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PINHOLE EYEGLASSES - Pros and Cons, Healthier Than EyeglassesVitamins, Minerals.., Eye Health Vitamins; Bilberry, Lutein... Ming Mu Di Huang Wan Ancient Chinese Eye Formula for Healthy Eyes, Body, Liver, Clear Eyesight. Neck Muscle Relaxation. Health BooksTRANSLATOR Convert Website Pages, E-Books to Other Languages. Audio; Hear in English, Spanish... Blind; Listen, Learn Without Reading HISTORY                 The Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement - Best Teachers, Books, Websites, Blogs, Training, variety of Information. 1800's, 1901 to Present Date BETTER EYESIGHT MAGAZINE By Ophthalmologist William H. Bates', Introduction. 132 Issues, July 1919 to June 1930. Original Training, Cures from the Eye Doctor that Discovered Natural Vision Improvement BETTER EYESIGHT MAGAZINE - Entire 132 Issues on One Page or Link to the Main Magazine Website, Individual Monthly Issues. Read, Listen Free on the Internet in any LanguageAUDIOS For the Blind, Low Vision - Better Eyesight Magazine Treatments; Myopia, Presbyopia, Cataract Glaucoma, Retina Health, Strabismus, Astigmatism...Dedication to My Mom Nancy Native American Videos - Natural Life=Clear SightSKYPE, GOOGLE  Live Video on the Internet - Telephone Natural Eyesight Improvement Training. Student and Group Training1 - Natural Eyesight Training Starts Here, Page #1 to #40.        MENTAL STRAIN, EYE MUSCLE TENSION CAUSES UNCLEAR EYESIGHT. Dangers of Laser Eye Cornea Surgery, Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses2 - STRONG EYEGLASSES = Addiction, Progressive Vision, Eye Impairment Verses REDUCED, WEAKER, TEMPORARY EYEGLASS LENSES = Vision, Eye Health Improvement.      
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3 - HUMAN EYE Function, Anatomy, Light Rays, Cornea, Iris-Pupil, Lens, Retina, Macula, Fovea, Optic Nerve, Eye Muscles...4 - Front View of Eye. Pupil, Iris, Ciliary, Lens, Sclera.., Outer Eye Muscles; Oblique, Recti. THE EYE CHANGES LENGTH LIKE A CAMERA (with the lens) TO FOCUS CLOSE- FAR 5 - DO IT YOURSELF NATURAL EYESIGHT IMPROVEMENT; Practice Shifting and Other Relaxed, Natural, Correct Eye-Vision Functions.
Play with the Moving Pointer to get the Eyes Shifting, Relaxed. Move with the Figure Eight. 6 - CENTRAL-FIXATION - Central Vision 'Centralizing'. See Clearest with the Center of the Visual Field. Combine With Shifting. The Central Field MOVES as the Eyes, Mind-Attention Move 'Shift'.7 - CENTRAL-FIXATION STICK    Use the Gate to Find the Exact Central Field and Move it. Test for Balanced Eyes, Vision. 8 - MEMORY AND IMAGINATION Improve the Mind,  Eyesight, Body, Sprit. PALMING, EFT9 - TEN CORRECT, RELAXED, NATURAL VISION HABITS Practice Normal, Eye-Vision 'Visual System' Functions10 - SWITCHING, SHIFTING CLOSE, MIDDLE AND FAR   For Clear Eyesight at All Distances. Bates Method Combined with Behavioral Optometry, Relaxed Eye Exercises11 - SWITCH CLOSE, MIDDLE, FAR ON THE THREE PENS IN A ROW.  THE BEAD (BROCK) STRING12 - WARNING - Avoid Artificial 3-D Fusion Pictures, Repetitive Eye Exercises; 'Autostereograms,  'Magic Eyes' 13 - EYECHARTS TEST AND IMPROVE CLOSE AND DISTANT EYESIGHT
    Eyechart Pictures From Dr. Bates Medical Articles
14 - THE FIGURE EIGHT (Infinity Swing)Left and Right Brain Hemisphere Activation, Integration, Neck, Body Movement, Relaxation15 - THE SWAY, 'Rock', LONG SWING, CROSS CRAWL and Other Movement, Relaxation, Body-Brain Activities For Clear Eyesight16 - THE ILLUSION OF OPPOSITIONAL MOVEMENT-'The Swing'17 - SUNLIGHT, SUNNING. SACCADIC SUNNING With Hands 18 - SACCADIC SUNNING With Tree, Fence, Nosefeather, Swing, Rocking Chair, Oppositional Movement19 - DR. BATES SUNLIGHT TREATMENTS, PICTURES - As Described in Better Eyesight Magazine and Perfect Sight Without Glasses 20 - SUNLIGHT, LIGHT ENERGY TRAVELS INTO THE EYES, OPTIC NERVES, BRAIN, SPINE, BODY, CHAKRAS 'Energy Centers, Pathways' 21 - RELAXATION METHODS;  PALMING, Color Visualization, Breathing, Energy Circulation, Alpha, Theta, Delta Deep Relaxation Chart 22 - COLOR, COLORED LIGHT TREATMENT;  Antique Colored Glass Bottle, Sunlight, Color Changing Angel Lamp for Night-time 23 - NEAR VISION; Clear Eyesight at  Close Distances. READ IN FULL SPECTRUM SUNLIGHT, FINE PRINT HEALTHY FOR THE EYES - Reading, Seeing Fine and Microscopic Print
Clear. Natural Presbyopia Cure, Prevention. Book
24 - CORRECT, RELAXED NATURAL VISION HABITS CARD For Clear Close and Far Vision. THUMB- FINGER MOVEMENT, 'OPPOSITE SWING'25 - NIGHT VISION     See Clear in Lower light, Moonlight. Cones, Rods in the Retina, Visual Purple  26 - ASTIGMATISM TEST & REMOVAL, CHARTS, SWINGS27 - STRABISMUS Crossed/Wandering Eyes Correction 28 - GOOD POSTURE For Relaxed Body, Shoulders, Neck, Eye Muscles, Balanced Movement and Clear Eyesight29 - PATH OF LIGHT RAYS AND EYE MUSCLES, NERVES IN THE EYES, BRAIN, BODY.  Chiropractic Treatment Vs. Physical Therapy, Massage.
    CHIROPRACTIC Causes Stroke, Blindness, Death, Paralysis... Videos
30 - PHYSICAL THERAPY - For Relaxed Body, Shoulders, Neck, Head and Clear Eyesight. Vertebrae C-1 Top of Neck to C-5 Upper Spine 31 - ACUPRESSURE POINTS, MASSAGE Face-Eyes, Head, Neck, Shoulders, Back, Body, Hands, Feet... for Muscle Relaxation,  Balanced, Moving Chi... Energy and Clear Eyesight. EFT 32 - NUTRITION      For Healthy Eyes, Clear Eyesight. Grow Your Own Bilberries, Blackberries, Spinach, Kale, Corn,  Dandelions, Flowers, Carrots... For Healthy Retina, Lens...33 - For Pilots - Aviators - Better Eyesight Magazine.
    Warning; Avoid The Plus Lens-Anti-Corrective Method.  
34 - STORIES FROM THE CLINIC by Emily C. A. Lierman, Bates. Dr. Bates Assistant, Wife for Many Years in His New York City Clinic, Offices...35 - THE CURE OF IMPERFECT SIGHT BY TREATMENT WITHOUT GLASSES Dr. Bates Original 1919 Book. And; 'Use Your Own Eyes', 'Normal Sight Without Glasses' by Dr. William B. MacCracken M. D., 'Strengthening The Eyes' by Bernarr MacFadden, W. H. Bates. Optometrist Harold M. Peppard, Monroe Hirsch, O.D. Ph. D.  E-Books, Videos36 - Clark Night - (Mary Iva Oliver)  Natural Eyesight Improvement School, Courses Certificates, Receipts. 1st Book Copyright 1996+ 37 - Clark Night -(Mary Iva Oliver) Drivers Licenses, Family Photos - No Glasses, Proof of Clear Vision. Govt. Directions for Eyesight Test 38 - Blind, Visually Disabled Achieve Independence -  Guide Dog Schools, DAV, Perkins School For The Blind 39 - NEW STUFF! What's Up in the Natural Eyesight Improvement World? Lasik, Contact Lens Warning Videos. Corrupt Teachers, Author's Teaching Incorrect, Harmful Methods, Steal Manuscripts, Hack Honest Teachers Computers, Try to Hide the True Bates Method and Charge High Prices40 - VIDEOS - Natural Vision Improvement and Other Topics GUEST PAGE        Post a Comment,  Ask Questions, State Your Opinion, Share Dr. Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement Experiences.
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Live Video & Audio Skype, Google, Phone, E-Mail Free & Honest Priced Natural Eyesight Improvement Training
 My Office & Skype Phone #; 1-508-754-0162 Skype name; mary.oliver981
2 extra video options due to student requests; Google Hangouts; (Contact through my YouTube Channel; , and Viber in the future, 'but need mobile access';  All contacts are welcome to join the new services. In this way a single student or 1-10 people interacting in video can learn, practice Natural Eyesight Improvement.

Call the office phone 1-508-754-0162 or Skype, Google for Free Natural Eyesight Improvement Training. No appointments. Just sign onto Skype or Google Hangouts. (Please contact me by E-Mail FIRST to verify your identity, the name you will use to become a contact on Skype, Google.    Read rules on this page and the Directions, Disclaimer.
Telephone contact first is also mandatory due to business competitors who have tried to hack my Skype account. First time accepted students are assigned a temporary Skype account. After I get to know you, are sure you are an authentic student, serious about learning the Bates Method; then you are placed on our main account and may join our GuestPage and Google Hangouts)

For training;
I am not signed in, send an E-mail;  If I am in the office, I will sign onto Skype or Google. Office hours; 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Monday-Saturday, Eastern Time, USA.

Time limit is 1 hour. Longer for special cases of advanced myopia, farsight.., strabismus, blindness, cataract, all advanced eye-vision conditions. Blind persons, advanced eye-vision conditions will always be free.
     50 cents per minute for persons that do not have advanced conditions and prefer more training. Time is set by appointment but if you call at a time I am home that's ok.
     Microphone and webcam video are necessary so I may teach you properly. No exceptions. I do not type train on Skype or E-mail, Chats due to a neck injury. I must see, hear the student to teach perfectly.

    Read the PDF E-Books or this website Navigation chapters first so you have a basic understanding of the method. The books contain more training, pictures. Many questions can be instantly answered by doing word search in the E-Books or clicking the Index and Navigation Bookmark links. Look at the pictures; each one has short, easy directions. Please do not ask me to read the entire book, answer multiple questions that have been answered and are in the books unless you are blind or have advanced vision disability.
     If you are blind, low visual clarity you may call first and/or use the 'Read Aloud' function in the Adobe Reader PDF E-books or copy/paste to the Microsoft translator/speaker on the website;
Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazine website has a translator on every page;  Each chapter in the E-Book has an Audio training and Video on YouTube. You may also copy/paste your favorite pages, articles, training, Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazine from the E-books or the website and convert into your own E-book with free 30 day Adobe Acrobat at; Or use free Do not add additional books, pages to the Acrobat PDF or the tags may not work causing the read aloud function to shut down.
The final 2014-2015 editions will have more functions and embedded training videos in the e-books.
For Skype.., Phone Training and e-mail correspondence; Read the Directions, Disclaimer, Copyright first. Then e-mail and electronically sign your full name and state in the e-mail that you have read and understand the Directions, Disclaimer, Copyright PDF and paragraphs at; and the E-books download page before the Phone, Skype... training starts. In the e-mail, state the Skype name you will use when you request to be added as a contact on Skype.
Please have the microphone and video connected and ready
because the time allowed starts as soon as we sign onto Skype. I do not train under-age people, younger than 18 without their parents’ consent. Age 21... if that is the law in certain countries. Parents must be signed onto Skype and be with the child in full view with video, microphone and also read the directions, disclaimer, copyright and sign it in the e-mail with the child.
No advertisements, links allowed. I do not click any links, PDF's, pictures, camera, mic buttons in Skype, Google... or e-mail. This is a precaution I must use to prevent viruses due to competing authors, teachers that have tried to hack my computer 10 times in past years trying to shut down the free training, Dr. Bates books, free Better Eyesight Magazines and Amazon, Google pages.  

All video, phone training is copyrighted. You may record the training for your own use. It is not allowed to be shown or sold on websites, download from Internet, CD's, DVD, tapes, in schools, bookstores, posted on YouTube, TV or shown as a way to sell your services, products. This includes sneaky doctors, chiropractors! (Yes, it has happened in the past.)  Trained students, Certified teachers may show videos in their schools, to family, friends... only with my written and video mark consent. Audio, Video cannot be altered. I tape record with audio, video the training lessons to help prevent hackers.

Always contact your Eye Doctor and Medical Doctor for a complete Eye, Vision and Health Exam before practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement. For eyes; a Bates Method Behavioral Ophthalmologist is best. Sometimes a Bates Method Optometrist. Tell the doctors you plan to apply Natural Eyesight Improvement and that it will normalize eye pressure,
eye, head, brain circulation and change ‘return’ the entire eye, cornea, lens, retina… to normal shape and function. Eye, lens, eye muscle movement will change 'improve'. The switching close and far and some other practices activate a lot of eye, lens and inner, outer eye muscle movement and changing of the eye, lens, corneas' shape as the person looks to various distances, relaxes... If there is any eye problem, surgery.., eye conditions will need to be monitored; Glaucoma drugs and other eye medicine, eye treatments need to be scrutinized, possibly altered... by the eye doctor as the vision, eyes return to normal health, condition with practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement. Eyeglasses need to be reduced in strength and omitted as soon as possible 'when driving, work... can be done safely without them'. Do not wear contact lenses! They won’t fit the changing eye/cornea shape. Wearing them can result in the contacts injuring the cornea. See Directions and e-books for entire information, pictures. Give the eye doctor this page and the E-books download page so he/she may read the Directions, Warnings, Disclaimer.., learn the Bates Method and decide when, if the patient/student may practice.
The following information repeats some of the directions on this website. It will all be combined in the future. It is good to read again, remember it.
  For entire directions, see page; and

     Do not apply physical therapy and other exercises, anti-gravity, inversion, trampoline... if you have or are healing from a detached retina, vitreous, any retina, vitreous, eye condition, blood... vessel condition in the retina, eye, if the eyes had cornea, lens surgery, any eye surgery-treatment, other eye, medical conditions, stroke, brain vessel-artery condition, brain surgery or other brain condition.  Certain eyesight activities, 'switching'... activate more eye, lens, eye muscle movement. The retina's shape, state can also change as it returns to normal shape, position with the eye. Check with an eye and medical doctor first.

     Read the entire Directions, Warnings PDF's and webpages describing how the eyesight can become unclear if the eyes-vision improves due to practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement, but the eyes contain an artificial lens implant with an eyeglass prescription for myopia, presbyopia, any unnatural prescription placed in it due to cataract surgery; The implanted lens acts like an incorrect, ‘too strong’ eyeglass prescription. The eye won't be able to see clearly through the artificial surgically created lens prescription in the eye. Vision becomes unclear.
Even if the artificial lens prescription is normal, is set as the natural eyes, lens' focus 'no myopia, presbyopia... prescription'; most doctors set it for only one distance; close or far. The lens cannot move-adjust for the other distance it is not set for. It’s not as the natural eyes, lens' focus-refraction, function for every close and far distance. The eye won't be able to see clearly through the artificial surgically created lens at the distance the lens cannot adjust to, is not set for.
Doctors are working on creating a artificial cataract replacement lens, with no artificial prescription, that bends-adjusts for perfect refraction of light rays, accommodation, un-accommodation for every close and far distance the same as the natural human eye, lens does.  Until that occurs; If a replacement lens is needed, the best choice is possibly;
   #1 - Best. A real human lens from a healthy donor, healthy eye. The doctor applies no artificial myopia, presbyopia... prescription. Lens is attached into the eye naturally so it can adjust; accommodate, un-accommodate to all distances. Eyesight is clear close and far.  This is healthier than an artificial lens which contains toxic substances, plastics... 
#2 -
A artificial lens attached naturally and set to un-accommodation; for distant vision, as the normal eye-lens is set when looking to the distance. Lens has a natural refraction, 'no myopia, presbyopia... prescription'. With this lens the person can use eyeglasses at the close distance the lens is not set for, cannot accommodate for, But; the eyes may not need eyeglasses because; Dr. Bates states the eyeball can accommodate without the lens for clear close vision by lengthening as a camera does, due to action of the outer oblique eye muscles. This will compensate for the un-accommodated lens.  #2 is not perfect and vision may not be completely perfect at all distances as can be in #1.
    Also; for #1 and #2 - By not placing an artificial, unnatural prescription (myopia, presbyopia...) in the lens; the person can practice Natural Eyesight Improvement. The lens will not act as a too strong eyeglass prescription as the vision improves. (Practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement, avoiding eyeglasses can prevent cataract and surgery.) 
      (Also avoid bifocal, multi section... lens prescriptions.)

(Warnings about unnatural prescriptions also pertain to cornea surgery. Lasik... and implants in the cornea, eye places a permanent unnatural prescription in the eyes, cornea.)
Training, books are solely educational information and is NOT any form of medical, optical, ophthalmologist, optometry or mental health advice, treatment, therapy, training, psychology, religion. It is not meant to determine function of the eyes, body, mind, not to diagnose, prescribe, treat for any condition. Contact your eye doctor and medical doctors for these services. In no way, form are the websites, books, videos, training a substitute for an Eye Doctor, Ophthalmologist's, Medical Doctor’s advice, direction. It is not for diagnosing, treatment, cure, prevention of any eye, medical disease, condition. Always obtain direction, care from a medical, eye professional for any eye, medical state.
The student, book-website reader consents that he/she does not have a personal or professional, business connection, relationship with the author, teacher Clark Night, Mary I. Oliver. Along with cooperation with the eye, medical doctors; the reader, student of Clark Night, Mary I. Oliver, William H. Bates, Clearsight Publishing Co. books, websites, videos, Skype, Google, phone, e-mail and in person training is solely responsible for the decision to practice or not practice, to understand, apply correct or not understand the Natural Eyesight Improvement training provided.  


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Questions or Comments? Get in touch with us at;
For vision improvement help, post questions on the; Question/Answer Page of this website or E-Mail.
Phone: 1-508-754-0162 - Worcester, MA, So. Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA 
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