warning. Thanks!! I knew one of you would eventually speak the truth. Been waiting for this for years! The 2 men tried to get me to do these illegal things 5 times!. I got in trouble when I let my guard down recently, tried to have some heart for one of the men and contacted public officials asking for a birth certificate on his 4 x request. I finally realized after speaking to a man and lady 4 times at the public records office in Newark that its illegal to obtain this unless you are a blood relative and these men were using me, my name with no concern for my safety, reputation. I gave the hall of records people the name of the men so they can block them. I will no longer try to be kind, compassionate to ruthless, dishonest business competitors. You guys are crooks! I almost gave in and was going to sell Bates Magazines on my website for the main guy until I was given proof that they are the same people attacking our books on the Internet. Frig this! Just received a virus e-mail from them again this morning; Kazegaze old phony name they use, just changed it a bit. ip from UK as usual, sending out 'Trolling' invitation to Yahoo Group. Avoid phony names being used on Internet; Kazekage, William Horatio Bates, RoyFokker and new names. Do not allow them to talk you into posting, clicking buttons for comments, book reviews for them on or other websites. Beware that they may ask you to create accounts and let them use it, your name, credit card, address, ip to post on websites, Forums, Optometry, Bates method Groups, Amazon to hide their true ip's, identity. Really tired of you guys! You been stealing my books for years, then re-publishing while at the same time attacking our books on Amazon, the same books you steal, re-publish for a higher price. You will have to face Dr. Bates in the after life. (Public; Email or call me for names if you have problem.)

Feb., 19, 2013
- That Chiropractor is using my book again, illegally to make natural eyesight improvement videos and teach in California. I have been blocked from commenting on their channel - they don't want me to post the truth. The chiropractor is teaching the method wrong! He's telling people to stare and use other harmful practices. Google, YouTube forced him to delete the videos in the past 'copyright infringement'. He's teaching the method WRONG! See here ; Dr. Dewitt Best Diet for eyesight and other videos. Crooks! Lot of vision teachers on there selling their methods. Who owns the channel, who blocked me from speaking the truth? If you are on that channel, speak up to the owner! Don't allow this guy to teach the method incorrect. I have contacted the lawyer again. If any of my students are reading this; please post a comment on the chiropractor's video and the channel. I do not endorse these teachers.
     Update-Feb 22 -Thanks to Google, YouTube for enforcing copyright infringement laws in the past; this time all I had to say was I am re-contacting Google and they removed the videos.  I will keep the doctor's name on here because he is still showing the videos, using my books without permission in he business in California. Anyone taking his course; be advised he is teaching some things wrong. He's good in some ways but needs 20-30% more training. I gave him a link to my teacher Thomas Quackenbush; If Hogweed; avoid, burns the eyes, cornea, sticky, poison, cause blindness
the doctor went to school, got certified as a Natural Vision Improvement teacher he might be a very good teacher.  (He also has to write, create his own books, videos as I will not endorse him using of my books.)

Dec. 8th, 2012 -To the teachers, students... that answered a recent request for help. Thank-You for the replies and the evidence sent. It has been preserved and passed along.  

Dec. 4th, 2012 - As soon as two important projects are complete, will send out the new book. Sorry for delay.
Dec. 3, 2012 -Merry Christmas to Perkins, the Guide Dog, Seeing Eye and other Schools for the Blind, DAV. donates part of book sale profits to these schools.
Thanks to all you wonderful people that purchased books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, other bookstores and ClickBank. You are the reason we can do this! , , ,  Profits are also used to feed a few stray and wild animals. Hope to join local Animal shelter this year. (Donation receipts are available on request.)

Mother Mabelle Carter ;  

Nov. 10, 2012 - New book, secret switching method and videos on hold again. Sorry for delay. I am working on a new small PDF warning about the many different un-natural eyesight treatments that can cause harm, impair the eyes health and vision. Posting what to avoid and adding in a few pictures, videos. Already have this on the website but it needs condensing, better writing, grammar. Have to do this so can place it on all websites, Groups, Forums to protect people from businesses, authors that post on Forums, Groups, Amazon, YouTube and provide harmful advice such as the Plus Lens Method that causes cataract, astigmatism, retina damage, 3-D exercises that can cause Strabismus, pros, cons of Pinhole glasses, dangers of lasik; blindness... and other topics.  

Nov 6th, 2012 - Took offer by a new publisher to publish all Dr. Bates, Clark Night... books. Paperback and E-Books. Will be on Amazon, all bookstores and worldwide, some converted to other languages by professional. This is a major publisher; no on-demand, no self-publish! It's free. Finally! I am still keeping CreateSpace and Kindle... Publishers. We now have these 2 publishers and 2 others to preserve the books, Dr. Bates work. All profits go to maintaining this website, free training, more books, the blind schools...

Nov. 3, 2012 - Donate to the Red Cross for the New York City, New Jersey...
Hurricane victims; 1-800-435-7669 

Oct. 17, 2012 -A very special thank-you to people that have bought books, given money for phone, Skype training over the past 5 years. This has enabled me to pay
 up the website and the Better Eyesight Magazine website for 1 year ahead of time. Working on 30 years and will do this on retirement in 5 1/2 years, age 62. It's you guys worldwide that keep this website alive, helped get our books published and others to see clear. Thanks again. Dr. Bates forever!
On a low note; A business competitor has succeeded in getting four 5 star reviews, two with with videos by Natural Vision students, this time one of of Ophthalmologist Bates books 'The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses' deleted on Amazon. Strange this happened after this person was exposed on the Internet for harassing students. I know the 'Good Guy and Lady' are up in Heaven watching and things will be corrected. Students; write a review! I know its hard to write because you have to think of the past vision problems, but think positive; your eyes are healthy now, you see clear; write so others will read the books and benefit.
A link to free 100% GoogleBooks view of every book is placed on Amazon so the low income can also be helped.   

Oct 7, 2012 - 'Perfect Sight Without Glasses' by Ophthalmologist Bates is almost done and ready for print on Amazon and ClickBank. PDF will be sent out free to past customers. No other book has all these contents! It contains old and new copyright domain free editions combined (including 'The Cure Of Imperfect Sight By Treatment Without Glasses'), more pictures and treatments, steps by Emily Lierman-Bates from Better Eyesight Magazine, Dr. Bates Medical Articles, old newspaper ads, methods from Bernarr MacFadden's book he co-authored with Bates in 1924, a small, fine  and microscopic print 132 pages, treatments 'Page Two' and year 1919 of Better Eyesight Magazine and Clark Night's long time promised Secret Switching. 
The main part of this book was created from the original pages of the 1920 book.       

Oct. 7, 2012 - I want to thank the people for investigating the dishonest business competitor that gave false information to, impersonated me and got Amazon, their computer system to delete my and 2 of my student's 5 star book reviews of Natural Vision Improvement teachers, author's books and attempted to do this to my books. Amazon has corrected this problem. 
    The students plan to repost their reviews from New York and Italy soon, though this 1 star reviewer has scared them, they are reluctant to re-post. It's a hassle being threatened and impersonated! 
   I am warning the 'cult groupies' that follow this crooked business man, author; beware of posting or calling Amazon, providing false information for him, he will lead you down a criminal path. He almost hacked into my Amazon account. Hes angry about being caught and I expect new retaliation in some form.
All our websites... are backed upon 3 servers, book reviews, Amazon account is backed up, publishers have been warned about this problem and books, accounts have extra copies. GoogleBooks has additional security. Thanks!  Update; Dec., 2012; we now have proof of his identity.
   When I got into the Natural Eyesight teaching, writing business, I thought competition would be from eye surgeons, optical business. Never dreamed it would be from corrupt other authors, teachers and natural health doctors; hypnosis, chiropractors.., and pirates stealing, re-selling the PDF download page. I was stressed over this, one day walking in Walmart buying a tape recorder to record harassing phone calls and told the clerk why I am buying it. He said; "cheer up; Natural Eyesight Improvement must work, it must be valuable or people would not be trying to steal it, put you out of business."  Crazy, rough world. It's eyesight, prevention of blindness! Why are people being so cold hearted, charging high prices for books, lessons? We should all be working together! I have gotten so I am reluctant to post comments, reviews on any internet Groups, Forums, Amazon; if I post something helpful or disagree with someone there is always a couple jealous people that retaliate by writing a bad 1 star review of our books. After I wrote a 5 star book review, positive comments on Amazon for a great Natural Vision teacher and defended a few other teachers, then their business competitors retaliated by writing 1 star reviews of our books.  See Amazon reviews, comments to learn which methods, books are true, safe and which methods are harmful;  and 
Read the Author's reply's. Very good information on true, best Natural Eyesight Improvement, Bates Method.

Notice the same 1 star reviewer has attacked our book; 
Read the Author's (clark Night's) comments.

When writing a review; do not place your e-mail or mailing/billing address, amazon name and other information in your profile. Keep these secret to protect your identity. Use a new, secret e-mail, address... for Amazon only.

Sept. 16th, 2012 -
Still on vacation and moving. Not on Skype every day so just sign on and if I am here will answer Natural Eyesight questions. No vacation for 7 years, typing 3-10 hour day, 7 day week creating the website and books. Really need time off. Sorry everyone. Will be back in 1-2 weeks.
Sept. 10, 2012 -New rule; No more typing in e-mails or websites to teach Natural Eyesight Improvement. My neck injury gets aggravated by typing for 1-4 hours helping students, then I can't help you guys for 3 days. Everyone please use Skype or Google Voice or call me by phone. You can record the training and convert it to print with Speech Recognition if you prefer to read.  

Sept. 6th, 2012 -
Dr. Bates original book; 'Perfect Sight Without Glasses' in Antique print will be published soon in paperback. Contains Dr. Bates 1st original book and 2nd, 3rd... editions combined. Better Eyesight Magazine PAGE TWO in fine print, Eyecharts and other goodies placed at the end of the book. 
    A free PDF copy goes out to all past and present paid customers, only upon request. Have to do it this way to block a sneaky business competitor that steals our books by contacting us as a low income person to get the books free, then republishes them in Europe, English, Italian. Requests will be checked against our customer list. ClickBank, Payloadz, Amazon customers will receive PDF by AdobeSendNow e-mail. No more download page.  

Sept. 2, 2012 -
Got Skype fixed. Better Video. On vacation 2 weeks. If you catch me at home occasionally will give quick training. Otherwise, see you all Sept. 19th. 

Sept. 1st, 2012 - A private source informed me that people I have a difference of opinion with/refuse to argue with on the Bates Method Natural Eyesight Forums, Groups, Guestbooks are the ones that have written abusive 1 star reviews of my and other author's, teacher's books on (My Author's pen name on the Forums, Groups, books is 'Clark Night'.)  Dirty pool ladies, couple guys, the harmful plus lens, chiropractic sales people and the high priced arrogant Better Eyesight Magazine salesman from Italy. One supposedly sweet kind lady on a Forum tried to cause conflict with one of my teachers.  Not one of you showed your true identity on Amazon and that main 'evil character mentioned above, that we all know' has never shown his true identity on the Forums, Groups, Amazon for years as he used dishonest business tactics and abused Natural Vision Improvement students, teachers. He tried to shut down this website, our Better Eyesight Magazine website and get all our books and free on-line GoogleBooks un-published in the U.S. and Europe. I can't place his true name on here or he will sue as a way to close down this website. It's all about the money, egos and jealousy. Shame on you. Dr. Bates is up in heaven thinking; "Just like I had to put up with from the optical industry, eye surgeons, but now Bates teachers and dangerous un-natural teachers are fighting over money and power". 
    The truth shines bright sooner or later and karma comes back to all keeping a safe place for the good guys and the things they create to improve life, happiness. 

August 11, 2012 -
Secret switching still on hold due to other important work for cataract students. Will make a video showing it for free soon. Call if you want quick Skype training. Students are seeing clear and don't need it but will be done in the future. Also creating PDF, Kindle and Paperback of new old time Bates Book. Will announce here when done. Selling low price on Amazon.

July, 28, 2012 - Lowered prices of all books. If there's an old price listed anywhere, just ignore it. 

July, 18, 2012 -  Thanks to my graduated student, now teacher and always friend. This works! Helps cure my neck injury.

July 17, 2012
donates money to the blind and also local 'home town only' Animal Rescue, Humane Societies. They treat animal injuries, including eye injuries and provide good homes for pets.   
     I no longer donate to some of the well know Animal Rescue places due to corruption in their businesses; Killing 90% of rescued animals, then selling the body to the pet food industry with the euthanizing drugin the body. This stays in the pet food; pets are consuming other pets and drugs. They also store billions of dollars in their account and personal accounts, not spending the money to help animals. Their telemarketers were always calling me asking for more money even though I was sending money every month. I found out on YouTube and a major news station that they have billions of dollars just sitting in the bank and they hire donation collection businesses to mass market for more money. I have held off posting this because I don't want to deter people from donating to honest places. Please choose carefully.

July 10, 2012 - This message is to the students and teachers in the UK, U.S. that wrote to me, stating the true identity of that 1 star book reviewer that harasses Natural Eyesight Improvement Teachers on, website Guestbooks, Groups... You told us about how he hangs around outside Natural Eyesight Improvement Teachers schools, classes and tries to steal their students. Avoid this man. People state he can become violent. He carries a Sun-glass and tries to teach the students, teachers how to use it. This can be dangerous if not done correct and it is not needed except in cases of near or complete blindness and then should be done only by a experienced Bates Method Ophthalmologist if closed eyed sunning and Sun-Gazing 'done the correct way with specific directions' has not helped. I am asking you guys to keep sending the videos, e-mail snapshots, Skype recordings of this man and his partners proving his, their true identity. 

June 28, 2012 - Better Eyesight Magazine Original Antique and Modern with 500 pictures and Dr. Bates original book is now selling by our publisher in paperback in Europe. Publishers had me verify the copyright. Thanks to the Library of Congress Copyright and Search service.

June 25, 2012 -A few people that have websites, forums, groups, blogs about Natural Eyesight, Bates Method have been removed from this website. This is not meant to hurt anyone's feelings. I had to do this on advice of my literary agent and major book publisher that has accepted my manuscripts for the final new books and some original ones. 
I have removed all blogs... that advise any method that I do not endorse or post in my books such as chiropractic, artificial 3-D fusion activities, colored eyeglass lenses... and teachers, others that have showed a abusive, ego problem, power trip attitude, hide resources, treatments when they teach, discuss the Bates method. This is not a respectful way to teach your students and teacher trainees. In the past I kept some teachers, students... on the website because they do teach many helpful things so I just placed a warning next to these teachers, students webpage links stating what to avoid. They did not like this. I now find it is best to detach from all that do not stay with only the true Bates Method, safe, healthy Natural Eyesight Improvement.

June 20, 2012 -
When searching a bookstore in Maine with my neighbor; they sold my friend a copy of what I thought was original Emily C. Lierman's 'Stories From the Clinic'. The title says; 'Bates Method, Dr. W. H. Bates by Emily A. Bates'.  C. Lierman is added on the inside copyright. The date is scratched out on the cover and inside so I have no way to tell when this was written. Old, yellowing pages. I will get my neighbor to allow me to copy it when she is done reading. I want to buy it! If all works right will send out a PDF copy with the next free books download after I get the ok from the copyright office. Has anyone heard of this book? Is it by Emily C. A. Bates, Lierman-Dr. Bates wife, assistant? It's published in New York and is about Natural Eyesight.   

June 18th, 2012 - Gary Craig, EFT Founder is back! New website;

June 16th, 2012 -New video-Free training, warnings about harmful methods; injuries by chiropractors, Plus Lenses method harms the vision. Free on-line book at TowerBooks, GoogleBooks, Indie; scrolling the pages in the video.

June 15th, 2012 -Thanks to the mother and daughter that corrected their unclear vision, strabismus... with Natural Eyesight Improvement. The little girl drew me a picture showing correct and incorrect use of the eyes with pictures of Natural Eyesight activities, cures! Children are the Best Teachers! All in color and sent a bracelet and donation. Thank-you so very much!  (As always; names... are confidential, not posted on this website unless the person specifically requests to post on the comments page.) 

June 14th, 2012 -To the Internet thieves that have been stealing my ClickBank code for the E-books download page, re-directing money to their accounts and selling the books illegally in other ways; you cost this website and free support for the blind, low income people thousands of dollars. I do not know how to correct this problem so may be leaving ClickBank unless they merge with the Payloadz bookstore service soon. Payloadz protects their clients download page from pirates and has great customer service for sending out new free books... but ClickBank advertises better and has more affiliates. MERGE!! At least Dr. Bate's work is getting out there to the people. I know it works since so many people are stealing it. It's GOLD baby, GOLD! Two more years then I hope to quit the business world. Let some big company run the sales, product delivery.

June 13th- 2012 -
That chiropractor is still using my book to make videos without my permission. He does this to also sell chiropractic. I do not endorse this! He has now placed my YouTube Channel name; ClarkClydeNight on his video description making it appear that his channel is mine or that I  endorse his videos. I do not endorse chiropractic. It can cause stroke, impaired eyesight. Please be aware of these crooks. My true channel is; 

June 10th, 2012 - 
Mini window preview of the color book. Cute, like a movie!

June 6th - 2012 - I no longer post on most Forums, Groups.
The reason for this is;
The following article has been blocked, removed by owners of Groups on Yahoo… that claim to be true Bates Method Groups, Forums. In reality they are not teaching, discussing the True Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement. They endorse, allow harmful methods, including a most unnatural dangerous use of eyeglasses (Plus Lens Method) to be posted, advised and delete posts by the many people stating the truth about this method, that it causes cataract, detached retina, other eye problems, has impaired their vision. The people that advise this harmful method, ('Plus Lenses-reading glasses) are advising it to children, pilots, senior citizens, all people, even though these salesmen, authors have vision impairment, cataract.., eye surgeries due to the use of their Plus Lens Method. It is causing a variety of eye health, vision impairments and can lead to blindness. 
The only forum I have posted on that allows this article, THE TRUTH to be posted to protect people so they avoid harm to their eyes and vision is; update march, 2014; NONE! 
The article starts and ends with warnings, what to avoid for a variety of conditions, treatments. It needs a bit more condensing but I wanted to get it on here to protect people;

Natural Eyesight Improvement normalizes the eyes pressure, improves eye health, returns the eye and cornea to normal shape. When the eye changes shape, focus of light rays in the eye changes. When the eye is in normal shape, light rays focus correct, vision is clear.
Avoid wearing contact lenses. Contact lenses cannot be worn before, during, after practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement. The contacts will not fit the eye, cornea as it changes to normal, healthy shape and function with practice of The Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement. Contact lenses can scrape, injure, infect and scar the eyes cornea, eyes, impairing the vision, eyes health. The eye and cornea can and do change shape often, on their own, with or without practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement. Contact lenses are never a perfect fit to the eye.
      Eyeglasses; As Natural Eyesight Improvement is practiced, your present eyeglass lens prescription will not fit the eyes improved state of vision; the glasses will become too strong and eyesight through the lenses will be unclear. Eyesight can improve quickly. If glasses are needed, a weaker 20/40 clarity reduced prescription (legal for driving, work…) should be purchased before starting Natural Eyesight Improvement. The first eyeglass prescription and future prescriptions should not be 20/20 or stronger clarity because these strong eyeglasses prevent eyesight improvement.  This is explained in the beginning of the book.
If you have any eye condition; glaucoma, cataract, cornea surgery.., check with your Eye Doctor first before practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement. Eye drops, drugs, medicine, medical treatments for eye pressure, other conditions… may need to be changed, reduced, discontinued.
Your eye doctor may or may not allow you to practice Natural Eyesight Improvement if there is a eye condition because;
     Natural Eyesight Improvement changes the shape of the eye, cornea back to normal, healthy condition. If eye, retina, cornea, cataract... surgery or other treatment has been done to the eyes; check with the Eye Doctor first to be sure the surgery, treatments and Natural Eyesight Improvement do not conflict, interfere with eachother; with the eye shape, state the doctor has fit the surgery to,  with the eye doctor’s treatments.
     Natural Eyesight Improvement may help the surgery, help the eye to heal or it may work against the surgery because; Natural Eyesight Improvement brings the eye, cornea to normal shape with correct focus of light rays on the retina-but, the surgery, treatment may have been done to place, keep the eye or part of the eye in an abnormal shape, state, along with the abnormal shape, state it was in before the surgery or a new abnormal shape, state or a normal shape, state but with specific conditions.  Example; Retina surgery for detached retina or other retina condition done on a eye that has an injury or is abnormally lengthened due to advanced near-sight, or is shortened due to advanced far-sight, many years wearing eyeglasses may act, result differently if the patient practices Natural Eyesight Improvement and returns the eye to normal round shape for distant vision and normal slightly lengthened shape for close vision, all eye parts to normal state, normal eye pressure, fluid, circulation flow, correct focus of light rays… The surgery and Natural Eyesight Improvement may conflict, work against eachother resulting in eye, vision impairment.
      If surgery was done for a eye injury or other condition when the eye, cornea, parts were in normal shape and done to keep the eye, cornea, parts in normal shape, then; the doctor may or may not allow Natural Eyesight Improvement to be practiced to help heal, benefit the surgery, eye. 
Same warnings, results for eye cornea laser surgery and other cornea, eye surgeries, including cataract lens surgery. The eye or part of the eyes shape, state set by the surgery, (surgery alters the cornea, sometimes lens, other parts of the eye, often changes the eye to an unnatural shape and/or state) will not fit the eyes shape, state if it improves naturally or becomes more impaired after the surgery. Eyesight will become unclear. 
     If the eyes cornea was treated with laser or other cornea surgery, Natural Eyesight Improvement may help prevent the vision from becoming more impaired but if the eye shape improves too much, beyond the state the surgery was set to, the vision may blur because the improved eye shape will not fit the prescription the surgery etched into the cornea. A balance has to figured out and this is tricky; perfect relaxation, perfect eye shape and the eye won’t fit the surgery, but more tension, impairment of the eyes shape and the eye won’t fit the surgery. Any pulling on the surgically altered cornea as it tries to adjust to a new eye shape can tear or cause waves… in the cornea because it has been weakened and made unnatural by surgery. I don’t know if the cornea can re-grow (like the human skin, liver, parts of the eye…) back to the state, full normal shape it was in before the cornea surgery. If this can happen, then the cornea will become strong again and Natural Eyesight Improvement may help.  See the warning in the book chapter on cornea eye surgery.   
Do not do inversion, upside down exercises, trampoline, spinning… as shown in the physical therapy chapter if there is an eye injury, condition, treatment, surgery; detached retina, retina, cataract, cornea eye surgery, any surgery, medical treatment and some conditions such as injured arteries, veins, capillaries in the eyes, neck, head, brain, body, stroke...
Avoid eye doctors that place an eyeglass lens prescription ‘inside the eye’ in the cataract replacement lens when replacing, altering the eyes lens during cataract surgery. The patient is then trapped with a permanent eyeglass prescription inside the eye. The implanted artificial eyeglass lens forces the eyes, vision to remain impaired, maintains, increases the strain, tension in the eyes,  eye muscles, brain, causes more vision impairment, damages the eyes health, impairs natural light entering the eyes, prevents Natural Eyesight Improvement.
     If Natural Eyesight Improvement is practiced or if the eye ‘naturally, on its own’ tries to return to normal function; the eyes shape, focus of light rays will improve, but now the new correct eye shape, normal focus of light rays will not fit the implanted eyeglass lens; the artificial eyeglass lens in the eye will not be the correct prescription, it will be too strong, cannot work with the improved eye shape, new improved focus of light rays. Unclear vision will occur. (Laser cornea surgery has the same effect; it places, etches a prescription into the cornea.
     If the eye muscles become more tense, eye shape more abnormal, light rays more impaired, mental, visual system strain increases (due to the strain the eyeglass lens inside the eyes WILL CAUSE);  the vision will become unclear because the eyeglass lens prescription will not fit the increased impaired eye shape, increased abnormal focus of light rays. The prescription will be too weak. The eye doctor will then sell a new eye operation to change the eyeglass lens prescription inside the eye to a stronger prescription. This will further impair the vision, eyes health.  If the cornea was altered; the surgery, prescription placed in the cornea cannot be changed, removed.
      In either case; if the eyes shape improves or becomes more impaired, a new operation to change the lens prescription in the eye will be performed. Bifocal, astigmatism prescription in the lens increases the vision impairment.  All lenses including unequal prescription strength in the left and right eyes cause extreme imbalance in the eyes, eye muscles, visual system, brain, visual cortex, left and right brain hemispheres. All brain functions; memory, imagination, mood, sleep, hormone, chemical production, regulation, nerve signals… are impaired. When the function of the eye, retina, brain is impaired the eyes function of pulling light into the eye, using light and transmitting the light energy to the brain, body is impaired. Eye movement, central fixation and other eye functions are also impaired.  
The artificial lens implanted in the eye, with or without an eyeglass prescription in it impairs natural sunlight entering the eyes, causes unbalanced, partial spectrum, unhealthy light to travel into the eyes, brain, body, impairing health of all. An eyeglass prescription or tinted, uv blocking in the lens increases the imbalance of the light. Read the chapter on natural full spectrum, balanced sunlight; it is necessary for good health, clear eyesight. 
It is best if the eye doctor does not place an eyeglass prescription in the cataract replacement lens so future operations can be avoided. If the eyes lens during cataract surgery is not altered, not replaced with an eyeglass lens prescription; near-sight, far-sight, astigmatism, bifocal, tinted.., or if the original natural eyeglass lens is not removed, then Natural Eyesight Improvement may be effective, the eyes, vision will have a chance to improve, maintain clear eyesight and help to prevent development of future cataracts, unclear vision. Ask your eye doctor to NOT place any type of eyeglass lens prescription in the cataract replacement lens. Also state that you prefer NOT to have laser surgery performed to create a prescription in the eyes lens or cornea.
      When possible, it’s best to remove the cataract from the eyes natural lens and keep that original natural eye lens in the eye, no artificial implant. Even better; practice the Bates Method, a healthy diet and avoid wearing eyeglasses to avoid developing unclear vision, cataract. If you have cataract; find a Bates Method Ophthalmologist and use the Bates Method to reverse, cure the cataract naturally without surgery. 
     People have obtained and maintained clear vision after cataract surgery (without a prescription placed in the lens, eye), unsuccessful eye muscle and other eye surgeries but always check with an eye doctor, preferably a Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement Ophthalmologist first.
Ophthalmologist William H. Bates books assembled by Clark Night & Clark Night’s books, Clearsight Publishing Co. do not contain, advise any un-natural harmful treatments such as;
Plus lens eyeglass method, eye stretching exercises, artificial 3-D fusion repetitive eye exercises (see chapter in book), use of contact lenses, orthokeratology and other methods using contact lenses to force the shape of the eyes cornea to change, bifocals, multi-section, mono-vision lenses, sunglasses, colored, tinted lenses, 20/20 and stronger eyeglasses, laser and other eye cornea surgery, cataract lens surgery containing a eyeglass prescription replacement lens embedded in the eyes and other un-natural methods. These un-natural methods destroy the eyes health and clarity of vision, lead to a variety of eye problems including blindness. They are completely against, opposite of the Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement discovered and taught by Ophthalmologist William H. Bates.  No eyeglasses is the best, fastest, safe way to perfect eye health and clear eyesight at all distances close and far. 
Plus and Minus Eyeglass Lenses
Avoid the Plus Lens Eyeglass Method and Other Un-natural Treatments;
Avoid Behavioral Optometrists, teachers that use the Plus Lens and other un-natural methods.
The Plus Lens Method is advertised to change the eyes shape and reverse Myopia. It is a very harmful method that causes cataract, other eye problems, interferes with natural healing, Natural Eyesight Improvement, the eyes and eye muscles normal function. It impairs the eyes health and vision; Plus Lens treatment is not Dr. Bates Method. There are businesses, Authors re-creating Dr. Bates books and adding harmful treatments. Plus Lens businesses, book authors are selling, advising this dangerous method to pilots, children, seniors, all people. Avoid it!  People advertising Plus lens and other harmful methods delete comments on their forums, YouTube… posted by people that state the method has impaired their vision. Many of the authors still wear eyeglasses, are addicted to Plus Lenses and have had eye surgeries after using the method.
     I have found through research from the present time to back in the early 1900's that people end up using the plus method for years and are still wearing eyeglasses.
Plus lenses (prescribed for close vision) are in some ways opposite the effect of the minus lens (prescribed for distant vision). Persons selling plus lenses state the plus lenses might help a person with very high myopia, extreme unclear vision reverse the addiction, effect of the strong minus lens but;  plus lenses also cause extreme vision impairment. Its risky, dangerous, a deceptive crutch that gives a false sense of security, safety. Fooling around with the way the eye muscles work by wearing plus lenses, causes; tension, confusion, dysfunction, imbalance in the eye muscles, brain, left and right brain hemispheres, extreme strain, tension in the eyes, entire visual system,  causes presbyopia, farsight, myopia, cataract, glaucoma, detached retina, astigmatism, strabismus, other eye problems, impairs tear production, pupil function, eye pressure, fluid flow and interferes with natural healing. This risk is increased if the person has advanced myopia, presbyopia, strong eyeglasses which always lowers the eyes health. The eye muscles, eyes, visual system is already tense, impaired from wearing eyeglasses. The plus lens method increases this condition, impairment and can result in the eye problems listed in this article.
Wearing any type of eyeglass lens causes tense eye muscles. Tense eye muscles press, pull on the eye, press, pull on, stretch the retina, lens,  causing cataract, detached retina, impaired circulation in the eye, broken capillaries, crushed cells… in the eye, lens, retina.
      The Plus Lens Method forces a person’s eyes that have unclear distant vision and clear or unclear close vision to look through a blurry incorrect close vision reading eyeglass prescription. This prevents and impairs normal accommodation, convergence, un-accommodation, divergence. It results in unclear close vision and addiction to the plus lenses. Stronger and stronger glasses are prescribed as the vision is further impaired. Close and distant vision become unclear.  The plus lens method is dangerous; done by causing a different type of eye muscle tension that results in overall eye muscle tension, dysfunction, abnormal eye shape and other eye problems. Astigmatism often occurs because the eye muscles become out of balance, uncoordinated, in a constant state of tension. (Bifocals and astigmatism lenses maintain and increase all of these problems.)
The 'Plus Lens Method’ (close vision, reading glasses) is harmful and using the minus, negative lens (distant vision lenses) is harmful. Replacing the minus lens (which is usually prescribed for unclear distant vision) with another type of harmful eyeglass lens (plus lens-reading glasses) is as destructive as the minus eyeglass lens. Plus lenses and minus lenses impair close and distant vision. All eyeglasses cause eye muscle tension, impair health of the eyes, vision.
Plus lens reading eyeglasses are close vision magnifying glasses. Close vision eyeglass lenses are a main cause of cataract. Many senior citizens, younger people, age 40, all ages that have worn reading glasses for a few years or shorter time develop cataracts, retina health impairment, other eye damage. The eyeglasses quickly impair the eyes health and increase blurred vision at the reading, close distance and eventually far distances.
Different types of eyeglass lenses; Minus, Plus, Astigmatism, Bifocal... cause more impairment, dysfunction, tension in specific eye muscles but always cause dysfunction, tension in all the eye muscles.
All eyeglasses; Plus Lens-close vision, reading glasses, Minus Lens for distant vision, Astigmatism lens, Bifocals, Multi-Section and Mono-Vision lenses, Colored, Tinted lenses, Sunglasses, Contact lenses, Prisms… and other un-natural eyesight treatments impair eye health and the clarity of vision.  They cause and progressively increase tension, imbalance, dysfunction in the outer and inner eye muscles, (oblique ciliary, lens, iris…) impair normal accommodation, convergence for close vision and un-accommodation, divergence for distant vision. The eye muscle tension squeezes the eye into an abnormal lengthened, shortened and/or irregular shape and places pressure, tension, stretching, pulling on/in the eye, retina, lens, cornea, iris/pupil, capillaries, fluid, tear vessels, channels, nerves.., causes abnormal eye pressure impairing health of the eyes, clarity of vision. Detached retina and vitreous, glaucoma, cataract, astigmatism, myopia, near-sight, far-sight, presbyopia and many other eye health, vision problems develop. Blood, fluid circulation in the eyes, lens, retina.., eye health and the vision impair fast when eyeglasses are used. Eyeglasses strain, impair and prevent relaxation of the mind, body, eyes, impairs function of the brain, visual cortex, left and right brain hemispheres and their control of, function with the eyes, eye muscles, retina, lens, iris, in-coordinates the eye muscles, eyes, impairs eye muscle function, eye movement, causes left and right brain hemisphere imbalance, impaired memory, imagination, concentration.., causes headache, neck, shoulder tension. All these conditions further impair the vision and can result in crossed, wandering eyes, low, no vision in one or both eyes. Stronger and stronger eyeglasses are prescribed, then bifocals, leading to cataract.., other eye problems, eye surgeries. The ‘Plus Lens Method’ and other un-natural treatments increase all of these eye problems.
     Avoid Natural Eyesight Improvement Teachers that allow students that have unclear close and distant vision to wear their close vision plus eyeglasses for distant vision and their distant vision minus eyeglasses for close vision to save money as their eyesight improves with practice of  Natural Eyesight Improvement. This will strain and cause imbalance in the visual system, eye muscles, eyes and their function, communication with the brain, left and right hemispheres.
Eyeglasses block all natural, normal eye functions.
Dr. Bates says NO GLASSES is the best, healthiest way to go. When a person contacts me with advanced eye problems; extreme blur, retina condition, cataract, glaucoma, astigmatism...; I tell them they must "Immediately Stop Use of Eyeglasses!" Continuing the eyeglasses, even using weaker reduced 20/40 lenses can advance the eye problem, prevent a cure.  Within 1-2 months after stopping eyeglasses they report improvement, even for people that don’t use Natural Eyesight Improvement, just discontinuing eyeglasses allows the eyes to function natural, correct 'on their own' and return to good health. Cataracts, Astigmatism, Blindness, Retina holes... have been reversed and cured.
Clear Eyesight Can be Obtained in a Safe Way Without Eyeglasses;

Avoid eyeglasses, use the Bates Method, read fine, microscopic print in the sunlight at close distances the way Ophthalmologist Bates describes to keep the eyes healthy, avoid development of cataracts, glaucoma and other eye problems.
     Read fine print in the sunlight without eyeglasses; it changes the eyes shape, focus of light rays to normal for clear close and distant vision in a healthy, safe way. It perfects relaxation, coordination, function of the outer and inner eye muscles. Fine print changes the eyes shape to normal, cures myopia, farsight/presbyopia in this way;  Dr. Bates states; When looking close, reading; the outer eye muscles change the eyes shape to round, slightly lengthened for perfect accommodation, focus of light rays on the retina, clear vision. Convergence is also perfect. (Other eye doctors state the lens also changes shape.) This action will help an abnormally, progressively lengthened eye shape that causes myopia, unclear distant vision to change to the normal, healthy round shape it needs to be in for correct focus of light rays on the retina, clear distant vision. Divergence also is perfect.  When looking to the distance from the close fine print, in a state of relaxation (which the fine print induces when read correct with shifting, central fixation) the eye tends to change from slightly lengthened for reading up close to perfect round for distance. The lens also functions correct.
     Go out into the sunlight without eyeglasses, sunglasses and use the eyes relaxed, correct;
practice 'shifting', natural eye movement, central-fixation and switching on objects at close, middle and far distances. Practice relaxation of the mind, body, eyes-deep and dynamic relaxation, palming, abdominal relaxed deep breathing, improve the memory, imagination. Eat right, good nutrition. All these healthy practices will relax and return all the eye muscles; outer and inner; oblique, recti, ciliary, iris, tear gland... to normal function with correct eye shape and clear vision at all distances. Healthy eyes without dangerous side effects. This is the natural, safe alternative to using minus or plus eyeglasses, bifocal… 
The True Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement brings clear vision and healthy eyes without use of eyeglasses. Bates Method students can use a series of weaker and weaker, reduced 20/40 eyeglass lenses, only if needed for driving, safety at work... until the vision reaches a safe level of clarity to permanently stop use of eyeglasses. Example; a person with unclear distant vision wearing a strong minus lens can wear weaker and weaker 20/40 reduced strength clarity minus eyeglass lenses as they practice Natural Eyesight Improvement and the vision improves, reverses back to clear through levels of clarity; this allows the eye muscles, visual system some relaxation and ability to reverse back to perfect clarity, complete relaxation. Eyeglasses are permanently discontinued. (As stated previously; if the vision is progressively impaired, danger of imperfect eye health; it is best to stop use of all eyeglasses, strong and weaker, to prevent sudden onset of cataract, detached retina, other eye problems. Stop work, driving and other actions requiring clear vision, safety while you take time out to improve your vision without glasses. It’s a hard decision, but consider the alternative of staying with glasses and risking eye impairment.
     Pilots and others required to have 20/20 vision cannot wear reduced 20/40 lenses when flying… but they can wear them with practice of the Bates Method to achieve 20/20 without glasses, then pass the eye exam, legal to fly.
When possible NO GLASSES is best way to go, fastest way to improve the vision. Stay safe and healthy; Avoid eyeglasses. Let the eyes go natural, complete relaxation and see clearer than 20/20 with The Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement. It's the original Natural Vision Course used successfully by the Military, Air Force Pilots in World War Two and present time.
The Bates method alone is enough and is safe, natural. Dr. Bates books and his 132 Issues of ‘Better Eyesight Magazine’ containing the cures for myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism... is all a person needs to gain clear eyesight and healthy eyes. They are free on the internet and in the E-books.
     Most people only need to stop wearing glasses and to learn basic shifting, central-fixation, natural eye movement and relaxation. When eyeglasses are removed, the eyes, eye muscles, brain return to normal function, apply Natural Eyesight Improvement automatically, on their own reversing, returning the eyesight to perfect clarity. Eyeglasses prevent this natural correction.
People, doctors selling unnatural eye treatments try to discredit Dr. Bates, hide his work. Most all Optometry, Ophthalmology books, articles, colleges, eye doctors will not state this truth because they are in the business of selling eyeglasses, eye surgery and drugs. Only Dr. Bates and a few honest old and modern natural ophthalmologists, optometrists have stated the truth about the harm that all eyeglasses cause and will teach their patients the Bates Method.
Read the two chapters in the beginning of the main book describing the eye muscles, what causes eye muscle tension, abnormal eye shape and learn more about the un-natural methods, eyeglasses to avoid and how to achieve freedom from eyeglasses.
Eye surgery, treatments for an eye injury, certain conditions are necessary. Always check with your eye doctor and find a True Bates Method Ophthalmologist. They are hard to find, but do exist and are growing in number as natural health cures, the truth ii available to the public.
Many eye conditions are caused by mal-nutrition, poor posture and physical, emotional, mental stress and strain. Eyeglasses maintain this, prevent a cure on all levels. People have re-gained clear vision by remembering and releasing painful memories, experiences, trauma from their childhood and other times. Natural Vision Improvement and stopping use of eyeglasses can uncover, release the negative emotions, stress. Do not worry about facing this. Encounter it and release the pain. Replace it with positive thoughts, emotions, ways of thinking about the experience. If you are in a destructive environment, find a way to gain your freedom, protect yourself from negative, abusive people. EFT, deep relaxation techniques to improve the mind by Gary Craig and Robert Monroe are of great benefit.  This is described in the book.
Family, friends, teachers might try to discourage your practice. Not all, but some may try to work against your practice, discourage you. This can be due to their being forced by the eye doctors to believe only the doctors advice, which is usually eyeglasses, surgery, drugs or due to being afraid of a new method, not wanting to learn or being jealous of your being able to cure yourself; it is empowering and they may fear losing control over you, the family, circle of friends and the old way of life. Don’t be discouraged. You have millions of other successful Bates Method practitioners, students to communicate and grow with. Read the history books and research the true history books that are hidden, not provided by schools, colleges. Many scientists, doctors are shunned by society, their discoveries, theories, proven facts ignored, destroyed and hidden. Years later usually after her/his death the scientist’s work is accepted and the world is benefited.
Discoveries for disease, cancer cures, better power sources, gasoline free cars… have been hidden by business competitors. The inverter is paid to not publish, sell the invention, cure. If he/she does not comply, this inventor disappears, mysteriously dies or is falsely imprisoned.
Dr. Bates and the doctors, people he trained to be Natural Eyesight Improvement teachers had this problem. Eye surgeons, doctors, businesses selling eyeglasses tried to hide Dr. Bates work, prevent him from teaching and threatened his trained teachers.
The Bates Method should be taught in schools, colleges for children and adults to prevent eye problems, preserve knowledge of the method for future generations.

I am asking all past and present persons that have read our paperback or e-books to post a review of the book and the Bates Method on People that are angry with me for selling Dr. Bates Original Antique and Modern Better Eyesight Magazine and other books for a low cost price in the U. S. and Europe and the guys that sell un-natural methods, artificial 3-D fusion (which can cause strabismus) and the Plus Lens eyeglass treatment, (a harmful method that causes cataract, astigmatism, detached retina) are posting bad 1 star reviews of my books on and went to two of my publishers, 3 times now; trying to get Dr. Bates and my books un-published in the U. S. and Europe. True book readers please post a honest review for this book on;
Tell your experience, what worked best for you. All reviews, like or critical are welcome as long as they are honest. This helps book sales and sales enable me to continue to provide free phone, Skype, e-mail and in person Natural Eyesight Improvement training to the low income, people with advanced vision impairment, blindness.
When I began writing, teaching Natural Eyesight Improvement I thought that threats, harassment would come from eye doctors, people selling eyeglasses, eye surgery. This has not been the case. In fact, the eye doctors, optical companies have been kind, worked with me and helped my students. (Thanks to Zenni-optical...) The people that attack me are not eye doctors, opticians; they are people selling un-natural harmful treatments, pretending to be Bates Method teachers, authors and also, a few true natural teachers that want to keep the price of Natural Eyesight Improvement training high.

May 31, 2012 - Time-line for my lawyer; I called and asked the chiropractors to take the chiropractic advertisement off their videos that are using my book without permission. He will not. He then promised he will remove the videos but said it will take 1 week because he does not know how to use YouTube, only his son does. I think he is stalling, contacting a lawyer to see if he can get away with this. I do not want these guys using my book, website pictures... to advertise chiropractic. He also swore that he is not selling or giving my PDF book to people as a way to sell chiropractic. I have hired a lawyer. Chiropractic can be harmful, its not needed to obtain clear vision. See warning videos here;

May 26, 2012 -Price of the 14 E-Books has been raised to $25.00. The reason;
a lot of people have told me they pass up the books thinking low price means low quality. They buy other courses for $37.00 and up then come back to this website asking for help. I have bought the other courses to compare. Our Books contain all they teach, only the true, healthy methods and much more. $25.00 is still lower than the other guys price. The new price will also enable affiliates to earn more money for advertising our books and will attract more affiliates. Increased sales support this website, free training, books.  I hope to pay up the website fee for 30+ years. If we make enough sales, the 14 E-Books will be free, posted on this website for download. The main book with Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines Illustrated with 500 Pictures, his original book, 10 books are still available for $10.00 and we continue to give free books to low income persons. Just send a e-mail to

May, 19th, 2012 -I am no longer an Affiliate working for other Natural Eyesight Improvement teachers. I have removed the teachers on this website and my other websites, blogs... The reason for this is that some teachers are selling artificial 3-D eye exercises that can impair eye muscle function, the eyes movement, cause strabismus and they sell herbs, ingredients in their vitamins that have side effects. They do not warn about this. Other teachers and their Behavioral Optometrist's have been endorsing the use of the harmful Plus Lens eyeglass treatment that can cause cataract, eye muscle, eye, vision impairment and are advising use of other harmful un-natural methods, eyeglasses, contact lenses, colored eyeglass lenses, sunglasses... I do not endorse, advise use of artificial 3-D eye exercises, Plus Lens treatment, contact lenses and all other dangerous, un-natural methods. They lead to vision, eye health impairment, blindness! A couple teachers do not pay my commissions, do not answer e-mails when I ask why... I think they are doing this to get rid of me because I tell the truth about all this on their product webpage and they consider me competition. People are asking questions and they don't like this. I also suspect many sales are not being recorded on my commission page. People have stated that one teacher has not been honoring their customer's product return, money back policy. I refuse to be partners with any teachers that work in this way. I am tired of having to monitor them to be sure they are honest, selling a safe product. I will lose money by dis-connecting from these teachers, but it's the right thing to do. Heaven will stay with on the side of truth and light, preserving the true Bates Method for future generations.

May 18, 2012 - Solar eclipse this weekend. Don't look at the sun, no sunning before,
during, after the eclipse. Wait until the next day.

May 14, 2012 - A chiropractor has been making videos, slide-shows using my book pages, pictures without permission. He teaches Natural Eyesight Improvement and that's great, he needs more training, to study the subject but mainly teaches it very well, but; he is also using this to advise, sell chiropractic neck... treatments. I do not endorse this! He has read my book, he knows I have a chapter stating how chiropractors injured my neck, caused vertigo, many health problems for 2 years and I still have balance problems to this day and will not have any more chiropractic treatments! Read the warning in my book (free on Google books), about the risks, stroke, vision, hearing... impairment that chiropractic caused. See the chapter on 'the Path of Light Rays in the Eyes, brain...' Most chiropractors hide this truth. I do not allow anyone, doctors, chiropractors... to use my books, pictures... to sell their medical treatments. No, you may not give my book free or sell it as a way to convince people to have chiropractic and other dangerous medical treatments. See all videos on this YouTube channel;

May 8, 2012 -Avoid aspartame, diet sugar drinks... Here's a video;

May 2, 2012 -New info; Eyeglasses, close and distant, bifocals, astigmatism lenses, ALL cause cataract and other eye health, vision impairment. Plus Lens eyeglass treatment is a very harmful method. Avoid it, it leads to cataracts. Eye doctors are placing a eyeglass lens prescription inside the eye when replacing the eyes lens after cataract surgery. This is like having permanent eyeglasses inside the eye.
If the eye muscles become more tense, eye shape more abnormal, light rays more impaired due to the strain the eyeglass lens will cause; the vision will become unclear because the lens prescription will not fit the new eye condition. Also; if Natural Eyesight Improvement is practiced or if the eye by itself try's to return to normal function; the eyes shape, focus of light rays will improve, but, now the new eye shape, focus of light rays will not be a fit for the eyeglass lens. Unclear vision occurs. The eye doctor will then sell a new operation to change the eyeglass lens prescription inside the eye. Use the Bates Method and read fine and microscopic print, avoid eyeglasses to keep the eyes healthy, avoid cataracts.
April 22, 2012 (& June, 2012) - In the past and recently business competitors have been trying to convince me to close this  website and unpublish the books. Some want only Dr. Bates Original teaching but they still insist this website and the new Better Eyesight Magazine website to be closed. Two people sent viruses in their e-mails. Some went to my publishers and tried to get the books unpublished. I will not remove the website, books. All of Dr. Bates Original Magazines and books, Medical Articles are on this website for people that want only the old time Bates method. Many people, including myself have had very good results with the original and the modern treatments. I defend Original and Modern Natural Eyesight Improvement. Even Dr. Bates said the method is continually being improved upon. He did that himself though the years as he learned from his patients, his experiments, applying his method. I like many of the modern methods such as; the Nosefeather for learning to shift, move, relax the eyes, apply central-fixation and movement of the head/face with the eyes (central field), relaxation of the neck, body and mind. The 'Infinity Swing (Figure Eight)', Cross Crawl, Color Treatment, Left and Right Brain Hemisphere Activation, Integration, improving the Memory, Imagination, new Relaxation methods, improvement of Body Energy (Chi) flow... EFT and perfecting Convergence, Divergence, Accommodation, un-Accommodation with the Bates Method combined with a bit of Behavioral Optometry for perfect, equally clear vision in the left and right eyes, at all distances, close, middle, far. 
The original method must also be preserved; it is wrong for Natural Vision Teachers to omit Sun-Gazing, the Sunglass and other old methods taught by Dr. Bates. These methods are preserved in my books with exact directions so the reader does it correct, it must be done the right! The old methods cure blindness and other conditions but modern teachers are afraid to publish them because people do not always do things right, do not understand directions. Also; a cure for blindness… is not wanted by most eye doctors (mainly eye surgeons selling cornea laser and cataract surgery, eyeglasses) so they will not apply, teach it. We need honest, Natural Bates Method Ophthalmologists to work with this Method. These more advanced methods are not needed by most people, but they must be preserved for the blind, conditions of extreme vision impairment. I do some Sun-Gazing-THE RIGHT WAY, with eyes moving, a brief time, avoiding sunburn... and it is very beneficial. Some modern teachers have completely re-written Dr. Bates original book, removing effective methods and replacing with their own view. Why change something that has worked for over 100 years? This website has free training, Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines, books on-line, the entire collection. The Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement should not be 'all about the money, business'. Teachers, original and new; allow your students to write books, pass the information to the public for free and answer your students book reviews, e-mails, tell your students you appreciate their hard work.   

April 19th, 2012 -Thanks to the people that have been writing book reviews. This improves sales so I can afford to teach free, give a few bucks to the blind places and it helps others learn Natural Eyesight Improvement for free on! I post back a comment with answers to questions, training for various eye conditions; 
rking on Dr. Bates History book for Amazon. Might be moving so final book edition will be later this year. We got the BEM's on-line, that's a major job done. Still refining the Secret Switching. It'll get done.    

April 17th, 2012 - Kevin Sorbo's neck injury, stroke, disrupted eyesight from a bad chiropractor;

April 17th, 2012 - Found Google Language Translator for entire website! To use it, move to the bottom of the Page, Navigation bar, left side and click your language. Dr. Bates, Free Natural Eyesight is world-wide now!

April 17th, 2012 - Some of my students, cured of blindness and other eye conditions are now writing their own books and teaching. I love this, it's how we all started to teach. To the few that are calling, e-mailing me, asking if it's ok to copy my books, pictures and publish, sell as your own; No, you do not have permission to do this. Darn, you few guys won't write a book review on Amazon for the book that cured your eyesight or post a comment on the website showing others what worked for you so they can learn for free. You hold on tight to the information and sell it. Shame on you! Write the books, that's good, preserves Dr. Bates work and helps you teach, but also; give some free training to the public! I will no longer proofread, correct your writing, help you write your books. Its too much work. You guys gained clear vision, healthy eyes and you know how to do it, you can write on your own, teach others. You can use some of my pictures, but ask first and get it in writing.   

April 14th, 2012 - New Better Eyesight Magazine website is done! 
Click Here. Read Free! Every year, month, article, treatment by Ophthalmologist Bates. Index page and Navigation bar to each year, month. Articles, treatments in each month listed on top of each monthly page. Language Translator with 'Read Aloud' function on bottom of every monthly page. If you want to hear it in English; Just translate English to English. Same for all languages. Copy, paste this website and give free to people needing eyesight improvement. Preserve Dr. Bates work for present and future generations! Thanks again to the Sabinos in California, Italy for this great idea!    

April 4, 2012 - Published Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines on Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook. Went into the stores yesterday; Barnes and Noble, Staples office, electronics... and can read the books free or 15 min-1 hour!
Dr. Bates work is now traveling the world! Its like his spirit is in the E-book readers! 
Remember; print your E-Books and read on real paper for clear vision, healthy eyes. No long time at the computer or other electronic screens.  

April 3, 2012 -
Wasting my time trying to defend myself and teachers books against a crazy guy that trashes our books through reviews on;  I wonder if he secretly is trying to prevent true Natural Eyesight Improvement Teachers from publishing books, providing help to the public or if he is a business competitor. Such intense hatred for Natural Eyesight Improvement teachers, authors.      

See our new website Better Eyesight Magazine page; . It also has a free copy in PDF. Our website contains all of Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines, every year, month, article and has 2 spell checks done by eye on paper, every sentence of 1233 pages against the originals and 2 by computer in Microsoft Word. Hope to upgrade the year, month, article index and navigation bar this year and create 7 different language PDF copies.
    For now; try our new 'Language Translator'; Example; English to Italian... then scroll to the bottom of the converted text and click the speaker button to hear Better Eyesight Magazine read to you in Italian. This idea is from two Italian men, Sabino and Sal that bought our books and suggested this function for their family in Italy.    

March 25, 2012 - Two New extra Better Eyesight Magazines in Original Antique printed pages with best clarity for computer has been sent out. Download while you can; my bookstore service is broken again so there is a temporary download page created for 1 day only, then it will be deleted. 
E-Mail if you missed the download time and I will send it by 'AdobeSendNow'.
    One PDF is plain, the other is OCR so you can do word search on the original print. Scanning and Photoshop on these old magazines took over a year, done with a broken neck, dizzy spells... (computer aggravates neck injury) but its done! These are pure Gold!  They are free only to past and future book customers and past free students.  Within 2 years a final re-scan with pages evenly cropped will be done by a professional printer for a new PDF and perfect printed copies for archive storage. Then the original paper copy of the magazines will be donated to a TRUE, trusted Bates Method Ophthalmologist. 

March 23, 2012 - I really hate to post this, but; I will no longer answer the phone for students that refuse to do their lessons, to practice. A few students, learning for free have been calling 2-3 times a day, holding up the phone with endless conversation about everything unrelated to Natural Eyesight. I know you are scared, being in need of much eyesight improvement, want someone to talk to but you must DO THE TRAINING and let me speak, teach you what to do to get results. Stop putting off your practice.   Also; it seems that some people call and will not listen to or read the disclaimer and also keep me on the phone for hours, making me repeat things...; I suspect these are people sent to me by businesses or business competitors preferring to put natural eyesight improvement teachers out of business, especially us free training guys. You must read the disclaimer and allow me to speak it on the phone. If you interrupt, try to stop me from speaking the disclaimer; I will not train you and will hang up. You must have eye exams, check with your doctor before and while practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement and before trying any vitamins, foods... for eye health. READ the Nutrition Chapter.  

March 1st, 2012- As posted on this website in the past; a few businesses and their affiliates not affiliated with, Clark Night, Clearsight Publishing Co. have been using my website title, YouTube videos, and main book title 'Do It Yourself - Natural Eyesight Improvement - Original and Modern Bates Method with Better Eyesight Magazine by Ophthalmologist William H. Bates' and my other books to sell their products without my permission. I do not endorse their products, am not affiliated with them. Their products contain limited training and teach some harmful methods. My lawyer did some investigating and found out that these crooks (mainly affiliates of one highly advertised product) are working through ClickBank retailer using my name... without ClickBanks knowledge. I contacted ClickBank. ClickBank is trying to stop this. ClickBank is honest, a good business. Now that the lawyer and ClickBank are involved the owner of these dishonest business and affiliates are contacting me stating they will stop this dishonest business practice, but they have been telling me this for 3 years and have not stopped their corrupt business practices. Thank-you ClickBank for helping me with this.   I have realized that the best way to combat these phony Natural Eyesight businesses is to sell my books at the same retailer they use; ClickBank. 
    All Affiliates of the business that were and continue to steal my website, book titles, YouTube videos; please join me! donates part of our sales profits to the blind, visually impaired and teaches for free.  The other dishonest businesses illegally using my name... do not. Join me and earn money honestly, truly sell my time tested, effective, safe product and do this for a good cause, help the blind, people that need clear vision. See's Affiliates page;

Impersonation of True Bates Method Teachers and their books by fraudulent teachers, businesses occurred back in Ophthalmologist Bates Time. See the picture from his Better Eyesight Magazine. People, dishonest eyesight Teachers impersonate Dr. Bates, create, sell a periodical called 'Better Eyesight" without permission by Dr. Bates;

                                                                  Better Eyesight Magazine Announcement

Feb., 28, 2012 - Large 10 in 1 PDF book is being sent out again. Last one had broken index. This is fixed. Sorry for inconvenience.

Feb. 26th, 2012 - Still working on final new Better Eyesight Magazine. Larger, clear on computer, prints great! Will send out soon. Decided to link all bookmarks, 2 sets so taking a while.  Secret Switching has been sent out to people that ask for a copy. Still in primitive creation stage, no pictures or advanced directions in the PDF yet, but it works. Write if you want a copy.

Feb.,18, 2012 -To managers of (a Natural Vision Teachers Organization-I sent you a e-mail); Do you realize one of your 'so called' top teachers is sending me and other people e-mails stating how wonderful eye cornea laser surgery is! I knew that she is a dishonest crook when I applied for teacher training a few years ago and she then raised her price to over $8000.00 and said the price is still not set after she realized who I was, that I teach Natural Eyesight Improvement free on this website. Now she's endorsing Lasik! Many people go blind and have severe vision impairment from Lasik and other cornea eye surgeries! Students, don't fall for the lies! See the eye cornea laser surgery warning, side effects here and on the FDA's website;  

Feb. 20, 2012 - Boy this post generated alot of angry e-mails!  If a teachers website does not give some free Natural Eyesight Improvement help, does not warn people to AVOID EYE CORNEA LASIK SURGERY; then they are only out for money! Avoid these teachers. These corrupt teachers hide information, make people think they have special training that cannot be written in books, on the Internet, in Videos. This is just a line to reel you in, take your money.  

Feb. 12th, 2012-Congratulations to the semi-blind man that has cured his macula degeneration, cataracts and now reversing his glaucoma and working on improving the clarity of his eyesight. Amazing! I learn so much from these brave people! Students teaching me, becoming teachers! No better teacher than a blind man that has cured his own eyesight by practicing Bates Method.  
    Sending out the extra new Original Antique Better Eyesight Magazine PDF in 1-3 days. Limited Photoshop clean up, margins are cut for larger, clearer images on the computer. 

Feb. 4th, 2012 - New 'PAGE TWO' book was sent out to everyone. Has bookmarks... added. In Original Antique Print. Send a e-mail if you did not receive it. Will be attached to the other new books being sent out in a few days. Just choose the links you want to download. Out bookstore has been upgraded with easy to view download links.

Jan. 26, 2012 -New Original Antique Better Eyesight Magazine PDF has been sent out to all past and present customers. It has a few more Bookmarks... to set but I wanted to get this out since many people have been asking for this new version.  Click the link on the introduction page to read directions for viewing pages clear. The final upgrade and a copy of this PDF before it was Photo-shopped, with the pages cropped for larger size so its clear on all settings without having to do the steps listed for the other PDF and a OCR search-able copy of the old antique print will be sent out in 1-2 weeks. It took over a year to scan in and clean up the draft. Hope you like it. Contact me with any questions. Suggestions on the technical settings for the page view are welcome.  

Jan., 19 2011 - Index page numbers are fixed on the Original Better Eyesight Magazine Paperback books. For sale at  A clear, new PDF version with all 132 magazines and the modern text copy with 500 pictures, in color is free with the books, even if only 1 Volume is purchased.  This is the lowest price possible and no competitor has created these Original Antique Pages in Paperback for this low price. We keep our prices low to respect the customer and preserve Dr. Bates work for all people.

Jan., 16, 2011 -Finally discovered how to view the Better Eyesight Magazine Original PDF with perfect clarity when on less than 125% zoom; Make a copy of the PDF in 'My Documents'. Open both PDF's at the same time and one will be clear at all settings, even very small. Both PDF's print clear any size. Still need to figure why the PDF does this. Happened after cleaning up the old marks, smears. Extracting all pages also results in clear PDF copy but then it is unclear after save, close, re-open. Must be some setting in the Acrobat Save, page display... or Adobe Reader. 

Dec. 30th, 2011 - New Extra Better Eyesight Magazine Page, Free E-Book, & 'GoogleBooks Read Free' Links for Better Eyesight Magazine Illustrated with 500 Pictures and The Original Antique Magazine Pages. Click Here

Dec. 27th, 2011 -New Sunlight, Sunning, Sunglass PDF from the newest book upgrade to be published in 2012.
Dec. 25th, 2011 -Working on final book upgrades for 2012. Setting up Skype on website so I can talk with students on voice and camera. Anyone know how to do this?, a webpage for Skype training? I had the link, then lost it.  

Dec. 18th, 2011 - M.S.G. causes temporary migraine headaches with blind spots, flashing lights in the visual field, impaired memory, concentration. New laws allow M.S. G. to be labeled with a variety of new names to fool the public, hide this poison in our food; hydrolyzed corn, soy... protein, yeast extract and other names. Its in snacks, potato chips, meat, fish, dried foods, smoked foods, salad dressings, soups...

Dec. 12, 2011 - All our books are being posted on GoogleBookSearch- Read for free. Google is a bit unclear due to its OCR and photo copying of the pages; The Paperbacks, PDF's are clear. So are the Kindle versions.

Dec. 6th, 2011 -
As posted here in the past; I have been scanning in new Better Eyesight Magazine Original Antique Pages - 132 Issues from a very clear paper copy. The Paperback versions were made from a digitally restored copy of his PDF. This copy is the same, except they are directly scanned from the pages he mailed me. A bit larger print size and it is very clear. This will go out to all past customers soon after I get the bookmarks set. This PDF contains OCR and a plain copy, no OCR. It is free with any of our CreateSpace or LULU Publishing, Clearsight Publishing Co. Books. The PDF goes well with the Better Eyesight Magazine Paperback and Kindle for quick reference, enlarging the print for visually impaired.., printing large or fine print. Hopefully the OCR will also enable Read Aloud.

Nov. 27, 2011 -Better Eyesight Magazine - Original Antique Pages from the 1900's By Ophthalmologist William H. Bates - Vol. 1, 2, 3 & small print versions in 2 volumes are finally complete, published on; Click the William H. Bates Authors Page link to view all his books. 

Nov 4, 2011- New free videos, books, book chapter upgrades going slow due to 2 publishers techs, reviewers not knowing how to give clear directions on how to create for their printer Dr. Bates original mags. Other publisher corrupt, hiding how to publish on Amazon until I have revised the books and repay the fee over and over on each revision. But they print and sell the books on their site fine. Things have to go right soon! Got some good stuff to get out to you guys!!

Oct 30th, 2011 -Some Insurance Co. or, said was Medicare Investigator? called me Oct. 30, 2001; at first seemed nice, siding with me against ‘Highland Chiropractic Family Care Worcester, Massachusetts’, the chiropractors that broke my neck in Oct, 2009 - tried to sell me 240 treatments’ saying I will never be cured. Then the lady on the phone seemed to be recording the conversation and trying to get me to let the chiro. go free, trying to twist my words.., ; Gee I am old country, not educated, but after 10 min. on the phone started to realize this lady was trying to say my symptoms after the Chiropractor is my fault. The AMA and Drug Co. is corrupt. U-Mass Hospital visit with vertigo due to Highlands bad treatment 3 times is witness but I bet they did not place Highland chiropractic as the cause! I tried to tell the lady on the phone this chiropractor is hurting kids; sports players and other people. (4 more injuries to people posted to Medical about 1-1/2 yr. ago. Wonder how many more have been injured to date?) Lady on phone seemed nice, but scared she will lose her job if agrees with me. If I don’t post this, another person, child may be injured, crippled for life. Chiropractic was good before it became corrupt, but even in the early days it was dangerous. The colleges, doctors hide this truth.  

Sept. 18, 2011 -
Better Eyesight Magazine Original Antique Pages from the 1900's by Ophthalmologist Bates in now in Paperback. Vol. 1 and 2. 1300+ double pages.
Watch for it on, LULU and Google Book Search free 'Look Inside' Feature.

Sept. 17, 2011 -U.S. Government will soon ban plain old incandescent light bulbs and force the public to use fluorescent bulbs. Fluorescent light bulbs contain toxic mercury, radiation... and produce very unnatural, unbalanced light that strains, confuses the eyes, brain/visual system, causes unclear vision and impaired eye health. Stock up on the incandescent bulbs and learn how to make your own now! Find full-spectrum non-fluorescent bulbs and open your windows-get real, natural full spectrum sunlight.

Sept. 5th, 2011 -
Thank-You to the kind gentleman that made a $50.00 donation today.
Been spending most funds trying to finish up the book upgrades, pay for Dr. Bates Magazines to be distributed...  Now I can donate a bit to the Blind places this month.

August 20, 2011 -
Better Eyesight Magazine Illustrated with 500 pictures had been published in Paperback.

August 11, 2011 -
Still having problems with Non-Bates Method Eyesight Improvement businesses using my YouTube videos and my website name and now constantly posting their links on our Guestbook to sell their products. I had to remove the live Guestbook page! These and other programs, books provide some treatments, advice that can harm the eyes, vision; such as; allowing the use of contact lenses, plus lens treatment, Artificial 3-D exercises and other unnatural treatments. Strabismus, cornea injury and other eye problems can develop. I do not advise, endorse their products, vitamins, herbs.., courses, books.  Please avoid these harmful methods.  I do not endorse, am not affiliated with VisionWithoutGlasses and other businesses.
Another new book upgrade going out in a few days; audio links on the new book chapters, Cure imperfect sight book into text for faster movement in book, all 10 books in 1...
   This book is a copy of the Paperbacks, Kindles on

July 3, 2011 -
A new book was sent out to all readers, customers and free books today.
If you did not receive it; send me a e-mail for the download link. Was written in response to requests for a short, quick version. New upgrades from the large book are in this book. Large book will be sent out next month, hopefully. Still working on Strabismus chapter and Secret switching.
May 29 - Avoid Hogweed. It burns the eyes, causes blindness. See picture below on right.

Hogweed.jpgMay 27th -On final book upgrade chapters, lot of goodies! Strabismus cures... Getting book done even though trip to hospital with vertigo from another chiropractor's neck treatment that was unsuccessful. Going back to only Yoga, Physical Therapy and never again trust the chiros! Weird that the original chiro's that caused the first injury started doing unbalanced neck, spine alignments that caused injury after reading this website, chapter telling the truth about chiropractic, how some are dishonest, harming patients. See the new PDF from the upcoming final paperback and PDF, Kindle book upgrade;    

April 27 - 2011 - Fine Print - See it Clear - From Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazine.  Picture is on this page somewhere.

April 23, 2011 - Update this afternoon- If embedding is enabled on YouTube videos, any website can post the videos. I cannot disable embedding because good teachers, Bates students and myself post videos, but I will keep this post here to set the record straight: Businesses are still using many of my videos, my work, advertisements without permission to sell their books, courses. When I post this warning on my YouTube videos that they are posting them on their websites, they just use another one. Their books are not The Bates Method and contain some harmful advice. Their books do not contain the material, training shown in my videos. I 'Clark Night' author of 'Do It Yourself-Natural Eyesight Improvement'...  am not affiliated with and do not endorse VisionWithoutGlasses and other businesses, websites. My Paperback books and PDF, Kindle... E-Books are not free with purchase of their books or for sale in any way by them! I have to post this message on all my YouTube videos and website now to protect my students from harmful eye, vision advice in their books. Be For-warned, many of these products are a scam. If anyone has received my book from them, please notify me.

March 28 - Chiropractors in Worcester, MA Still Injuriing Patients! 

March 26 -  The DAV-Veterans!

March 15 - 2011 - -Interesting new chiropractic alternative - safer method. As I explained on this website: a dishonest chiropractor injured my neck, almost destroyed my vision, balance, near stroke... by purposely doing a unbalanced, partial back and neck treatment, throwing the neck, spine vertebra and hips out of alignment, then tried to sell me 240 treatments and said I will never be cured and have to stay with their method, treatments for life. I left this chiropractor. (Highland Chiropractic, Simpson's, Worcester, Massachusetts.)
    My condition and eyesight were then improved 90% by a new honest chiropractor and the Bates Method. I still have some trouble walking, and other health problems from the first chiro's bad treatment. I then applied some of these Home Chiropractic treatments ( and corrected alignment problems in the back and could then walk better. Popped, aligned my own back, left and right sides. Chiros kept doing only one side and goofing up, unbalancing the lower back. They did the same type of unbalanced, one sided alignments on the neck and spine. Recently found this new method similar to Chiropractic. Seems to have helped my neck and back align even better. Yoga too, Physical Therapy and few Exs from my old honest chiro in South San Francisco: Dr's. Soo Hoo, Tai and Chang.  Lots of Water with the right amount of organic sea salt, god hydration diet as described by a student that contacted me about a eye condition. He cured many conditions of his vision with the Bates Method and taught me much about health. Hope to get him to write a paper for our nutrition page.  Check with your doctor first before trying any method.  June 2012 - I not longer use any chiropractic methods except for a few of the home treatments and am even careful with them. No neck work with machines, adjustments...

Feb 15 - Poison in diet soda, causes blindness, seizures... on the news.  Aspartame - finally will the government ban it?!!!

Feb 14, 2011 - Astigmatism Removal Video # 2 is complete. Swings and other Treatments -  
Download all videos to DVD.  Some of the Videos are for showing readers the internal book pages. These also have Natural Eyesight Improvement Free Lessons in each Video. So.., wait about 10 seconds to get to the First Training Lesson in each Video. More, shorter videos on for every book: Kindle and Paperback.

Feb 12, 2011 -Still working on a few new book upgrades to be sent out Free to all past/present book customers. Continuing process of recovery from neck injury from that corrupt chiropractor - 14 months! Better and better now so... Hoping to send out a new free Cure of Imperfect Sight E-book upgrade to you all. This is sold on Amazon as Kindle and Paperback. Free to customers. Secret Switching with Yellow Kitty chapter and booklet still in the works. Its coming along great! The neck injury and wandering eye condition from the injury and its correction with Bates Method is actually a good thing: it has helped me learn by experience and add more treatments, activities to the Secret Switching chapter! Neck injuries, bones out of alignment, extreme neck muscle tension, even back, hip injuries can definitely cause unclear vision, double vision, crossed, wandering eyes, and a ton of abnormal visual effects! 

Feb 1st -2011 -New Paperback version of's E-book is on Trying a redo with less color for the text and more chapters... 12 E-Books are free with the text version.

Dec. 25th, 2010 -Merry Christmas! I asked Santa to help me sell E-books so's books will be free in the future when we save enough money. Yesterday banned my seller account and paperback book because I was trying to sell it as a Adobe PDF. Today I noticed they have converted it to Kindle and its selling on Amazon! This may not be the full version, but: customers that buy the Kindle on Amazon also get the free complete 11 E-Books PDF version. 
Click Here 

Dec. 13 -Today the eye doctor had me come back and accept the glasses. I threw them in the trashcan. I figured he wont make money from insurance if I don’t keep the glasses so I went back to be polite, but will not wear the glasses. Told him I don’t need the glasses and my vision is back to 20/20 and sometimes better lately after sinus cured and practicing extra time with Bates Method. Lady had me try on the glasses again and this time even more blurry through the lenses: the blur was very weird, like looking through watery syrup with stars, streaks around objects. Got pain in the eyes and a headache. Lady said I must get used to them. I told her I know that really means 'I must develop vision impairment, astigmatism again' to see clear through those strong glasses. No one would listen. Ads for laser surgery on all their forms, answering machine... Idiots. Left glasses on floor in hall again and this time stepped on them, so are crushed and doc will not try to force them upon me. Childish of me! Yep! Gave them a copy of Dr. Bates old book. If I did not know Dr. Bates teachings I would of been a victim of these guys, wearing the glasses until my vision, eyes go downhill! People that live in these small cities, towns are at the mercy of these doctors that want to sell addictive eyeglasses, surgery! Senior citizens, the poor that do not have internet access to search for natural cures are completely dependent on the doctor to tell the truth: Most of these eye doctors hide Natural Eyesight Improvement from the public.

Dec. 12, 2010 -
Creating a few more audio lessons for book chapters and also short videos for every chapter. See Youtube for now. In next free book upgrade (Probally in Jan. 2011) will place them in the book chapters and on the book videos page. Extra chapter with more activities to be added or as a 12th book.

Dec. 11, 20210 -
Google Translator for converting text on this site to other Languages:

Dec. 4th - 2010 - Its done!!  -
Sending new book upgrade out today. Will be in Therapy again for broken neck 30 days. Then, back to work on final book upgrade, better sound quality on audios, 5-10 minute videos every chapter... Secret Switching still in progress.

Dec. 1st - New book upgrade going out to customers soon. Audio lesson link in every chapter. Video link in each chapter. New Astigmatism Chapter addition. New Close Vision Reading Fine Print booklet attached. New Introduction, more Fusion 3-D info., Index and Bookmarks improved, Nutrition upgrade, Eyeglass prescription example and reduced lenses...
Oct. 6th, 2010 -Customers have been avoiding using the $2.00 book sale button and are buying with the donate button and paying $12.00 and up! Thank-you! I was able to give to the blind schools, DAV... this month!  Book price is now $10.00 and will continue to be free if a customers needs it. $10.00 price has enabled me to up the Affiliate commission. Join us!
   Eyesight Better this week, thank goodness. Well at least I know not to use 3-D Illusion Images! Bates Method only is best!

Oct. 4, 2010 -
A new artificial 3-D Fusion Eyechart has been sent out to all past customers and added to our books eyecharts as a extra separate file. These are not used by true Bates Teachers. Some people get vision improvement from these 3-D Fusion Tests but others experience double vision, divergence, convergence impairment. I have placed the charts in the book so the student knows what they are, can avoid them or use with a Bates Method Behavioral Optometrist if necessary.  I prefer only the Bates Method. E-mail me if you did not receive the charts or click here.

Sept. 24, 2010
- Vacation for first time in 7 years!  Too dam hard to find a truly natural Bates Teacher to certify me as a teacher on-line. Think I may prefer to be only a graduated student forever!!! Dr. Bates says even children can teach the Bates Method.
My arms are numb from typing new book upgrade with this still partially misaligned neck from the dishonest chiropractor and only 90% fix by the almost honest ones interfering with my ability to do final book upgrade. Even eyes convergence now messed up by these guys bad neck vertebrae alignments and, I will no longer do the fusion exercises advertised by some vision teachers! Goofs up the eyes convergence, accommodation!  Maybe try physical therapy again, they were honest in the past and it worked great. See you in 30 days.
Clark Night

Sept 15th, 2010 -
 Entered Penn Foster College for Optician Training - -
$1100.00. Will then take Natural Vision Improvement Teacher Training course, then seek Behavioral Optometrist to work with for prescribing reduced eyeglass lenses if needed as we teach people to obtain clear vision, independence from eyeglasses. This will also help me to work with students that need reduced lenses: how to communicate with their optometrist...  Quit this school after learning how to understand prescriptions, create glasses... Dont want to sell glasses and too hard to find a business that will hire Natural Vision Improvement teachers.

Sept 6th, 2010 - 27 Natural Eyesight Improvement Videos are now on Youtube.White Print on Black Acts as Light, Easy to See.
These are not always listed on our website videos page. The videos also show functions of, how to use the E-Books and latest free book upgrades. Go directly to Youtube.

Sept 13th, 2010 - Customers be aware that our videos are being copied from YouTube and used by businesses without my permission to advertise their E-Book courses, eyeglasses, Laser Surgery... without Clark Night,'s permission.
I do not recommend these businesses, courses, do not recommend Laser Surgery! I have purchased a few of their books to investigate and will not sell or advertise for them! The books advise many harmful practices, use of contact lenses, bifocals are considered to be 'ok', Artificial 3-D exercises. Many treatments such as Palming, Sunning, Shifting, Looking Close and Far are taught incorrect or partially, leaving out important steps. Their books do not teach the true, complete Bates Method. Their books seem to be thrown together with minimal knowledge, misprints, repetitive paragraphs in order to quickly advertise a product and earn money. 
These people are not true Natural Vision Improvement, Bates Method Teachers or Students! They give Natural Eyesight Improvement a bad reputation by impersonating Bates Teachers, providing false training, dangerous practices, corrupting the Art of Natural Vision Improvement.
    Buyer Beware. If any readers have purchased these fraudulent courses and feel taken advantage of: post this on our comments page. I will send you's 10 books for free so you may compare and obtain the true, safe, healthy way to practice Natural Vision Improvement.  

    If anyone buys a book and also receives's books free on the Internet from these businesses-please notify New books, videos are not sent out to fraudulent businesses.

Sept. 2, 2010 - Too many e-mails lately from people stating they are new students and suggesting I take the free help off the website and just sell the books and raise the price. Students would not do this. These are people selling high priced vision improvement or glasses, surgery. This website remains, with free lessons and I have made backup copies on 2 other web servers and on DVD in the event this site is tampered with, forced out of publication! Lot of greedy cold-hearted idiots out there!

August 24, 2010 -
Purchased Carina Goodrich's new Book; The Practical Guide to Natural Vision Improvement and am studying it.
Very good book, excellent original and modern training! I am learning more 'New Stuff' to teach's students! Saving money to buy her kits.  If my neck would heal, now!, I could get to Colorado and train as teacher with Greg Marsh. Maybe in 2011. Then will make a real life video for you guys.

August 22, 2010 - All pictures in our main book and 500 pictures in Better Eyesight Magazines text version have been fine tuned for optimum clarity, bright color in the next upgrade with Adobe Photoshop. Got it for $2.00 at the Irish thrift store! This new upgrade also has more video links, other upgrades and has been sent out to all past/present customers.
July 29th and 31st 2010 -Original Better Eyesight Magazine upgrade has been sent out to all customers. 152 MB and clearer, word search enabled, text version with 500 pictures and new Eyecharts attached in same book. Includes full bookmarks and index for every year, month, article. Contact if you did not receive the E-Book. Security password included. Have also added Zipped individual separate books, no security on the 31st. All 10 books can now be downloaded as separate books, small file size to enable reading on E-Book readers, i-pad, mobile devices. This has also been sent out to all past, present customers. Thank you to customers for suggesting this. Will also try to reduce picture size on website for faster web in future.

June 20, 2010 - Questions on how to print the books; If the bottom margin is cutting off the print: in adobe print setup: select % of normal size, a number less than 100%. This will fit all text onto the paper. Also: use this to create small and fine print or use the 2-4, 6... pages per page to print in fine print.

June 11, 2010
- New book upgrade sent out today. Lots of goodies! Let me know if you did not receive it.
A few E-mails came back as old, could not deliver.  Next upgrade: Better Eyesight Magazine photos all years. See free intro. in the present upgrade. Click the + to reveal new Bookmarks placed throughout the book. Secret Switching 7 different types and more vision improvement activities in next/final upgrade.

April 23, 2010
- Facebook - 

April 9, 2010 - 2 new videos. 

Sign up for free AFP E-mails - They give free health booklet, secrets the government, drug companies dont want you to knonw!  Nutrition AFP -

April 8, 2010 - See bottom of nutrition chapter for article on Aspartame poisoning.
      New free book upgrade closer to being complete. Therapy done and lot new info on neck relaxation... due to direct experience with a injury from a bad chiropractor and methods I had to use for healing. Now on Yellow Kitty Switching, two more color charts, more left and right brain hemisphere exercises, energy strengthening for hands when palming and more stuff! Its worth the wait!

Feb. 26, 2010 - Night Vision Video Youtube - 

'Secret Switching Method' directions with pictures, (this is not taught in any Natural Vision Improvement course but is mentioned in Better Eyesight Mags, in a few old books and rarely Behavioral Optometrists teach it complete, correct. It brings very clear fine detailed vision, quickly and is for close and distant vision improvement. This simple, easy method combined with basic Bates method is all that is needed for most people to have clearer than 20/20 vision!!  Maybe this is why it has been secret for so long? Easier than learning to tie your shoes! Learn this and you will be independent: free, clear vision for life.)
    Free book upgrades for all past customers.
    All these new book additions will also be placed on the website in a PDF when final book upgrade is complete. 
After that, a final quick upgrade containing pictures of  every Natural Vision Improvement Method from 1900's to present.
    Then: will be working on final upgrade including videos for computer and television.  Free to past customers, short videos free on website.
(1-2 hour video free with book purchase.)  
More 10 minute 'Quickie' Videos for YouTube!

Oct 24, 2009 - - New Website - Movies and a variety of languages teaching the Bates Method.

Oct. 8, 2009Free EFT videos.
Sept 27, 09 - Many people have E-mailed me stating that the pages on this website run slow due to large MB of pictures.
I am new to computer use and am trying some of your suggestions to reduce picture size without lowering the clarity of the pictures since many people like to copy them. I have decided to keep this website the same so pictures will be clear and to make a basic copy of the site with all picture size reduced so that the copy runs fast. I will place a link to that site when it is ready. Thanks for your suggestions.

(Oct 2009-2010- Broken neck due to bad, dishonest chiropractor. Don't know when I can travel.)

Thanks to libraries, family's...
for providing the original Better Eyesight Magazines and other Books which enabled me to do a complete spell check against the originals and compare the articles to modern versions that are different, and include every story, article, paragraph... in the magazines. Modern info. is added without omitting the original versions. 
Thanks to Thomas Quackenbush for teaching the original and modern versions, improvements to some old Bates treatments.
I was able to give out free copies of Better Eyesight Magazines with the E-Book to two Guide Dog schools, people at the blind convention this year and other low income persons needing help with vision improvement.

August 12, 2009 - Guiding Eyes for the Blind videos;

You tube videos:  See all videos


Also see web site and you tube videos by:

June 15, 09- Central Fixation videos - two free on YouTube. Click the links on the videos page 43c.

May 20, 09- Found a new place to send donations: Perkins School for the Blind. See page 45.

May 28, 2009- has discovered that our book: 'Do It Yourself - Natural Eyesight Improvement' is being sold by a few other persons, businesses without our permission. This infringes on copyright.  We are also unable to give new free books, videos to customers that purchase from these businesses because we do not have the customers e-mail. Persons that have purchased a book from these businesses can receive the free books by sending us your e-mail and providing us with the address, name of the place you bought the book so we can investigate business fraud. The book is being sold illegally on CD and download from a different website. These other business do not donate to the blind. We allow free copies on cd to be distributed but do not allow people to steal our business and sell the book. 

Alert - See new side effects warning - nutrition chapter 36 this website:
Glucosamine and Chondroitin joint formulas causing health problems!
People stating it causes bone growths on the feet, back, neck vertebrae (similar to calcium deposits that can also occur from too much calcium supplements) resulting in dizziness, impaired movement of neck, back, body, muscle tension. This can also impair eye movement, clarity of vision.  Other health problems reported.  There has to be a natural safe way to rebuild cartilage!

April 7, 2010- I am taking one of these new formulas temporarily in hope of rebuilding a injury caused by a bad chiropractor in 2009. Hope to avoid the side effects.  Now April 9th, after 2 days feel better, now more walking problems. Also found out the silica in the joint formula causes kidney stones...  Ankels swelling...  Quitting the entire joint formula today! Did help some joint repair, but also stiff, other symptoms, some still from bad chiropractic treatment so can t be sure. Later months; I completely stopped taking it. Caused a lot of strange joint problems.

April 23, 2009 - See new ads on television and websites for;  Truth about toxic chemicals in plastic containers, water bottles finally being stated on television, websites in 2008-2009.   Cancer and other health problems! This has been known for 15+ years in the natural health community, and stated in the 'American Free Press', (Spotlight) free speech newspapers.

April 23, 2009 This year the price of the E-Book was raised to $30.00 as a result of three Vision Improvement Teachers E-Mailing me and stating that the price should be higher. We did make more money when the price was raised but realized that less people were buying books due to the higher price, so... less people were receiving help with vision improvement. Our mission at is to help all people, rich and poor, to obtain clear vision. This is why the price has been reduced back to $7.00. This E-Book and price will remain.  We now sell more books and still make enough money to maintain the website and donate to the Guide Dog Schools, DAV, Perkins School for the Blind, ASPCA on page 45. Update; June 2012; price for entire 14 new books and course $25.00 but the old single and 10 books for $5.00 - $10.00 price remains. I will take the good advice of some teachers and raise prices for the kit; paperback books with CD/DVD videos and 14 E-Books to cover costs of labor, production, printing, shipping.  This entire kit, a complete Natural Eyesight Improvement home course will be available in 2013.

Nov. 2014; Ignore old posts for e-books prices. They are now free on;



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