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Play with the Moving Pointer to get the Eyes Shifting, Relaxed. Move with the Figure Eight6 - CENTRAL-FIXATION - Central Vision 'Centralizing'. See Clearest with the Center of the Visual Field. Combine With Shifting. The Central Field MOVES as the Eyes, Mind-Attention Move 'Shift'7 - CENTRAL-FIXATION STICK    Use the Gate to Find the Exact Central Field and Move it. Test for Balanced Eyes, Vision 8 - MEMORY AND IMAGINATION Improve the Mind,  Eyesight, Body, Sprit. PALMING, EFT9 - TEN CORRECT, RELAXED, NATURAL VISION HABITS Practice Normal, Eye-Vision 'Visual System' Functions10 - SWITCHING, SHIFTING CLOSE, MIDDLE AND FAR   For Clear Eyesight at All Distances. Bates Method Combined with Behavioral Optometry, Relaxed Eye Exercises11 - SWITCH CLOSE, MIDDLE, FAR ON THE THREE PENS IN A ROW.  THE BEAD (BROCK) STRING12 - WARNING - Avoid Artificial 3-D Fusion Pictures, Repetitive Eye Exercises; 'Autostereograms,  'Magic Eyes' 13 - EYECHARTS TEST AND IMPROVE CLOSE AND DISTANT EYESIGHT
    Eyechart Pictures From Dr. Bates Medical Articles
14 - THE FIGURE EIGHT (Infinity Swing)Left and Right Brain Hemisphere Activation, Integration, Neck, Body Movement, Relaxation15 - THE SWAY, 'Rock', LONG SWING, CROSS CRAWL and Other Movement, Relaxation, Body-Brain Activities For Clear Eyesight16 - THE ILLUSION OF OPPOSITIONAL MOVEMENT-'The Swing'17 - SUNLIGHT, SUNNING. SACCADIC SUNNING With Hands 18 - SACCADIC SUNNING With Tree, Fence, Nosefeather, Swing, Rocking Chair, Oppositional Movement19 - DR. BATES SUNLIGHT TREATMENTS, PICTURES - As Described in Better Eyesight Magazine and Perfect Sight Without Glasses 20 - SUNLIGHT, LIGHT ENERGY TRAVELS INTO THE EYES, OPTIC NERVES, BRAIN, SPINE, BODY, CHAKRAS 'Energy Centers, Pathways' 21 - RELAXATION METHODS;  PALMING, Color Visualization, Breathing, Energy Circulation, Alpha, Theta, Delta Deep Relaxation Chart 22 - COLOR, COLORED LIGHT TREATMENT;  Antique Colored Glass Bottle, Sunlight, Color Changing Angel Lamp for Night-Time 23 - NEAR VISION; Clear Eyesight at  Close Distances. READ IN FULL SPECTRUM SUNLIGHT, FINE PRINT HEALTHY FOR THE EYES - Reading, Seeing Fine and Microscopic Print
Clear. Natural Presbyopia Cure, Prevention. Book
24 - CORRECT, RELAXED NATURAL VISION HABITS CARD For Clear Close and Far Vision. THUMB- FINGER MOVEMENT, 'OPPOSITE SWING'25 - NIGHT VISION     See Clear in Lower light, Moonlight. Cones, Rods in the Retina, Visual Purple 26 - ASTIGMATISM TEST & REMOVAL, CHARTS, SWINGS27 - STRABISMUS Crossed/Wandering Eyes Correction 28 - GOOD POSTURE For Relaxed Body, Shoulders, Neck, Eye Muscles, Balanced Movement and Clear Eyesight29 - PATH OF LIGHT RAYS AND EYE MUSCLES, NERVES IN THE EYES, BRAIN, BODY.  Chiropractic Treatment Vs. Physical Therapy, Massage.
    CHIROPRACTIC Causes Stroke, Blindness, Death, Paralysis... Videos
30 - PHYSICAL THERAPY - For Relaxed Body, Shoulders, Neck, Head and Clear Eyesight. Vertebrae C-1 Top of Neck to C-5 Upper Spine 31 - ACUPRESSURE POINTS, MASSAGE Face-Eyes, Head, Neck, Shoulders, Back, Body, Hands, Feet... for Muscle Relaxation,  Balanced, Moving Chi... Energy and Clear Eyesight. EFT 32 - NUTRITION      For Healthy Eyes, Clear Eyesight. Grow Your Own Bilberries, Blackberries, Spinach, Kale, Corn,  Dandelions, Flowers, Carrots... For Healthy Retina, Lens...33 - For Pilots - Aviators - Better Eyesight Magazine.
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Where I Received My Training, Experience; Certificates Posted Here

The author of this book, website; has taken 5 Natural Eyesight Improvement Courses from Bates Teachers in 1996, 1999, 2008, 2009, 2010.  I began study, use of the Bates Method in 1974, age 17. 1st book I studied was 'The Art Of Seeing' by Aldous Huxley found in a used bookstore on Rt. 9/148 intersection, end of the common in Brookfield, Massachusetts. Cured myopia. Age 40, cured presbyopia. Studied many Natural Eyesight (Vision) Improvement books, Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines, (11 years, 132 Issues, 2400+ Pages), his book Perfect Sight Without Glasses, Medical Articles, all teachers, author's books listed on the website Bates Method History page;, other pages of the website and a variety of books related to Natural Eyesight Improvement; Natural Heath Cures, Physical Therapy, Movement, Posture, EFT, Tai Chi, Acupressure, Color Treatment, Relaxation Methods, Robert Monroe books, tapes; Left-Right Brain Hemisphere Synchronization and other skills, Basic Nutrition. I stay informed of the best original and modern up to date training. It's all free in the e-books and on the website. Completed part of an optician course from Penn Foster to be able to communicate with students as they work with their eye doctor to stop use of eyeglasses. Some people need to reduce their prescription strength ‘weaker and weaker’ in stages in order to drive, work... legal and safe;  
     Now age 57 and continue to see clear, even after many eye, vision, health problems due to neck, spine injuries that were caused by a dishonest chiropractor. (I am against most chiropractic treatment because even the best honest, helpful doctor-technique can cause injury. It's risky.)
     After years of research, use and study of the Bates Method I have learned everything there is to know to keep my eyesight clear. I continually learn more from others, study, keeping up on new ideas. I like optometry, ophthalmology books, deep contemplation of the eyes-vision, brain's mechanics, chemistry, light focus, ect... It's fascinating. The eyes are part of the brain. There is spirit, energy and light-color energy moving in and through the eyes, brain, body.
     I learn a lot from the people I teach. They teach me! Many minds are better than one. I have learned much by communicating with, teaching, observing the vision improvement process of different people on the Bates Method Internet forums, groups since 2007. After May, 2014 I rarely attend these groups due to them being taken over by people who sell eyeglasses, lasik and other eye surgery, unnatural harmful eyesight methods, drugs, other products and people that sell high priced books, hourly training. They are very aggressive, forcing Natural Eyesight Improvement teachers off the forums, especially if you teach for free and provide Dr. Bates entire collection of Better Eyesight Magazine and his books.  In 2014 I was banned, blocked from a few popular Bates Method forums (where I posted since 2007, 1500 posts helping people see clear) because I spoke up about members advising, selling lasik eye surgery, eyeglasses, other unnatural-harmful methods such as the cataract producing plus lens method, drugs and revealed the identity of 3 people (competing teachers, authors) who hack Natural Vision teacher's computers, bookstores and are a threat to their schools, safety. Obviously they are no longer true Bates Method Forums.
I learned a lot from the old time members before the trolls and greed for money took it over.   My posts might be deleted, altered by the forum, group owners without my permission.
     I now teach solely by phone, GoogleHangouts, Skype, some Facebook and our
GuestPage. Places where people are kind, honest, show their true face and identity. Members can block anyone they prefer not to communicate with. It's much more effective teaching on a video chat. Very relaxed, positive atmosphere for both teachers and students. You learn easier, faster.

     Some of the people I trained have become teachers, they cured their friends, family.

Thank you for preserving the Bates Method. Pass the torch!


My Author's pen name is Clark Night. Birth name is Mary Iva Oliver.  (See reason for pen name on bottom of page.)


In 1994 I read more Bates Method books, then started writing, publishing in 1995-1996.
The books are in the U. S. Copyright Office;

See the picture below;
Copyright Office 4 books, 1996+ by Clark Night

Copyright 2

Better Eyesight Magazine and all Dr. Bates books that I assemble are copyrighted to preserve Dr. Bates work as public domain, protect his original copyright, prevent dishonest people from blocking it.

1st Class with a Real Live teacher! Carrie Anderson - Great!
  Carrie Anderson Corse

Live Class With Thomas Quackenbush in San Francisco, CA, 1999!

Learned that vision can be much clearer than 20/20, close and far! (Use Centralization. Also known as Central-Fixation with Shifting.)
Saw local homeless man 5 blocks away from top of Grand Avenue in So. San Francisco. Saw crystal clear fine details of his face, beard...
Also quickly cured presbyopia that occurred at age 40.

 Tom Q -  class completion 
 Natural Eyesight Improvement Certificate Thomas Quackenbush
Before and again during Thomas Quackenbush's class I read, studied his book; 'Relearning to See-Improve Your Eyesight Naturally!' I later bought, studied his 2nd book; 'Better Eyesight - The Complete Magazines of William H. Bates' (Ophthalmologist Bates). After comparing many teachers I now prefer Thomas Quackenbush's training. He teaches only natural, healthy practices, the true Bates Method.  His books are like college textbooks that work well with his class and at home.

Certificates from three teachers, schools
I have taken courses from previously posted here have been removed from the website and books due to them selling unnatural methods, things I disagree with. They have a lot of good training but then they ruin it by directing the student in the wrong way, into unnatural practices that are unhealthy for the eyes, vision. So I placed them in a PDF for people that want to see my full training and why I left some teachers as my knowledge, experience grew. Contains 5 certificates, the best-truly natural teachers and the unnatural teachers, methods to avoid, things they teach that is wrong, harmful. I don’t want to ‘bite the hands that taught me' so their certificates and names are removed from public view. The PDF is free via e-mail on request;
     A list of more teachers I've taken courses from, books I have studied is listed on the
Bates Method History, Teachers, Books page in this book and on the website;     Here’s a bit of information about my three other teachers;

Home Study Course; (name and certificate picture removed)

This course was taken in April, 1997. A few of the things in this teacher’s course (name and certificate picture removed) I strongly disagree with; advertising the unhealthy plus lens -anti corrective eyeglass method, some of their unnatural behavioral optometrists, orthokeratology (ortho-k), use of auto-stereograms 'artificial 3-D-Magic Eyes' (causes crossed-wandering eyes, double vision, astigmatism) and some of their herbs, supplements and other products. The Optometric Extension Program they are affiliated with uses unnatural methods including the harmful cataract, detached retina producing plus lens method. Avoid these unnatural methods. 70% of the course was beneficial, worth learning. Shifting, looking close and far, tracing and other simple easy practices they teach improve the vision.  See my website, books to learn what is true healthy Natural Eyesight Improvement and what is unnatural, causes impaired eyesight.

2009 - Completed 2 Home Study, Student DVD and Book Natural Vision Improvement Courses From (names and 2 certificates picture removed.)

I learned some beneficial things from these two popular eyesight courses, but unfortunately they also teach, sell unnatural methods, products; colored lenses, pinhole glasses without warning of the side effects, blocking the eyes central field, methods that cause muscle tension and other destructive advice, practice. One charges over $5000.00 dollars for multi levels of unnecessary and false training. He hides Dr. Bates books, medical articles and magazines. He refuses to help the blind unless they pay ‘bigtime money’.  I listed the methods, products, teachers to avoid so students can detect unnatural teachers. Read the entire experience, see list of original and modern teachers on the Bates Method History, Teachers, Books website page and chapter in this book.                   

See PDF’s top of this page.

 After years of study, application I disagree with some teacher's methods. Most are effective but many are not. Example; I disagree with parts of the 2009 course teacher’s training; His blocking of the eyes’ central field with a black paper while using only the peripheral field to see with. This is directly against Ophthalmologist Bates #1 practice of central-fixation and normal eye shifting ‘movement’ which is essential for clear eyesight. The unnatural teacher teaches some movement-muscle practices wrong. His specialty is supposed to be movement and muscle relaxation, posture but he teaches things that impair these functions.  His palming hands position is positioned with the hands straight up, side by side in a way that causes neck and shoulder tension and prevents brain hemisphere integration and activation of a chi-charka energy center. The hands should be crossed on the forehead for all benefits. Try it and feel the difference;  I like one of the teacher’s physical movement practices which gave me the idea to search for alternative ways to heal a neck-spine injury but; it took many other physical therapists, doctors that taught me different methods and better movements.

I don't like teachers that alter Dr. Bates Method, making it unnatural in order to create their own method so it attracts attention, can be mass marketed, sold for a very high price by the hour lessons, expensive seminars, endless $300.00 to $5000.00+ levels as they hide the true, easy Bates Method and teach things that are ineffective and harmful. Students beware and avoid them. 

I disagree with the use of pinhole glasses and do not like teachers that sell them without warning of the side effects, without teaching healthy alternatives. I don't like teachers that sell colored eye goggles. This imbalances the sun's light spectrum. It turns healthy full spectrum light into partial unhealthy light that imbalances the visual system, brain. It impairs the eye, iris, lens and retina’s health. True color, light therapy does not involve wearing colored eyeglasses. See the true method here;  and here;  and in the book Do it Yourself - Natural Eyesight Improvement, paperback or e-book in the Sunlight and Color, Colored Light Treatment chapters.

I do not allow students to use contact lenses. Contacts and eyedrops... cause cornea-eye injury.

I have learned from more teachers. I don’t list them because many have become corrupt, are selling laser cornea and other harmful eye surgeries, dangerous eye-vision experimental surgery, treatments and other unnatural products, methods.  Three competing teachers asked me to charge a high price for my e-books and the videos; $175.00. They tried to prevent free public access to the books, Bates magazines, videos. After I refused to charge money and then set all the e-books for free download; the teachers became abusive, a lot of angry comments in emails and online. 

There's more unnatural methods to avoid. Read entire information on the different types of teachers, authors, books - the good and the bad.  Read 2 Warnings, Directions PDF’s listing all the unnatural methods and eyeglasses to avoid. Study this so you can detect a false teacher. See the top of this page; And here;  Our new and old videos on YouTube show how all eyeglasses, plus and minus lens, astigmatism lens, contacts, prisms harm the eyes, eyesight.

There are many Bates teachers that provide perfect, true training. They do not have schools, books. They teach for free on-line, in person. Their contact address is are available on request.

For true Natural Eyesight Improvement; I prefer to stay solely with Ophthalmologist Bates original training from his book 'Perfect Sight Without Glasses', his 'Better Eyesight Magazine', Thomas Quackenbush (my favorite teacher), his books and a few other teachers that stay with the authentic, natural, safe Bates Method. Thomas Quackenbush is the best. I like, agree with, am confident in his way of training. I can send people to him knowing they will be in a safe place.

I like my teacher's teacher Janet Goodrich and her daughter Carina. Excellent! Janet cured her eye-vision conditions naturally; she had a very strong astigmatism prescription around -5
with -6 myopia and strabismus. Took her 2 years to cure them all, see clear, pass her driving test without glasses. Janet and Carina have taught Natural Vision Improvement in their school for many years, helped people eliminate a variety of eye-vision problems. Also teaches correction of children’s vision, relaxation, positive thoughts, emotions, movement, games, brain hemisphere balancing, color and other techniques. (I do not advise their auto-stereogram magic-eyes ‘merging circles’ type of artificial fusion. It’s not Dr. Bates method. I prefer these auto-stereograms to be applied only by an eye doctor, Behavioral Optometry. Try the Bates Method first.) Everything else, including their many natural fusion practices in the books are great. I have studied all the Goodrich books. They improved my teaching skills and keep my eyesight clear.

Other teachers I like, have studied their books are from the old days; Dr. Bates, Emily C. Lierman/Bates, Optometrist Harold M. Peppard, Dr. Emery C. Ingham and her mother-a doctor that trained directly with Dr. Bates; Dr. Clara Ingham. C. S Price, Margaret Corbett, Aldous Huxley, Clara Hackett, Dr. R. Ruiz Arnau, M.D and other original teachers. Many that were trained in person by Dr. Bates are listed in his Better Eyesight Magazine. A lot of school teachers, doctors applied the method with success.  Click Here for a PDF  listing teachers trained directly by Dr. Bates and endorsed by him as teachers. This is original from the magazine. There probably are more people trained, certified that are not listed in the magazine.
    I like teachers that describe the benefits of sunlight, color treatment, left and right brain hemisphere activation, integration, EFT and other practices. Three of the best original books;

        William H. Bates Book and Magazine    -    Emily C. Lierman  -  Dr. Harold M. Peppard

Perfect Sight Without Glasses      Better Eyesight Magazine. First Print was July,1919      Stories From The Clinic      Optometrist Peppard

Dr. Bates, Emily Lierman (A Bates) and Dr. Peppard worked together in New York City.

An Ophthalmologist (Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat, A Citizen-Clinic Assistant-Teacher and Optometrist. 


My Pen Name

A famous poet is named Mary Oliver. So I do not use this name to publish books.

One of my favorite poems by her is about her father; ‘A Visitor’.
See her poems on this website;

I chose the pen name Clark Night when I was a young kid playing secret agent with my five cousins and neighbors on Kimball Street in Brookfield, Massachusetts. Mike was the leader. I was one of his agents. Some of our favorite TV shows and songs were; The Man From Uncle, Secret Agent Man, The Lone Ranger, Batman and Hogan's Heroes. We had a hideout ‘office’ underground in the cellar. We would climb up the old stone/brick wall through a hole in the top of the wall and jump down into the other end of the cellar. This was our secret escape route. I had a pet spider named speedy. We would crawl through the drain pipe that ran underground where the brook flowed from the frog pond in the woods, under the street, through a tall grass field, down the waterfall and into the swamp. We would hide in there safe and secure, spy on the neighbors and plan our next adventure. We raced homemade boats down the brook. Ate wild wine and blue berries. We had hideouts in the woods, trees and about town. We were always happy, laughing, often about some mischief we had done or were planning. I remember when my cousin Tom, with help from Mike printed up a bunch of Secret Agents for Hire cards with their parent’s phone number on them. Tom placed them on all the neighbors’ front doors. All night long my aunt was getting phone calls from people asking about the card! We would steal food, candy. One night when we were throwing dirt bombs at cars from our spruce tree hideouts, a man circled back and dragged Tom out of a tree, brought him into the house and forced him to confess to Mom. There was a lot of action that night! In fear, one of the girls jumped down the tree face to face with the man!  Many happy memories from childhood, remembered clear, in color, motion keeps the memory, imagination strong, mind-emotions positive and eyesight clear.

See the YouTube Channel for free Original and Modern Bates Method Training;



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