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PINHOLE EYEGLASSES - Pros and Cons, Healthier Than EyeglassesVitamins, Minerals.., Eye Health Vitamins; Bilberry, Lutein... Ming Mu Di Huang Wan Ancient Chinese Eye Formula for Healthy Eyes, Body, Liver, Clear Eyesight. Neck Muscle Relaxation. Health BooksTRANSLATOR Convert Website Pages, E-Books to Other Languages. Audio; Hear in English, Spanish... Blind; Listen, Learn Without Reading HISTORY                 The Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement - Best Teachers, Books, Websites, Blogs, Training, variety of Information. 1800's, 1901 to Present Date BETTER EYESIGHT MAGAZINE By Ophthalmologist William H. Bates', Introduction. 132 Issues, July 1919 to June 1930. Original Training, Cures from the Eye Doctor that Discovered Natural Vision Improvement BETTER EYESIGHT MAGAZINE - Entire 132 Issues on One Page or Link to the Main Magazine Website, Individual Monthly Issues. Read, Listen Free on the Internet in any LanguageAUDIOS For the Blind, Low Vision - Better Eyesight Magazine Treatments; Myopia, Presbyopia, Cataract Glaucoma, Retina Health, Strabismus, Astigmatism...Dedication to My Mom Nancy Native American Videos - Natural Life=Clear Sight SKYPE, GOOGLE  Live Video on the Internet - Telephone Natural Eyesight Improvement Training. Student and Group Training  1 - Natural Eyesight Training Starts Here, Page #1 to #40.        MENTAL STRAIN, EYE MUSCLE TENSION CAUSES UNCLEAR EYESIGHT. Dangers of Laser Eye Cornea Surgery, Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses2 - STRONG EYEGLASSES = Addiction, Progressive Vision, Eye Impairment Verses REDUCED, WEAKER, TEMPORARY EYEGLASS LENSES = Vision, Eye Health Improvement.      
    EYEGLASSES    Low Cost Reduced 20/40, 20/50 Weaker Prescription Lenses by Mail & Behavioral Optometrists.
     Pass the Drivers License Eyesight Exam - Practice on the Govt. RMV, DMV... Eyecharts   
3 - HUMAN EYE Function, Anatomy, Light Rays, Cornea, Iris-Pupil, Lens, Retina, Macula, Fovea, Optic Nerve, Eye Muscles...4 - Front View of Eye. Pupil, Iris, Ciliary, Lens, Sclera.., Outer Eye Muscles; Oblique, Recti. THE EYE CHANGES LENGTH LIKE A CAMERA (with the lens) TO FOCUS CLOSE- FAR 5 - DO IT YOURSELF NATURAL EYESIGHT IMPROVEMENT; Practice Shifting and Other Relaxed, Natural, Correct Eye-Vision Functions.
Play with the Moving Pointer to get the Eyes Shifting, Relaxed. Move with the Figure Eight. 6 - CENTRAL-FIXATION - Central Vision 'Centralizing'. See Clearest with the Center of the Visual Field. Combine With Shifting. The Central Field MOVES as the Eyes, Mind-Attention Move 'Shift'.7 - CENTRAL-FIXATION STICK    Use the Gate to Find the Exact Central Field and Move it. Test for Balanced Eyes, Vision. 8 - MEMORY AND IMAGINATION Improve the Mind,  Eyesight, Body, Sprit. PALMING, EFT9 - TEN CORRECT, RELAXED, NATURAL VISION HABITS Practice Normal, Eye-Vision 'Visual System' Functions10 - SWITCHING, SHIFTING CLOSE, MIDDLE AND FAR   For Clear Eyesight at All Distances. Bates Method Combined with Behavioral Optometry, Relaxed Eye Exercises11 - SWITCH CLOSE, MIDDLE, FAR ON THE THREE PENS IN A ROW.  THE BEAD (BROCK) STRING12 - WARNING - Avoid Artificial 3-D Fusion Pictures, Repetitive Eye Exercises; 'Autostereograms,  'Magic Eyes' 13 - EYECHARTS TEST AND IMPROVE CLOSE AND DISTANT EYESIGHT
    Eyechart Pictures From Dr. Bates Medical Articles
14 - THE FIGURE EIGHT (Infinity Swing)Left and Right Brain Hemisphere Activation, Integration, Neck, Body Movement, Relaxation15 - THE SWAY, 'Rock', LONG SWING, CROSS CRAWL and Other Movement, Relaxation, Body-Brain Activities For Clear Eyesight16 - THE ILLUSION OF OPPOSITIONAL MOVEMENT-'The Swing'17 - SUNLIGHT, SUNNING. SACCADIC SUNNING With Hands 18 - SACCADIC SUNNING With Tree, Fence, Nosefeather, Swing, Rocking Chair, Oppositional Movement19 - DR. BATES SUNLIGHT TREATMENTS, PICTURES - As Described in Better Eyesight Magazine and Perfect Sight Without Glasses 20 - SUNLIGHT, LIGHT ENERGY TRAVELS INTO THE EYES, OPTIC NERVES, BRAIN, SPINE, BODY, CHAKRAS 'Energy Centers, Pathways' 21 - RELAXATION METHODS;  PALMING, Color Visualization, Breathing, Energy Circulation, Alpha, Theta, Delta Deep Relaxation Chart 22 - COLOR, COLORED LIGHT TREATMENT;  Antique Colored Glass Bottle, Sunlight, Color Changing Angel Lamp for Night-time 23 - NEAR VISION; Clear Eyesight at  Close Distances. READ IN FULL SPECTRUM SUNLIGHT, FINE PRINT HEALTHY FOR THE EYES - Reading, Seeing Fine and Microscopic Print
Clear. Natural Presbyopia Cure, Prevention. Book
24 - CORRECT, RELAXED NATURAL VISION HABITS CARD For Clear Close and Far Vision. THUMB- FINGER MOVEMENT, 'OPPOSITE SWING'25 - NIGHT VISION     See Clear in Lower light, Moonlight. Cones, Rods in the Retina, Visual Purple  26 - ASTIGMATISM TEST & REMOVAL, CHARTS, SWINGS27 - STRABISMUS Crossed/Wandering Eyes Correction 28 - GOOD POSTURE For Relaxed Body, Shoulders, Neck, Eye Muscles, Balanced Movement and Clear Eyesight29 - PATH OF LIGHT RAYS AND EYE MUSCLES, NERVES IN THE EYES, BRAIN, BODY.  Chiropractic Treatment Vs. Physical Therapy, Massage.
    CHIROPRACTIC Causes Stroke, Blindness, Death, Paralysis... Videos
30 - PHYSICAL THERAPY - For Relaxed Body, Shoulders, Neck, Head and Clear Eyesight. Vertebrae C-1 Top of Neck to C-5 Upper Spine 31 - ACUPRESSURE POINTS, MASSAGE Face-Eyes, Head, Neck, Shoulders, Back, Body, Hands, Feet... for Muscle Relaxation,  Balanced, Moving Chi... Energy and Clear Eyesight. EFT 32 - NUTRITION      For Healthy Eyes, Clear Eyesight. Grow Your Own Bilberries, Blackberries, Spinach, Kale, Corn,  Dandelions, Flowers, Carrots... For Healthy Retina, Lens...33 - For Pilots - Aviators - Better Eyesight Magazine.
    Warning; Avoid The Plus Lens-Anti-Corrective Method.  
34 - STORIES FROM THE CLINIC by Emily C. A. Lierman, Bates. Dr. Bates Assistant, Wife for Many Years in His New York City Clinic, Offices...35 - THE CURE OF IMPERFECT SIGHT BY TREATMENT WITHOUT GLASSES Dr. Bates Original 1919 Book. And; 'Use Your Own Eyes', 'Normal Sight Without Glasses' by Dr. William B. MacCracken M. D., 'Strengthening The Eyes' by Bernarr MacFadden, W. H. Bates. Optometrist Harold M. Peppard, Monroe Hirsch, O.D. Ph. D.  E-Books, Videos36 - Clark Night - (Mary Iva Oliver)  Natural Eyesight Improvement School, Courses Certificates, Receipts. 1st Book Copyright 1996+ 37 - Clark Night -(Mary Iva Oliver) Drivers Licenses, Family Photos - No Glasses, Proof of Clear Vision. Govt. Directions for Eyesight Test 38 - Blind, Visually Disabled Achieve Independence -  Guide Dog Schools, DAV, Perkins School For The Blind 39 - NEW STUFF! What's Up in the Natural Eyesight Improvement World? Lasik, Contact Lens Warning Videos. Corrupt Teachers, Author's Teaching Incorrect, Harmful Methods, Steal Manuscripts, Hack Honest Teachers Computers, Try to Hide the True Bates Method and Charge High Prices40 - VIDEOS - Natural Vision Improvement and Other Topics GUEST PAGE        Post a Comment,  Ask Questions, State Your Opinion, Share Dr. Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement Experiences.
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Natural Eyesight Improvement 1 smaller single book

Better Eyesight Magazine - Original Antique Pages By Ophthalmologist William H. Bates - July, 1919 to June, 1930 - 11 Years, 132 Issues With Better Eyesight Magazine Illustrated With 500 Pictures

Better Eyesight Magazine Original Antique Pages

Better Eyesight Magazine Original Antique Pages with OCR Text Recognition

Perfect Sight Without Glasses - Dr. Bates 1919-1920 Book in Original Antique Print  (5 Editions Combined. The final edition was printed in 1940.)

Perfect Sight Without Glasses ^ is a new PDF, 774 Pages! Oct., 16, 2017. Contains extra Natural Vision Improvement training. It is also on-line at GoogleBooks; Click Here; Click Here  and in Color, BW Paperback, Kindle on Amazon; Click Here  A final edition will be published in 2018-19. Better Eyesight Magazine, Dr. Bates' books, Medical Articles and other teachers' books are preserved at the University of California Optometry Library, Dr. Monroe J. Hirsch, O. D., Ph. D., Yale and other Medical College... Libraries. And the USA Library Of Congress.

New; Rare Antique Perfect Sight Without Glasses Final Print Edition Extra Pages Added By Emily A. Bates (Entire book will be available in 2019.)  

The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses by William H. Bates, M.D. Ophthalmologist Bates Original, First Book in the Antique 1919-1920 Print. Includes a Modern Text Version. (Cover titled Perfect Sight Without Glasses in 1920.)

Natural Eyesight Improvement Discovered and Taught by Ophthalmologist William H. Bates - PAGE TWO - Better Eyesight Magazine

EFT -Emotional Freedom Technique & Acupressure, Color Breathing, Visualization For Healthy Mind, Body & Clear Eyesight - Natural Vision Improvement

Medical Articles By Ophthalmologist William H. Bates - The Origin of Natural Eyesight Improvement-How he did it!

Seeing Eyecharts Clear-Natural Vision Improvement for Clear Close, Distant Vision & Astigmatism Removal

Stories From The Clinic By Emily C. A. Lierman, Bates - Natural Vision Improvement

Ten Steps For Clear Eyesight Without Glasses - A Quick Course (Correct, Relaxed, Natural Vision Habits)

The Basics of Natural Eyesight Improvement - A Little Book for Fast, Clear Vision with Better Eyesight Magazine

Use Your Own Eyes, Normal Sight Without Glasses & Strengthening The Eyes - Better Eyesight Magazine by Ophthalmologist William H. Bates

Clear Close Vision - Reading, Seeing Fine Print Clear - Natural Presbyopia Treatment

Ophthalmologist William H. Bates & The Bates Method History - Natural Eyesight Improvement, Better Eyesight Magazine

Fundamental Principles of Treatment by Dr. William H. Bates and Emily Lierman, Bates

Strabismus, Crossed, Wandering Eyes Cures (See the E-Books For More Strabismus, Amblyopia Treatments.)
Switching and Secret Switching PDF   

Astigmatism Test And Cures

Original Issue of Better Eyesight, Nov., 1926 and Perfect Sight Without Glasses Pamphlet

The Variable Swing and Other Swings; For Clear Eyesight, Astigmatism Removal

      Eyecharts - Click Here
   Instructions; Fundamental Principles Of Treatment by Ophthalmologist Bates and Emily A. Bates - Click Here
          (Many Charts are in the books listed above on the final pages)
The Eyechart below is from the final 1940 original print edition of Dr. Bates book 'Perfect Sight Without Glasses'. Emily Lierman, Bates (Dr. Bates wife, assistant placed the chart in the 1940, 1943... editions.  Copy the 3 sections to your computer and resize (if needed) to;
                          Chart Section #1;
Height 4869, Width 7014.  #2; Height 5100, Width 7014  #3; Height 5100, Width 7014.
Print it exact size, in landscape, maintain 600 DPI. Do not select fit or shrink to page or the letters will print an incorrect size. Trimming the sides of the paper by the printer is ok. Measure the letters after printing to be sure they print correct size.  Paste the 3 page sections onto a white cardboard.  This is the distant vision chart used in Dr. Bates Clinic.
       Emily chart 1  /Emily chart 2Emily chart 3

PDF Version - Click Here  Amazon Charts - Click Here

Dr. Bates, Emily's C Eyechart with Suggestions to Patients - 1940 PSWG Edition

Entire Directions, How To.., Warnings, Copyright, Disclaimer - Avoid Harmful Methods that Impair the Vision, Eyes Health - All in one PDF
PDF above is new with all Directions, Disclaimer... from this page and 2 others combined into one PDF

Here's the same PDF as above with extra natural practices, information and a description of a harmful unnatural method (Plus Lens-Anti-Corrective) that is to be avoided! It causes cataract, retina damage, other eye-vision problems. Avoid these unnatural teachers; Click Here

          Warning; Avoid Un-Natural Methods. Directions, Disclaimer...   Older PDF but has helpful information.
    Avoid Aspartame
    What Glasses Do To Us by Dr. Bates
    Avoid Artificial 3-D Autostereograms, Magic Eyes Pictures, Exercises

Move down the page for links to all of Dr. Bates books, Better
Eyesight Magazines, Clark Night's books on the Internet. Print the PDF's to read in the sunlight, at night or listen to on-line books, magazines with the language translator, audio speaker.
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Read all directions... on this page, the directions in the 4 small PDFs above ^ and in the beginning of the books. More is on the Copyright Page; Click Here

     Do not wear contact lenses. The eyes, cornea's shape change often, on its own and more as Natural Eyesight Improvement relaxes the eye muscles and returns the eye, cornea to normal healthy shape. The contacts will not fit, can easily scrape, infect, scar and injure the cornea and eye. They block eyesight improvement, blinking, nutrient, oxygen... flow and cause astigmatism. The contact lens solutions, eyedrops are toxic and impair normal tear production.
     Do not practice Natural Eyesight Improvement if the eyes have had cornea eye laser or other cornea surgery or any eye surgery including implants, treatments, drugs for glaucoma, other conditions, retina condition, retina or vitreous detachment, cataract surgery... Ask your eye doctor and Natural Vision teacher FIRST; obtain their assessment, an eye exam and permission before practicing.  Warning; Natural Eyesight Improvement might not be beneficial, might cause unclear vision if the eyes had cataract surgery with an artificial replacement lens with a eyeglass lens prescription (myopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, bifocal...) implanted in the eyes. It's like wearing eyeglasses, a prescription that cannot be changed. Avoid Natural Vision teachers that do not warn you about these conditions. If they don't warn; they only want your money, do not respect your safety.
Entire information is in the PDFs, Books, Copyright page and here.
     Cataract surgery results are best when the eye doctor keeps the original natural lens in the eye and removes only the cataract (if possible) or; if the entire lens must be removed; results are best if the doctor creates the artificial replacement lens exactly as the eyes natural lens, with the exact normal focus, refraction of light rays that the eyes natural lens produces. This natural type lens is set for a normal eye with normal clear vision. Set to distance, un-accommodated. This will prevent vision impairment and if needed, allow for vision to improve, become clear with practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement. This way the person is not trapped with a eyeglass prescription inside the eye for a state of unclear vision, (myopia, presbyopia.., abnormal eye shape). But; the artificial lens cannot bend to accommodate for clear close vision so eyeglasses are usually prescribed for close distances. But; Dr. Bates says the eyes lengthen to accommodate so glasses might not be needed. Doctors are working on an artificial lens that bends, accommodates for clear close vision. It returns to normal shape when looking to the distance for clear far vision, 'same as a natural eyes lens'. In the old days the doctor would replace the cataract lens with a real healthy human eye lens from an organ donor. This or the artificial bending lens is best, if all goes right; the lens is intact, attached to the ciliary muscle, everything connected correct so the lens bends normally for perfect accommodation-clear close vision and un-accommodation-clear far vision. This way no eyeglasses are needed for any distance. Needs a skilled surgeon.
Same results, effects for laser and other cornea eye surgery and implants; avoid it!  The surgeries result in a permanent eyeglass prescription for an abnormal eye shape, function, refraction, state of unclear vision being placed into the cornea, eye or lens. If the eye, vision tries to improve it's function or becomes more impaired; the vision will be unclear due to the prescription placed in the cornea, eye, lens being incorrect for the new eye, vision condition. Like looking through the wrong strength of eyeglass lens. Another surgery 'might' be successful to change the lens but its risky. More surgery on the cornea can cause blindness.
Some Natural Eyesight practice might help after the cornea, eye has been altered with a prescription but it's tricky and the cornea can distort, develop waves.
     Natural Eyesight Improvement gets the lens and eye moving. Not just shifting, converging.., I mean the eye lengthening and lens changing shape, then back to original shape. The eye muscles relax and improve movement, coordination. This improves circulation and many other eye functions. 'When, if Natural Eyesight practice can be done' must also be considered if the eye, lens, retina, cornea... is still healing from surgery. Sometimes the patient has to wait until healing is complete or at a certain level so the eyes, lens... stay intact as they move, perfect circulation... is restored. In some cases Natural Eyesight practice improves healing. Other times we must wait until the doctors gives permission to practice. Sometimes only certain practices are done, then as more healing occurs, all can be applied.
     Remember to always check with your Eye Doctor and Medical Doctor for a complete Eye and Health Exam before practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement. Tell them you plan to apply Natural Eyesight Improvement and that it will normalize eye pressure, circulation and all states. Glaucoma and other medicines may need to be monitored, lowered... by the doctor as the vision, eyes return to normal health, condition. Continuing to wear glasses will maintain, return the eye problems. Glaucoma, cataract, retina problems, other eye conditions... 'cured' can return if glasses are worn. Glasses often are the main cause of these eye-vision problems. Glasses must be discontinued.  See the books for safety at work, driving... reducing, discontinuing your prescription safe and legal.
     Do not apply Physical Therapy and other exercises, anti-gravity, trampoline, inversion... if you have a detached retina, stroke, other eye, medical conditions. Do not practice if you have had cornea surgery or any eye surgery, treatment. Ear operations, treatments might be included in this list. Check with a Eye Doctor first. A Bates Method Behavioral Ophthalmologist is best.
f eye muscle surgery was performed, contact a eye doctor before practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement.
     In no way, form is this training a substitute for an Eye Doctor, Medical Doctor’s advice, direction. This website, books, Skype, phone, e-mail and in person training is not for diagnosing, treatment, cure, prevention of any eye, medical disease, condition. Always obtain direction from a medical, eye professional for any vision, eye, medical state.  

                                                                                                         Bates Method, Author's Profile, Free books;

All of Ophthalmologist Bates 132 Issues of Better Eyesight Magazine, his other books and Clark Night's books, Natural Eyesight Improvement are 100% FREE on GoogleBooks and our 2 websites. They are available in their ORIGINAL, UN-EDITED state along with the modern treatments. All of Dr. Bates work, treatments are preserved. Read Dr. Bates Magazines for a variety of eyesight improvement practices for every eye, vision condition. On-line magazines include a Language Translator that also speaks, reads the books.  Reading on real paper, no Internet, computer... is healthy for the eyes. Reading on computer screens, electronic devices causes strain in the eyes, visual system, brain causing unclear vision. Even eye movement can be affected due to the artificial 3-D disrupting the brains sense of true depth, distance... and function with the eye muscles, retina. One eye, brain hemisphere can become dominant resulting in unbalanced vision.  Print the books and read on paper in the sunlight or in good light at night (No fluorescent lights.) or listen to the PDF's or online books with the speaker. For English; convert English to English.

Here's the GOOGLE page;   More books are added as they are published on Books may appear first on Dr. Bates Amazon Author's page; Click Here  Copy paste the title on GoogleBooks to see the newest 100% internal view.  Books are then placed here in the E-books list.

Here's Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazine page ;  (All books are combined in the PDF E-books.)

All of Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazines and his books, Medical Articles are included in their ORIGINAL state, UNEDITED exactly as Dr. Bates wrote them in the E-Books and Paperback, Kindle books. The magazines contain 132 Issues, every year, month, page, article, treatment. His articles, treatments are not changed in my books. Extra modern treatments and directions on how to do certain practices correct are added with pictures. An Original Unedited Antique Print version is included as it was in the 1900's.

Go to the top of Dr. Bates page on Amazon and click the 'William H. Bates Author's Page' link to read Dr. Bates true life story, his lifelong battle with the eye surgeons, optical industry for the right to practice, teach, preserve Natural Eyesight Improvement, 'The Bates Method'.  Free Natural Eyesight Improvement Training, YouTube Channel videos and links to our websites.

Business competitors have tried to talk us into removing 'Dr. Bates' FREE Unedited, Unabridged 132 Issues of Better Eyesight Magazine and the modern copy with 500 pictures from GoogleBooks and our websites. They tried to get the books un-published in Europe and the U.S.A. We had to re-prove public domain and re-publish.

I teach the Original and Modern Natural Eyesight Improvement Methods. Dr. Bates said the method is continually being improved upon. He did that himself though the years as he learned from his patients, his experiments, applying his method. I like the modern methods such as; the Nosefeather for learning to shift, move, relax the eyes, apply central-fixation and movement of the head/face with the eyes (central field), relaxation of the neck, body and mind. The 'Infinity Swing (Figure Eight)', Cross Crawl, Color Treatment, Left and Right Brain Hemisphere Activation/Integration, Alpha, Theta and Delta deep brain wave states of relaxation, mental control, improvement of the mind, body, sprit and other new Relaxation methods, improving the Memory, Imagination, strengthening and correct movement of Body Energy (Chi) flow... EFT. Perfecting Convergence, Divergence, Accommodation, un-Accommodation with the Bates Method combined with a bit of Behavioral Optometry for perfect, equally clear balanced vision in the left and right eyes, at all distances, close, middle, far.

Read my post along with Dr. Bates articles, training on the function, practice of central-fixation, shifting and other practices in my book reviews and comments to book reviewers on; 
     Dr. Bates free articles, treatments are posted in comments to book reviews. Sabino, a senior citizen, graduated student improved his vision along with his brother, family and other people in the hotel where he lives in California, Reno and Italy with this method. He is now a successful teacher. He and other successful students are now writing their own books, preserving and passing the training along to the next generation. Our translation website for Italian was his idea and is dedicated to him.

Dr. Bates Co-Authored 2 books. One with Bernarr MacFadden and his work is included in his wife, assistant's book by Emily C. Lierman, A. Bates. Dr. Bates also included other doctors, students, school teachers, patients, parents and children's true stories, articles on their cases, vision improvement at his New York City Clinic in his Better Eyesight Magazines and books. Many children cured by Dr. Bates, Emily Lierman/Bates then cured their parents, other children and teachers of unclear vision, crossed, wandering eyes and other conditions.

I place Dr. Bates name on some of my books as a Author because his Medical Articles, Treatments, Books, Better Eyesight Magazines are in my books. I place Dr. Bates Name as Author on his books. This way the reader also gets the original training, method directly from the Ophthalmologist that discovered Natural Eyesight Improvement.

People can obtain clear vision 'On Their Own!' Dr. Bates' cured patients, 'often children' went on to teach and cure their parents, teachers, other children of defective sight. You do not have to be an eye doctor or certified Natural Vision Improvement Teacher to learn, use and teach the Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement but you must know the method, how to teach correct.

I have used this method since high school, age 17, 1974 to present age 56. It has kept my vision clear. It also improves function of the mind, creativity... The first book I read in 1974 that improved my vision was; 'The Art of Seeing' by Aldous Huxley. Been studying the method in more depth, writing Natural Eyesight Improvement books since 1995. My books first Copyright, 1996 is at the Library of Congress. See the palming picture; notice the hands fingers are not crossed on the forehead as they should be for best results. I learned to palm with more benefit, correct with the hands fingers overlapping on the center of the forehead (integrates left and right brain hemispheres and activates a chi energy center and it is more relaxing for the muscles in the hands, arms, neck and head... This improves eye muscle, eye, brain relaxation.) and learned more detailed information, practice of The Bates Method, Natural Eyesight Improvement after taking Thomas Quackenbush's course, reading his books in 1997, 1999... and studying Dr. Bates, Harold Peppard, other doctors, Janet Goodrich and other teachers books since 1995 in South San Francisco, CA.
    I recommend my teacher Thomas Quackenbush's books. The books and his student course brought my close and distant vision to much better than 20/20! ; 20/10 and seeing the 10 line and smaller letters at 40 feet away. Crystal clear detailed vision. I can clearly recognize people 5 blocks away near the highway at the bottom of Grand Avenue in South San Francisco from the top of the hill. Close vision; tiny print is clear at 4 inches, closer and farther away. Microscopic vision! This improves circulation in the eye, lens, retina, improves eye, lens movement, eye muscle function, keeps the eyes healthy into the senior years. I have taken 5 Natural Eyesight Improvement courses; 2 in person by; Thomas Quackenbush and Carrie Anderson M.S. and 3 home study courses and have studied all the teachers, doctor's books on the subject since 1974. See my certificates on the website. (Carrie Anderson improved her vision from 20/800 to 20/20.) 
I have left a few teachers. I kept the good and avoid their other practices.

My vision and hearing, balance system was temporarily impaired
in many ways for a few years starting on Oct., 2009 by a neck injury; a dishonest chiropractor placed the spine, hips and neck vertebrae out of alignment 'on purpose'. C-1, 2, 4, 6 and many vertebrae around T-1, shoulder level and others placed twisted, crooked on the spine and back. (Nerves, blood, lymph vessels travel though the neck to the head, eyes, ears. Eye, eye muscle nerves travel from the spinal cord/brain stem to the eyes, eye muscles. Other areas of the spine, body also affect the vision, hearing... I ended up in the hospital with vertigo, other problems 3 times due to this injury. Had vertigo most every night and some during the day and other problems for about 3 years! I asked my doctor about applying for assisted suicide. Life was lived in a constant state of fear, awful disconnection from relaxation, a normal body. Nights were spent with a electrocution feeling in the head, vertigo, bouts of blindness, ear ringing, nightmares. Directly after the injury caused by the chiropractor, the chiropractor then tried to sell me 240 treatments and more for life saying "you will never be healed". He then purposely threw my back out.
     I originally went to a chiropractor only for soar back muscles from lifting at work and did not need neck treatment and later found out all I needed on the back was a professional massage. She automatically twisted my neck without asking, misaligned it and goofed up my hearing. See, read the story, stressful experience on my website and three YouTube Videos. Shows before and after healing.
See Chiropractic Stroke YouTube Channel;  The injury and vision was later healed with physical therapy, movement exercises, two treatments by a honest chiropractor (even though it was risky, can cause stroke, brought back some temporary vertigo but I had to do it so the joints/bones, muscles, nerves... could align, relax and heal in correct position). The Bates Method of Natural Eyesight Improvement improved the vision to 20/20-20/30 before the new doctors, then the vision improved back to better than 20/20 when the injury was fixed and I continued Natural Eyesight Improvement. Now in 2012 I have the old 30/10 vision, 40/10 if I do extra practice and eat right... and often now in 2013 its at that level without doing anything! Just use the vision correct. It fluctuates sometimes to 20/20 for a short time after hours on the computer, heavy lifting on the injury side of the body. I can always see the 20/20 line but on injury aggravation days, hours on computer, the 20 line is a bit less clear but in about 20 min to a hour its back to normal 20/20 and better. The Bates Method, just using the vision correct, relaxed brings the clarity back to 20/10, 40/10. (Small bottom line at 40 feet. Everyone can achieve this!) It is normal for the clarity of vision to fluctuate. Avoid glasses, don't squint, strain and it always returns to clear. Practice the Bates Method and fluctuations will decrease, occur for a short time, often not noticed. Get the vision to better than 20/20 and natural fluctuations will be to 20/10, 20/20. Dr. Bates says to test your vision when you are relaxed, not thinking about your eyes, clarity of vision. When your active or sitting back relaxing and notice a clock on a distant building is clear; peek at the eyechart; notice its also clear. That's because you weren't thinking about it as a test you must pass. Eye tests, concentrating on the eyes, vision, trying hard to see interferes with perfect, automatic completely natural visual system function resulting in less clear sight. Often the sight is clearer at home, no pressure than it is during an eye exam. Home, relaxed; that's your true state of clarity.

Dr. Bates states it is normal for the clarity of vision to fluctuate, change. When eyeglasses are avoided and diet... improved it returns to best, normal clarity. Keeping the vision clearer than 20/20 can prevent fluctuations below 20/20. Seeing 30/10 on the eyechart is easy; it's the small line on the bottom of the chart at 30 feet, across a large room. 40... feet is also easy. The Bates Method produces this clear far vision and ability to read fine print clear up close, into old age. Shift, blink, relax, breathe, central-fixation.

This method words! Give it a try. Many people have returned to clear vision even when recovering from injuries, advanced vision problems. Print and study a free training practice from the websites or just sit back and listen with the translator while 'Palming with the Memory, imagination'.  Teach friends, family how to improve their eyesight. 

Live Video & Audio Skype, Google, Phone, E-Mail Free & Honest Priced Natural Eyesight Improvement Training

My Office & Skype Phone #; 1-508-754-0162 Skype name; mary.oliver981
2 extra video options due to student requests; Google Hangouts; (Contact through my YouTube Channel; , and Viber in the future, 'but need mobile access'; All contacts are welcome to join the new services. In this way a single student or 1-10 people interacting in video can learn, practice Natural Eyesight Improvement.

Call the office phone or Skype, Google for Free Natural Eyesight Improvement Training. No appointments. Just sign onto Skype or Google Hangouts. (Please contact me by E-Mail FIRST to verify your identity, the name you will use to become a contact on Skype, Google. Read more below; the Directions, Disclaimer.) If I am not signed in, send an E-mail; If I am in the office, I will sign onto Skype or Google. Office hours; 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM, Monday-Saturday, Eastern Time, USA.
    Paperback, Kindle, Nook... book customers; call or e-mail with your book purchase receipt number for training. Time limit is usually 20 minutes. Longer for special cases of blindness, cataract.., advanced eye-vision conditions. 15 minutes for non-customers with basic questions.
    $25.00 per hour or .50 cents per minute if less than an hour/over 15 minutes for persons that prefer more training. Time is set by appointment but if you call at a time I am home that's ok. Student must use up all the Skype, Google or phone time in that one call. Blind persons, advanced eye-vision conditions will always be free.
    Microphone and webcam video are necessary so I may teach you properly. No exceptions. I do not type train on Skype or E-mail, Chats due to a neck injury. I must see, hear the student to teach perfectly. Some training can be done with a microphone only.
    Read the PDF E-Books or this website Navigation chapters first so you have a basic understanding of the method. The books contain more training, pictures. Many questions can be instantly answered by doing word search in the E-Books or clicking the Index and Navigation Bookmark links. Look at the pictures; each one has short, easy directions. Please do not ask me to read the entire book, answer multiple questions that have been answered and are in the books unless you are blind or have advanced vision disability.
    If you are blind, low visual clarity you may call first and/or use the 'Read Aloud' function in the Adobe Reader PDF E-books or copy/paste to the Microsoft translator/speaker on the website; 
Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazine website has a translator on every page; Each chapter in the E-Book has an Audio training and Video on YouTube. You may also copy/paste your favorite pages, articles, training, Dr. Bates Better Eyesight Magazine from the E-books or the website and convert into your own E-book with free 30 day Adobe Acrobat at;  Or use free Do not add additional books, pages to the Acrobat PDF or the tags may not work causing the read aloud function to shut down. The final 2014-2015 editions will have more functions and embedded training videos in the e-books.
    For Skype.., Phone Training and e-mail correspondence; Read the Directions, Disclaimer, Copyright first. Then e-mail and electronically sign your full name and state in the e-mail that you have read and understand the Directions, Disclaimer, Copyright PDF and paragraphs at; and the E-books download page before the Phone, Skype... training starts. In the e-mail, state the Skype name you will use when you request to be added as a contact on Skype.
    Please have the microphone and video connected and ready
because the time allowed starts as soon as we sign onto Skype. I do not train under-age people, younger than 18 without their parents’ consent. Age 21... if that is the law in certain countries. Parents must be signed onto Skype and be with the child in full view with video, microphone and also read the directions, disclaimer, copyright and sign it in the e-mail with the child. No advertisements, links allowed. I do not click any links, PDF's, pictures, camera, mic buttons in Skype, Google... or e-mail. This is a precaution I must use to prevent viruses due to competing authors, teachers that have tried to hack my computer 5 times in 2013, 3 times in past years trying to shut down the free training, Dr. Bates books, free Better Eyesight Magazines and Amazon, Google pages.

All video, phone training is copyrighted. You may record the training for your own use. It is not allowed to be shown or sold on websites, download from Internet, CD's, DVD, tapes, in schools, bookstores, posted on YouTube, TV or shown as a way to sell your services, products. This includes sneaky doctors, chiropractors! (Yes, it has happened in the past.) Trained students, Certified teachers may show videos in their schools, to family, friends... only with my written and video mark consent. Audio, Video cannot be altered.

Always contact your Eye Doctor and Medical Doctor for a complete Eye, Vision and Health Exam before practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement. For eyes; a Bates Method Behavioral Ophthalmologist is best. Sometimes a Bates Method Optometrist. Tell the doctors you plan to apply Natural Eyesight Improvement and that it will normalize eye pressure, eye, head, brain circulation and change ‘return’ the entire eye, cornea, lens, retina… to normal shape and function. Eye, lens, eye muscle movement will change 'improve'. The switching close and far and some other practices activate a lot of eye, lens and inner, outer eye muscle movement and changing of the eye, lens, corneas' shape as the person looks to various distances, relaxes... If there is any eye problem, surgery.., eye conditions will need to be monitored; Glaucoma drugs and other eye medicine, eye treatments need to be scrutinized, possibly altered... by the eye doctor as the vision, eyes return to normal health, condition with practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement. Eyeglasses need to be reduced in strength and omitted as soon as possible 'when driving, work... can be done safely without them'. Do not wear contact lenses! They won’t fit the changing eye/cornea shape. Wearing them can result in the contacts injuring the cornea. See Directions and e-books for entire information, pictures. Give the eye doctor this page and the E-books download page so he/she may read the Directions, Warnings, Disclaimer.., learn the Bates Method and decide when, if the patient/student may practice.

The following information repeats some of the directions on this website. It will all be combined in the future. It is good to read again, remember it.
For entire directions, see page; and

Do not apply physical therapy and other exercises, anti-gravity, inversion, trampoline... if you have or are healing from a detached retina, vitreous, any retina, vitreous, eye condition, blood... vessel condition in the retina, eye, if the eyes had cornea, lens surgery, any eye surgery-treatment, other eye, medical conditions, stroke, brain vessel-artery condition, brain surgery or other brain condition. Certain eyesight activities, 'switching'... activate more eye, lens, eye muscle movement. The retina's shape, state can also change as it returns to normal shape, position with the eye. Check with an eye and medical doctor first.

    Read the entire Directions, Warnings PDF's and webpages describing how the eyesight can become unclear if the eyes-vision improves due to practice of Natural Eyesight Improvement, but the eyes contain an artificial lens implant with an eyeglass prescription for myopia, presbyopia, any unnatural prescription placed in it due to cataract surgery; The implanted lens acts like an incorrect, ‘too strong’ eyeglass prescription. The eye won't be able to see clearly through the artificial surgically created lens prescription in the eye. Vision becomes unclear.
    Even if the artificial lens prescription is normal, is set as the natural eyes, lens' focus 'no myopia, presbyopia... prescription'; most doctors set it for only one distance; close or far. The lens cannot move-adjust for the other distance it is not set for. It’s not as the natural eyes, lens' focus-refraction, function for every close and far distance. The eye won't be able to see clearly through the artificial surgically created lens at the distance the lens cannot adjust to, is not set for.

Doctors are working on creating a artificial cataract replacement lens, with no artificial prescription, that bends-adjusts for perfect refraction of light rays, accommodation, un-accommodation for every close and far distance the same as the natural human eye, lens does. Until that occurs; If a replacement lens is needed, the best choice is possibly;
   #1 - Best. A real human lens from a healthy donor, healthy eye. The doctor applies no artificial myopia, presbyopia... prescription. Lens is attached into the eye naturally so it can adjust; accommodate, un-accommodate to all distances. Eyesight is clear close and far. This is healthier than an artificial lens which contains toxic substances, plastics...
   #2 - A artificial lens attached naturally and set to un-accommodation; for distant vision, as the normal eye-lens is set when looking to the distance. Lens has a natural refraction, 'no myopia, presbyopia... prescription'. With this lens the person can use eyeglasses at the close distance the lens is not set for, cannot accommodate for, But; the eyes may not need eyeglasses because; Dr. Bates states the eyeball can accommodate without the lens for clear close vision by lengthening as a camera does, due to action of the outer oblique eye muscles. This will compensate for the un-accommodated lens. #2 is not perfect and vision may not be completely perfect at all distances as can be in #1.
   Also; for #1 and #2 - By not placing an artificial, unnatural prescription (myopia, presbyopia...) in the lens; the person can practice Natural Eyesight Improvement. The lens will not act as a too strong eyeglass prescription as the vision improves. (Practicing Natural Eyesight Improvement, avoiding eyeglasses can prevent cataract and surgery.)
    (Also avoid bifocal, multi section... lens prescriptions.)

(Warnings about unnatural prescriptions also pertain to cornea surgery. Lasik... and implants in the cornea, eye places a permanent unnatural prescription in the eyes, cornea.)

Training, books are solely educational information and is NOT any form of medical, optical, ophthalmologist, optometry or mental health advice, treatment, therapy, training, psychology, religion. It is not meant to determine function of the eyes, body, mind, not to diagnose, prescribe, treat for any condition. Contact your eye doctor and medical doctors for these services. In no way, form are the websites, books, videos, training a substitute for an Eye Doctor, Ophthalmologist's, Medical Doctor’s advice, direction. It is not for diagnosing, treatment, cure, prevention of any eye, medical disease, condition. Always obtain direction, care from a medical, eye professional for any eye, medical state. The student, book-website reader consents that he/she does not have a personal or professional, business connection, relationship with the author, teacher Clark Night, Mary I. Oliver. Along with cooperation with the eye, medical doctors; the reader, student of Clark Night, Mary I. Oliver, William H. Bates, Clearsight Publishing Co. books, websites, videos, Skype, Google, phone, e-mail and in person training is solely responsible for the decision to practice or not practice, to understand, apply correct or not understand the Natural Eyesight Improvement training provided.



Check the YouTube channel for Natural Eyesight Improvement Training. Videos for book chapters. More added each year. Professional videos with high grade camera being created.  See my video review of my teacher's book below. Go to YouTube, then click to Amazon to watch the video and read the entire review, my experience in Thomas Quackenbush's school;  See video how to use the PDF E-books below;


See the best Bates Method teachers, books here; and

Original Antique Better Eyesight Magazine, Entire 132 Issues are in the E-Books and in Paperback. Text version also in Paperback and Amazon Kindle;
Dr. Bates Page;

Read Clark Night's page for entire information on Dr. Bates, Clark Nights books;

Click Clark Night's page link above for directions on how to find only our authentic books and for Dr. Bates, My entire biography and other information. Amazon has taken over ownership of Dr. Bates page that I created in Sept., 2014;

Please note that Dr. Bates page I created in the past; used to contain only books by Dr. Bates, Clark Night, 'Dr. Bates ORIGINAL books' assembled, preserved by Clark Night. I publish Dr. Bates TRUE natural method 'without use of eyeglasses, surgery, unnatural methods'. Due to Public Domain rules I no longer own that page so; it might contain some books created by other book assemblers using Dr. Bates name. Some assemblers add unnatural methods to their books; endorsing lasik surgery, eyeglasses... Dr. Bates does not approve of this this! Unnatural methods, surgery cause impaired vision, blindness.  Avoid authors, assemblers that might get onto that page in the future who add use of eyeglasses, surgery, contact lenses, unnatural methods in their books. Dr. Bates and my books are also listed on that page. So far in Sept., 2014 only Dr. Bates authentic books are listed.

I place my name 'Clark Night' on Dr. Bates authentic books I preserve. So look for Dr. Bates and my name to be sure you are getting his original books. Authors; William H. Bates, W. H. Bates, William H. Bates M.D. WITH Clark Night in the Amazon title and inside the books on the Copyright page.

Some antique dealers are on that page. The antique books are original. I endorse.

This page 'here' belongs to Clark Night so I am able to control the books, pictures, videos, bio... I post only Dr. Bates true, original books.
If I see another author's book pop on due to the Amazon robot, the Amazon manager will remove it.

All Dr. Bates books preserved in original state and my books are listed on my website. 100% internal pages, copyright can be viewed.

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Natural Solutions to these Conditions, Questions;

In German

Verbesserung der Augen-vision
Verbesserung der Auge macht
Verbesserung der Sehkraft
Verbesserung der Auge-vision
Verbesserung der natürlichen Auge
Verbesserung der Augen
Verbesserung der Auge
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Auge auszuüben, um die Vision zu verbessern
Übung für die Augen
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Lazy Augenübungen
Auge auszuüben, um die Sehkraft zu verbessern
Augenübungen für Lazy eye
Bates Augenübungen
Natürliche Alternativen zu diesen Übungen
Laser-Chirurgie für Augen
natürliche Alternativen zu diesen Augenerkrankungen ohne Chirurgie, Brille korrigieren
Faules Auge Cross-Eye
Wandernde Auge
Überanstrengung der Augen
Blick in die Alters-
Kopfschmerzen vom Spannungstyp
Arme, geringe Nachtsicht
Kleingedruckte lesen vision
Sehvermögen ohne Brille
Verbesserung der Sehkraft ohne Brille
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Bates occhio esercizi
Alternative naturali a tutti questi esercizi
chirurgia dell'occhio
trattamento laser occhio
chirurgia refrattiva
LASIK chirurgia dell'occhio
chirurgia dell'occhio del laser
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Occhio errante
Affaticamento della vista
Vista di vecchiaia
Degenerazione maculare
Cefalea tensiva
Sensibilità alla luce
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Visione di lettura, stampa fine
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occhiali Vision
alternativa occhiali computer
comprare occhiali online
migliorare la visione
come si può migliorare la vista
visione senza occhiali
migliorare la vista naturalmente
montature occhiali
come migliorare la visione
occhiali gratis
occhiali a buon mercato
occhiali da vista
occhiali a foro stenopeico
occhiali online
migliore vista senza occhiali
vista perfetta senza occhiali e-libro
La cura dei libri di vista imperfetta
come migliorare la tua vista
come migliorare la tua vista
migliorare la vista
occhiali da vista online
occhiali da vista
è possibile migliorare la vista
come migliorare la vista
nuovi occhiali
alternativa occhiali prisma
bates vista meglio senza occhiali
montature per occhiali
Ho bisogno di occhiali
occhiali da vista economici
migliore vista senza occhiali di oftalmologo William Horatio Bates
vista migliore

In Spanish

Cómo mejorar la visión de los ojos
mejora del ojo
Cómo mejorar la potencia del ojo
Cómo mejorar la vista
mejora de la visión del ojo
mejora de ojo natural
Cómo mejorar los ojos
mejorar el ojo
¿Cómo aumentar la vista
¿Cómo aumentar la vista naturalmente
¿Cómo aumentar la visión naturalmente
¿Cómo aumentar su vista
mejora vista natural
mejora de la visión natural
Método Bates
aumentar la vista sin gafas
¿Cómo aumentar la vista
¿Cómo aumentar mi vista
para aumentar la vista naturalmente
alimentos, alimentos para aumentar la vista
ejercicios para mejorar la vista
ejercicios de vista
ejercicios de ojo para mejorar la visión
ejercicios de mejora de visión
ejercicios de ojo para mejorar la vista
ejercicios de ojo
ejercicio para mejorar la vista
mejorar ejercicios de vista
ejercicios de mejora de visión natural
ejercicio de ojo
ejercicios de mejora de vista
ejercicios para mejorar la visión
ejercicios de ojos para miopía
ojo ejercicio para mejorar la visión
ejercicio para los ojos
ejercicios de ojo mejoran la visión
ejercicios de ojo perezoso
ojo ejercicio para mejorar la vista
ejercicios de ojo por ojo perezoso
Bates ejercicios de ojo
Alternativas naturales a todos estos ejercicios
cirugía ocular
tratamiento del ojo del laser
cirugía ocular con láser
cirugía ocular LASIK
cirugía ocular con láser
tratamiento del ojo del laser
cirugía láser de ojos
ojos láser;
alternativas naturales para corregir todas estas condiciones ojo sin cirugía, gafas
Ojo vago perezoso
Ojo errante
Fatiga ocular
Vista de la tercera edad
Degeneración macular
Cefalea tensional
Sensibilidad a la luz
Visión nocturna pobre, baja
Visión de lectura, letra
Vista sin gafas
mejorar la vista sin gafas
Cómo mejorar la vista sin gafas
ver sin lentes
visión perfecta sin gafas
mejorar la visión sin gafas
mejorar la visión naturalmente
20 20 y clara visión sin gafas
visión perfecta sin gafas
mejorar la visión sin gafas
Cómo mejorar mi vista
mejorar la vista naturalmente
el método bates
Cómo mejorar la vista
ejercicios de ojo
Cómo mejorar la vista sin gafas
mejora vista natural
mejorar su visión sin gafas, lentes de contacto
mejorar la vista
gafas graduadas
método Bates
mejorar la vista naturalmente
Cómo mejorar la vista naturalmente
Cómo mejorar la vista naturalmente
Cómo mejorar la vista del ojo
mejora de la vista
anteojos en línea
puede mejorar su vista
gafas en línea, bajo costos
gafas de visión
alternativa de gafas de computadora
comprar gafas online
mejorar la visión
¿Cómo puede mejorar su vista
visión sin gafas
mejorar la vista naturalmente
gafas de Marcos
Cómo mejorar la visión
gafas gratis
gafas baratas
anteojos recetados
gafas estenopeicas
gafas en línea
mejor vista sin gafas
perfecta vista sin gafas e-libro
La curación de libros vista imperfecta
Cómo mejorar tu vista
Cómo mejorar tu vista
mejorar tu vista
gafas graduadas en línea
¿es posible mejorar tu vista
Cómo mejorar la vista
nuevas gafas
alternativa de lentes de prisma
mejor vista sin gafas bates
Marcos de anteojos
¿necesito lentes
gafas baratas
mejor vista sin gafas por oftalmólogo William Horatio Bates
mejor vista

In Russian

как улучшить зрение глаз
улучшение глаз
как повысить мощность глаз
как улучшить зрение
улучшение зрения глаз
улучшение природного глаз
как улучшить глаза
улучшить глаз
как увеличить зрение
как увеличить зрение естественно
как увеличить видение естественно
как увеличить ваше зрение
улучшение естественных зрение
улучшение естественных видение
Метод Бейтса
увеличить зрение без очков
как увеличить зрение
как увеличить мое зрение
увеличить зрение естественно
продукты питания, питательные вещества для увеличения зрение
упражнения для улучшения зрение
зрение упражнения
глаз упражнения для улучшения зрения
видение повышение упражнения
глаз упражнения для улучшения зрения
глаз упражнения
упражнения для улучшения зрения
улучшить зрение упражнения
Природные видение повышение упражнения
Упражнение для глаз
упражнения улучшения зрение
упражнения для улучшения зрения
глаз упражнения для близорукости
глаз упражнения для улучшения зрения
упражнения для глаз
глаз упражнения улучшают зрение
ленивый глаз упражнения
глаз упражнения для улучшения зрения
глаз упражнения для ленивых глаз
Бейтс глаз упражнения
Природные альтернативы все эти упражнения
хирургия глаза
Лазерное лечение глаз
Лазерная хирургия глаза
LASIK глазной хирургии
Лазерная хирургия глаза
Лазерное лечение глаз
Лазерная хирургия глаза
глаза лазера;
природные альтернативы, чтобы исправить все эти условия глаз без хирургического вмешательства, очки
Перекрестные ленивый глаз
Блуждающих глаз
Утомление глаз
Старость прицел
Дегенерация желтого пятна
Головная боль напряжения
Чувствительность к свету
Бедные, низкий ночного видения
Чтение видение, штраф печати
Зрение без очков
улучшить зрение без очков
как улучшить зрение без очков
видеть без очков
идеальное зрение без очков
лучше зрение без очков
улучшить зрение естественным
20 20 и более четкое зрение без очков
идеальное зрение без очков
улучшение зрения без очков
как улучшить мое зрение
естественно улучшить зрение
Метод Бейтса
как улучшить зрение
глаз упражнения
как улучшить ваше зрение без очков
улучшение естественных зрение
улучшить ваше зрение без очков, контактные линзы
улучшить зрение
Метод Бейтса
улучшить зрение естественным
как естественно улучшить ваше зрение
как улучшить зрение естественно
как улучшить зрение
улучшать зрение
Очки онлайн
Вы можете улучшить ваше зрение
Очки онлайн, низкая стоимость
Компьютерные очки альтернатива
Купить очки онлайн
улучшить зрение
как вы можете улучшить ваше зрение
зрение без очков
улучшить зрение естественным
Оправы для очков
как улучшить зрение
Бесплатные очки
Дешевые очки
рецепт очки
Пинхол очки
Очки онлайн
лучше зрение без очков
идеальное зрение без очков e книга
Лечение несовершенный вид книги
как улучшить ваше зрение
как улучшить ваше зрение
улучшить ваше зрение
Очки онлайн
Есть ли возможность улучшить ваше зрение
как улучшить зрение
новые очки
Призма очки альтернатива
лучше зрение без очков Бейтс
линзы для очков
мне нужны очки
Дешевые очки
лучше зрение без очков офтальмолог Уильям Горацио Бейтс
лучше зрение

In Chinese

lasik 眼科手术
激光的眼睛 ;
穷人、 低夜视
20 20 和清晰视觉不戴眼镜
改善你的视力不戴眼镜、 隐形眼镜
在线、 低成本的眼镜
好视力眼镜由眼科医生威廉 · 霍雷肖贝茨

In French

Comment faire pour améliorer la vision des yeux
amélioration de l'oeil
Comment améliorer la puissance de le œil
Comment faire pour améliorer la vue
amélioration de vision oculaire
amélioration de le œil naturel
Comment améliorer les yeux
améliorer l'oeil
Comment faire pour augmenter l'acuité visuelle
Comment faire pour augmenter l'acuité visuelle naturellement
Comment augmenter naturellement la vision
Comment augmenter votre vue
amélioration de l'acuité visuelle naturelle
amélioration de la vision naturelle
Méthode de Bates
augmenter l'acuité visuelle sans verres
Comment faire pour augmenter l'acuité visuelle
Comment faire pour augmenter ma vue
pour augmenter l'acuité visuelle naturellement
aliments, nutriments pour augmenter l'acuité visuelle
exercices pour améliorer la vue
exercices de l'acuité visuelle
exercices oculaires pour améliorer la vision
exercices d'amélioration de vision
exercices oculaires pour améliorer la vue
exercices oculaires
exercice pour améliorer la vue
améliorer les exercices de l'acuité visuelle
exercices d'amélioration de la vision naturelle
exercice de l'oeil
exercices d'amélioration de la vue
exercices pour améliorer la vision
exercices oculaires pour myopie
yeux exercer pour améliorer la vision
exercice pour les yeux
exercices oculaires améliorer la vision
exercices de l'amblyopie
yeux exercer pour améliorer la vue
exercices d'oeil pour oeil paresseux
Ben exercices oculaires
Naturelles alternatives à tous ces exercices
chirurgie oculaire
traitement laser des yeux
chirurgie oculaire au laser
chirurgie des yeux Lasik
chirurgie laser des yeux
traitement laser des yeux
chirurgie au laser pour les yeux
laser yeux ;
alternatives naturelles pour corriger toutes ces affections oculaires sans chirurgie, lunettes
Vision croisée vision oeil paresseux
Oeil errant
Fatigue oculaire
Vue de la vieillesse
Dégénérescence maculaire
Céphalées de tension
Sensibilité à la lumière
Vision nocturne pauvre, faible
Vision de la lecture, petits caractères
Acuité visuelle sans verres
améliorer la vue sans lunettes
Comment faire pour améliorer la vue sans lunettes
Voir sans lunettes
vision parfaite sans lunettes
meilleure vision sans lunettes
améliorer naturellement la vision
20 20 et plus claire vision sans lunettes
vue parfaite sans lunettes
amélioration de la vision sans lunettes
Comment améliorer ma vue
naturellement améliorer la vue
la méthode de bates
Comment faire pour améliorer la vue
exercices oculaires
Comment améliorer votre vue sans lunettes
amélioration de l'acuité visuelle naturelle
Améliorez votre vision sans lunettes, lentilles de contact
améliorer la vue
lunettes correctrices
méthode de Bates
améliorer la vue naturellement
Comment améliorer naturellement votre vue
lunettes de vue
Comment faire pour améliorer la vue naturellement
Comment améliorer la vue
améliorer l'acuité visuelle
lunettes de vue en ligne
vous pouvez améliorer votre vue
lunettes en ligne, à faible coûts
lunettes de vision
remplacement de verres d'ordinateur
acheter des lunettes en ligne
améliorer la vision
Comment pouvez-vous améliorer votre vue
vision sans lunettes
améliorer la vue naturellement
montures de lunettes
Comment faire pour améliorer la vision
lunettes gratuits
lunettes pas chers
santé lunettes
lunettes en ligne
meilleure acuité visuelle sans verres
vue parfaite sans lunettes e-livre
La cure de livres vue imparfaite
Comment améliorer votre vue
Comment améliorer votre vue
améliorer votre vue
lunettes de prescription en ligne
est-il possible d'améliorer votre vue
Comment améliorer la vue
nouvelles lunettes
remplacement de verres à prisme
Ben de la meilleure acuité visuelle sans verres
montures de lunettes
J'ai besoin de lunettes
lunettes pas chers
meilleure acuité visuelle sans verres par ophtalmologue William Horatio Bates
meilleure acuité visuelle


jak poprawić wzrok oczy
oko poprawy
Jak zwiększyć moc oczu
jak poprawić wzrok
poprawy widzenia oka
naturalny oko poprawy
jak poprawić oczy
poprawić oko
Jak zwiększyć wzrok
Jak zwiększyć wzrok naturalnie
Jak zwiększyć wizji naturalnie
Jak zwiększyć swój wzrok
poprawę wzroku naturalnych
naturalne widzenie poprawy
Metoda Batesa
wzrost wzrok bez okularów
Jak zwiększyć wzrok
Jak zwiększyć mój wzrok
Aby zwiększyć wzrok naturalnie
spożywczych, składników odżywczych, zwiększenie wzrok
ćwiczenia na poprawę wzroku
ćwiczenia wzroku
oko ćwiczenia na poprawę wzroku
wizja poprawy ćwiczenia
ćwiczenia oczu, aby poprawić wzrok
ćwiczenia oczu
ćwiczenia na poprawę wzroku
poprawa wzroku ćwiczenia
naturalne widzenie poprawy ćwiczenia
ćwiczenia oczu
ćwiczenia poprawa wzroku
ćwiczenia na poprawę wzroku
ćwiczenia oczu na krótkowzroczność
oko ćwiczenia na poprawę wzroku
ćwiczenia dla oczu
ćwiczenia oczu poprawić wzrok
leniwe oko ćwiczenia
oko ćwiczenia na poprawę wzroku
ćwiczenia oczu leniwe oko
Bates ćwiczenia oczu
Naturalne alternatywy dla wszystkich tych ćwiczeń
Chirurgia oka
Leczenie laserowe oczu
chirurgii laserowej oka
LASIK chirurgii oka
chirurgii laserowej oka
laseroterapii oka
chirurgii laserowej oka
laserowe oczu;
naturalne alternatywy do skorygowania tych warunków oko bez operacji, okulary
Leniwe oko krzyż oczu
Oko wędrówki
Zmęczenie oczu
Dalekowzroczność starcza
Starość wzrok
Zwyrodnienie plamki żółtej
Tension głowy
Wrażliwości na światło
Biedny, niskie noktowizor
Czytanie wizji, drobnym drukiem
Wzrok bez okularów
poprawy wzroku bez okularów
jak poprawić wzrok bez okularów
widzieć bez okularów
doskonały wzrok bez okularów
lepsze widzenie bez okularów
naturalnie poprawić wzrok
20 20 i wyraźniej wizji bez okularów
doskonałym wzroku bez okularow
poprawa widzenia bez okularów
jak poprawić mój wzrok
naturalnie poprawić wzrok
Metoda Batesa
jak poprawić wzrok
ćwiczenia oczu
jak poprawić wzrok bez okularów
poprawę wzroku naturalnych
poprawić swoją vision bez okularów, soczewek kontaktowych
poprawić wzrok
okulary korekcyjne
Metoda Batesa
naturalnie poprawić wzrok
jak naturalnie poprawić wzrok
jak poprawić wzrok naturalnie
jak do poprawy wzroku
poprawa wzroku
okulary online
można poprawić swój wzrok
okulary online, niski koszt
Okulary noktowizyjne
komputer okulary alternatywa
Kup okulary online
poprawić wzrok
jak można poprawić swój wzrok
Wizja bez okularów
naturalnie poprawić wzrok
ramki okularów
jak poprawić wzrok
Darmowe okulary
Tanie okulary
okulary na receptę
okulary ajurwedyjskie
okulary Online
lepszy wzrok bez okularów
doskonały celownik bez okularów e książki
Leczyć niedoskonałe rzut oka książek
jak poprawić swój wzrok oko
jak poprawić wzrok
poprawić wzrok
okulary online
jest to możliwe, aby poprawić swój wzrok
jak poprawić wzrok
nowe okulary
pryzmat okulary alternatywa
lepszy wzrok bez okularów Batesa
oprawek do okularów
potrzebne okulary
Tanie okulary
lepszy wzrok bez okularów przez okulista William Horatio Bates
lepszy wzrok

See better  how to improve eyesight  eyesight  eye sight  Bates Method  natural vision  improve eyesight  improve eyesight naturally  vision correction  vision improvement  vision therapy  vision problem  improve vision  astigmatism  exercise  improve your eyesight  laser eye surgery - find a natural alternative  lasik eye surgery - find a natural alternative  laser eye center - find a natural alternative  laser eye correction - find a natural alternative  strabismus  cross eye  lazy eye  eye muscle surgery - find a natural alternative  see clearly  better eyesight  better vision  eye correction  Sight  glasses  eyeglasses - find a natural alternative  eye exercise  eye exercises  eye problems  eye cost surgery - find a natural alternative  see better  see clearer  Improve Your Vision  Eyesight Secrets Improve Vision  Need Improved Vision?  See Without Glasses  Improve Your Vision Fast  Clear Eyesight easy natural eyesight improvement bates method natural eyesight improvement methods better eyesight magazine joy of eyesight improve your eyesight natural vision improvement natural vision education eyesight improvement exercises